Disney Channel Characters You Want to Punch In the Face


As a good Disney Channel fan, I notice some very well made and very relate-able characters, such as Phineas Flynn or Teddy Duncan. But for every good character, there has to be dozens more bad ones. No real "Rules" to this list, it's just got to be a character from a Disney Channel show that's either annoying, stupid, or just plain mean. Let's begin! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Candace Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
I think Candace Flynn is such an insane, hideous, selfish, idiotic, impatient, hot-tempered, obsessive, evil and loud character on Phineas and Ferb. There is no other character on this show I hate more. No matter what the boys are doing, she wants them to get into trouble. She never helps her friends, yet she wants them to help her bust her brother/stepbrother. She even thinks that Jeremy would love her more if she busts the boys. She hates having to choose between busting her brothers and her friends. Here are some stupid things she's done through the entire series:
1. She tried to bust them for building a hut which they needed to survive the desert island.
She tried to bust them for helping their grandmother even an old score with her arch rival, who turned out to be Jeremy's grandmother.
2. She laughed at the boys and their friends for believing in Santa.
3. She loves Ducky Momo, when her mother would've thought she'd grown out of it.
4. She blames the boys for her own faults, like the time she used that elixir to make herself taller and tried to tell her mother that they did it. Also, she blamed them for molecularly separating her, when she was the one holding the device.
5. When the boys became the super hero known as The Beak, she tried to pass herself off as a super villainess known as the Dangiraffe (she's got the neck for it) and steal her mother's purse, just so that she could bust them.
6. She tried to hire a camera crew to record the boys activities.
7. She insults animals (she always insults Perry).
8. She tried to get Phineas in trouble on his birthday.
9. She mocks her brothers when they do something "normal".
10. She believes that people knowing about the word "aglet" doesn't matter.
11. She yells at the boys and their friends, even when they didn't even do anything to her.
12. She has temper tantrums. One time, she squealed like a pig after she asks the boys where her other self is.
13. She sang a song about the boys being "evil".
14. She gets jealous when she sees other girls being with Jeremy, when they might actually be a boy or a cousin of his.
15. She's screams at anything that's everything, even if it were her own shadow.
16. She finds particular holidays that Danville has lame, and when the boys get involved, she wants to bust them.
17. One time, she wanted to bust the boys for helping the Fireside Girls save the star-nosed mole by opening a car wash.
18. She gets impatient.
19. One time, she tried to bust the boys for turning themselves into babies, when we all know that it was actually the work of Norm meddling with Doofenshmirtz's Babe-inator.
20. She says that she'll never stop trying to bust her brothers, even though her future self told that it'll put the entire future of Danville in jeopardy.
And that's all I can think of. So you see, there are many stupid things that Candace Flynn does that make her the least popular character on the show.
During season 1 & 2, I thought candace was an ok character. During season 3, I looked back on some of the episodes and now I realize she is not only annoying but she is also incredibly mean. She is always trying phineas and ferb even though they are just having a fun time. She's basically a bad version of Vanessa. Although Vanessa has tried a couple of times to bust Doofensmirtz, she doesn't do it a billion times and she still appreciates him. Candace has only been nice to phineas and ferb 3 TIMES! (and one of those times was in a dream that was in a dream. ) I really admire the fact that Phineas and Ferb can pit up with their sister (although I find it a bit unrealistic at times) . I once read a fanfiction story about Candace going to military school and I am surprised that it hasn't happened to Candace yet. I still like the show, but if they took out perry and doofensmirtz and gave Candace more screen time. I wouldn't be able to stand the show anymore
I don't even like the show as much as I use to, but I would always remember... "Mom! Phineas and Ferb does this, does that. , the the the(baby talk)... Geez wiz I CAN'T STAND THAT STEREOTYPICAL STUPID GIRL... Candace has really gone onto my nerves( I dunno why some fans like her) I hate her so much, that I won't just give her a punch in the face, but I'll give her such a beating and then rip her apart(sorry for the harsh feeling). Finally, Candace may have feature a-bit of a friendly nature.. But she will always show her super nasty ways like the spine-less immature brat she is.
CANDICE FLYNN, YOU SUCK BIG-TIME! -enough said, and I apologize for those I offended.
[Newest]I know she be like mom phineas and Ferb got blah blah got this 9n the yard she is a tale teller

2Amy B. Duncan (Good Luck Charlie)
Amy Duncan is the most irritating character I have seen in quite some time. She is immature, selfish and over the top narcissistic. The fact that she wants to be a star, right or the center of attention over shadows the family dynamics in the Duncan household. I feel sorry for Bob most of all. If this were a real family you can easily see why each child in the Duncan family seems to be raising themselves. PJ, is clueless in just about everything; Teddy has raised herself to be a smart and grounded young lady so different from her miter; Gabe is so disobedient and has no discipline enacted that curbs his behavior any and Charlie is taking it all in. One only knows how she will turn out after watching her mother's antics.
They've made her a little too over the top for my tastes. I understand that they are trying to make her more entertaining for kids but she makes the show almost unbearable to watch.
Don't get me wrong, I like the actress a lot, just wish they would stop with the annoying actions and need for attention. Make her a good Mom.
I agree that the character of Amy Duncan is very over done. The actress is believable if her character is supposed to be annoying and self-centered and so she's doing a good job. However, you expect this behavior from a teenager and not a parent. Please recast her or rewrite and tone down her character!
[Newest]She is so sassy

3Zuri Ross (Jessie)
She is the worst in the show because she says she is adorable and she is not adorable and she thinks she is the cutest in the world and she is not and she is so weird because she talks to stuff animals and she cried like a baby when milie the died and I agree with mrs. Chesterfield when she says "strange little girl"
Exactly she is so rude and won't accept that she can't get everything she wants. Also I do agree she is always hitting people and acting so bratty. Also she expects everyone to think she is cute and adorable, also she has a phone and she is like 7. She is setting a bad example because kids will now think oh Zuri hits people so it is probably ok and Zuri has a phone so I will bug my parents until I have one. Also Zuri thinks she is so funny and cute in reality she's not and she uses such big words and it's like really just be like a real kid and she acts so spoiled and is so mean to her friend stewart. She is a terrible actress and sets horrible examples for kids.
She just hits and smacks and hurts people. Why? Fun. This little brat is so annoying. She also thinks Millie the mermaid is funny and cute. She complains whines moans and gets stuck in the garbage can! My gosh they should of left her there!
[Newest]Don't blame he actress. Blame the script writers.

4Chyna Parks (A.N.T. Farm)
Zuri is really annoying, but she's little, so cut her some slack. (You're probably gonna think that the 9 year old was nominated for best actress but whatever. ) Chyna Parks gets her way because of singing. She can't even sing! She offends her principal and calls her 80 and for some reason doesn't get in trouble. When ever she says a joke it's ALWAYS stupid and she makes her voice go high and does this stupid face. She makes her friends do stupid things like they went through 50 pudding cups so they could win her a dumb bag that she doesn't even need. Think of the people who are poor in Africa or the Middle East! You are forcing people to eat so much (they could get really sick and possibly die! ) so you could get a bag! Those poor people don't even have enough food! Anyways, she look anorexic. It's scary. Disney needs to find good actors not based on their looks but based on if they can actually act, actually sing, and not look anorexic. The reason I hate Hollywood so much is because people starve themselves for fame. That's what China's doing. She never lets anyone else get their way, unless she gets part of it. She needs to be nicer to Lexi because she would stop being mean. She needs to get better friends because Olive is really rude and Fletcher is stupid and ugly. Thanks guys.

PS: Avery Jennings on Dog with a blog is so annoying. She looks just as anorexic as China.


It was a tough decision, cause id like to slap zuri ross up the side of the head to, but I have to say Chyna. She is just so full of herself! I'll admit, she is pretty and a good singer, but she doesn't need to tell us that! She thinks she is the best singer ever, she thinks she is so beautiful. She always gets to win and sing in the end, what about Fletcher or Olive? They are just there, and she is mean to both. She is to aware of how good her singing is and its very annoying, she is not humble at all. I'd like to see Lexi win something for once, cause Lexi is a good singer and very pretty too. And she always has these opportunities to become famous and always blows them off. I hated when she said "Next time I have the chance to be on a national talent contest..." wow, how conceited is she. She thinks she is so amazing. Its just horrible.


China Anne McClain is all about her she thinks she is nice with olive but she wins all the stinking time can Lexi win at some point. She is beautiful and talented but she is not a good actress. You should definitely stop acting and find something your good at. Find a hobby sorry no offense for that. Only Lexi had to win at some point but not with you okay. She gets me on my nerves and I wish you stop acting. I don't know why they hired her if she doesn't know how to act.
[Newest]China Anne Mcclain is ugly and sucks as an actress.

5Avery Jennings (Dog With a Blog)
With the exceptions of Chloe and Stan, all the characters on Dog With a Blog are annoying, obnoxious, and overall unlikable in my opinion. But if I had to choose the character that expresses these traits most, it would easily be Avery Jennings. Avery Is pretty much everything annoying rolled up into one obnoxious jerk. Avery is always such a perfectionist. In fact, she's so much of a perfectionist that she cares about nobody but herself. She thinks that everything should be about HER and everyone should like HER and the universe revolves around HER. This, more often than not, leads to her being even more unlikable. She also always is a know-it-all. I've never seen her admit that she was wrong unless SHE could benefit from it. She is also totally obnoxious. She is never nice to anyone unless, again, SHE can benefit from it. She also HATES her stepbrother. In the Christmas episode, it was revealed that she keeps a list of everything she hates about him. No joke. She adds to it constantly. In case you didn't know, she was, I believe, up to 83. Also, she's just plain annoying, ESPECIALLY when she gets a crush on "Wes", and NEVER cares about anyone but herself and him.
I actually used to love this show, but I no longer watch it much because of two things: 1. My tastes changed and 2. THAT DARN AVERY JENNINGS. SHE'S NOW WORSE THAN EVER. I'm done talking about her. In conclusion, Avery Jennings is obnoxious, irritating, selfish, and has no redeemable qualities in my opinion.


Avery Jennings annoys me so much. She thinks she always right, she is a blabber mouth, bossy, unfun (if that's a word) and I hate her gold clogs. I hate that she acts so perfect and snobby. When she confronts a guy for not talking to her because she thinks its about her height she totally embarrassed him instead. Just because she thinks it about her. Well, news flash! Not everything is about you! Also when she was not allowed to go to another Halloween party she doesn't help her own family Halloween party. So when a guy she likes comes over to her own party she decides to help out to her party. Wow just because of a guy who you like, that you see like everyday at school, comes to your party you decided to help your family. At the end of Tyler Gets a Grillfriend when Ellen and Avery make up and were about to go out Avery said something like," Great, but let's not go to a popular store. I don't want my friends to see me." Really? After you were jealous of Chloe because of her bonding with Ellen, you don't want to be seen with your mother. I HATE YOU AVERY JENNINGS! I think my favorite character is Stan.


My friend made me watch the premiere of this show and I was not impressed. Avery was and still is my least favorite character that I REALLY want to punch. The goody-two-shoes, bossy, "perfect", girl of the show. She is so annoying! I hate her. I saw an episode where Tyler got a job at the hotdog cart and told Avery not to tell their mom and dad, and blabber-mouth Avery just had to tell them. And when their parents found out, instead of apologizing to Tyler, they apologized to Avery. Just proves how much more they must like her compared to the two other kids they have. So yea, Ellen raised a perfect little girl there, -oh, wait, NO SHE DIDN'T.
[Newest]She talk to much

6Flynn Jones (Shake It Up)
He whines and complains about everything. And he thinks it's funny to be rude to every person around him. If Flynn was real, he would grow up to be a typical high school bully.
Zuri Ross and Kim Possible are undeniably extremely likeable and interesting and compelling characters so I don't know why they're unnecessarily on this list but this ass is just annoying and makes Amy Duncan look like Mrs. Possible.
He is a creepy little turd who only seems to care about himself, his popularity among his stupid teenager friends, and lame jokes about underwear. I don't understand why Ty always calls him "Little Man" because he has some serious growing up to do.

7Olive Doyle (A.N.T. Farm)
I heard she's the most popular character! She is not awesome at all! She belittles Fletcher and Chyna, is annoying, and always mean. I like the actress Sierra McCormick but I wish she was playing another character that was more nicer or at least had a reason to be mean. I mean, in one episode, it was The Black History Month Episode, she bullied Fletcher and made him look stupid! If I was Fletcher, I would have beaten her if she did that, killed her even! Whiny Stupid "B word that rhymes with Witch"!
1. She's always mean to Fletcher.
2. She tricked Chyna into running for A.N.T. Student Council President.
3. She stole Dixon from Chyna and didn't apologize.
4. She babbles about "interesting factoids" that no one cares about.
5. She is always mean to Angus.
Olive Doyle is so annoying! I want to hit her upside the head! Will she ever shut up and let someone else talk! I mean sure the character is supposed to act this way but seriously it gets on my last nerve! All the Disney characters have this annoying reflect to her! 👿
[Newest]She's just so annoying, I don't know how Chyna can stand her

8London Tipton (Suite Life On Deck)
I'm not talking about the Zack and Cody version, she was O. K in that, but I'm talking about the On Deck version. She's stupid, annoying, has no heart (Unlike the previous series, where she had a couple moments of love), and is just unlikable. Oh, and let's not forget her catchphrase: Sparkles. Yes, Sparkles. Or Sparkly. Which ever ones worse.



Come on.
I mean, she was OK in Suite Life of Zack and Cody but... Now her brain seems to have reduced size by 75%. She's shallow and insensitive. Seriously, the letter between A and C is 5? That's sad. She needs help.
Without Maddie to keep her grounded, she's a spoilt insensitive brat.


9Trish De La Rosa (Austin & Ally)
I hate Trish (Rani), but it's not nice to wish someone to die or to get really hurt. You know what they say, why goes around comes around. You never know this may happen to you..
Rotten money-grubbing bitch. She'd sell out her friends for money and expensive things. I hope she gets a heart attack when she's eighteen and dies. Or falls off the stairs on her stupid fat feet and breaks her neck. That'll make everyone happy.
It will make me happy. But how do people get heart attacks at eighteen?


She's too stinking young to be a manager and she can't shut up!
[Newest]She got lame jobs then she hired then not to long you fired and she is fat

10Rico Suave (Hannah Montana)
Like I said in my review, Hannah Montana is an average show that has actual entertainment values, but one thing I should have mentioned is this stuck up brat. In the first few seasons, he's immature. In the last season, he's older, and just as immature! Also, he's ungodly annoying.


I'd punch any character who is in Hannah Montana. I don't watch that show, it looks crap! So, whoever this Rico Suave guy is, I'd punch him.
Is it just me or does he seem a little like Farkle.

The Contenders

11Luke Ross (Jessie)
I've got one world-ANNOYING! '! He always makes a strange face when he talks and reuses old jokes from previous shows.
3 words full of himself
Ugh... It's like they put Beiber on the show.


12Emma Ross (Jessie)
Emma is a typical dumb blond, and all she cares about is HERSELF! She is extremly bratty, and since she is rich she thinks she will get whatever she wants! I HATE HER SO MUCH! Disney, just get her the heck off the show! Jessie is bad enough with out her!
She thinks that she is so perfect! She's always pointing out other people's flaws too! It's so annoying!
Emma is gorgeous and doesn't hurt anyone. Jessie and her are the best thing of the show, hope it stays for a long time. I want to see her all grown up.

13Bradley Brad Buttowski (Kick Buttowski)
Now, I'm not a big fan of this show, it's weird, pointless, and has no charm. Only two things that I still remember from the show, Kick's awesome voice and how annoying Brad is. I mean, seriously! He has an annoying voice, annoys Kick for no reason, and just sucks in general.P. S I only saw like three episodes, so that's pretty bad if your character gets on this list after a mere 3 episodes.


What a big jerk! Right up there with Albert! One of the worst big brothers ever!
Candace and Brad are allowed to marry each other instead of Candace and Jeremy.
[Newest]This show is trash.

14Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb)
AGHH! I ABSOLUTELY HATE ISABELLA! I hate that creepy, annoying, little brat! She creeps me out, drives me insane, and really gets on my nerves!
She is so retarded. I mean, seriously, That pipsqueak really creeps me out.
Isabella is one of the most annoying characters I've ever seen since Charlotte (Don't get me wrong, I love Making Fiends) and Dee Dee (Don't get me wrong, I love Dexter's Laboratory}. She is such an idiotic doof! She annoyed the hell out of me!
[Newest]WHAT!?! This is not only one of my favorite female characters in Disney, but in the ENTIRE TELEVISION UNIVERSE. Put her lower on the list OR DON'T PUT HER ON IT AT ALL!

15Phineas Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
I do think Phineas talks way too much. he never gives poor Ferb a chance to talk. No wonder Ferb is so silent, Phineas cuts him off constantly. Plus he won't see that Isabella likes him. she drops hints like bombs! If I were her I'd give up on him. he's hopeless.
No! Phineas is not stupid except one thing, he really did build dangerous things like the coolest coaster ever because that rollercoaster is the most hardcore thing in my life but still he is really not stupid.
Why can't he just SHUT THE HELL UP?! The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Problem Solverz, and other enjoyable shows are more enjoyable than Phineas and Ferb.

16Suzy Johnson (Phineas and Ferb)
What a retarded kid.
And if she were my sister I would just kill her for crepping my girlfriend and my friends
He is EVIL to Candace and that is why I really hate her.
This girl is crazy and psychotic.

17Stanley (That's So Raven)
Now, this was a pretty good series, especially for one that began in 2003, which was a dark age for T. V shows because it was the year Nickelodeon started to suck. But were not talking about that, we're talking about this pint-sized idiot that I still hold a grudge over. He's like Rico, except less immature.


18Liv Rooney (Liv and Maddie)
I'm sorry I like Liv but her voice is annoying especially when she sing and she needs to learn to be interested in Maddie's life n stop being stinking selfish
She is so annoying and snobby she's like where's my this and where's my that

19Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana)
She is so stupid and she tries to be funny when she really seems so awkward and a total freak. She acts like she's the most famous person of all times, even though I have to admit, Miley was better in the Hannah Montana era comparing to this era when she's just a mess and she has lost so many fans.
She's always thinking about herself but not her family, friends, and even her own fans, and one time her actions got herself into a farm in Kansas. I like Miley Cyrus but not her character.
She came in like a WRECKING BALL!

20Riley Matthews (Girl Meets World)
She only cares about herself like maya goes through way worse then her and she is worrying about HER issues so what you are growing up big deal everyone does this (except Peter pan of course) and Maya said she didn't have a dad and she was dancing with Cory Riley just has to say hey you know he's my father right like girl has no chill and she is always bossing maya around and getting into peoples business just for the sake of getting the credit at least Cory was nice to Shawn and actually wanted to help him
There's always that one character that you feel seriously sorry for and yep Riley's the one! She never notices why the "world isn't hers" 1. What the heck does it mean to make the world yours?! 2. She's tAlks really annoying and makes no entire sense. 3. She's a huge geek
She is so annoying and her voice gets on my nerves and her singing sounds like a 5 year old

21Ravi (Jessie)
Most annoying character ever!


22Debbie Dooley (Good Luck Charlie)
She's an annoying wack job with an annoying voice and they made her a stereotypical swede
Her voice is annoying

23Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb)
No way! He is pretty FUNNY but EVIL

24Annoying Arlene Roca (I'm in the Band)
I love this show. The comedy, the story, and the characters... Well, except for Annoying Arlene, probably the nerdiest stalker on this planet. I put her a little low on the list because she leads to some great jokes, but still.


25Brandy (Brandy & Mrs. Whiskers)
I never had a high opinion of this literal bitch. What I can't stand about her are her screams. And high-pitched female have been enraging me last millennium. There's no ay in hell that I want to tolerate them. Why, I remember some male jerk used that against me when I was in seventh grade. And he makes me wish that could beat the crap outta him.

26Gunther Hessenheffer (Shake It Up)
Flynn's less annoying than him

27Bennett James (Dog With a Blog)
We get it, you're a renowned child psychologist. SHUT UP AlREADY!


28Ally Dawson (Austin & Ally)
Stupidest most annoying ugly character sorry ally you seem nice but you're a terrible actor
Yah sweetie, let me guess your going to say you're the queen in beauty."oh I have never been annoying everyone loves me" I can assure you laura marano can never be compared to you because shes the most beautiful actress I know so why don't you just shut your mouth honey
I personally like Ally Dawson she seems like an inspirational Character to me.
Ehh. She's definetlety not ugly. I love that show. The only thing that makes me mad is her dancing. Its get more annoying every time she does it. I mean okay! We get it you can't dance! Why do you think you can?

29Ferb Fletcher (Phineas and Ferb)
Reason he is here is because of Phineas and his annoying voice
Fern isn't bad the reason he's akward is because phineas cuts him off. When he speaks he is a genius.
He just looks creepy and stupid. There's nothing funny about that weirdo.

30Charlie Duncan (Good Luck Charlie)
I just don't like her. That's all. She's cute and funny kid, and I like kids. I don't hate her. I just don't like her.
Charlie always seems like a brat to me, and I have to wonder how her lines on the show, affected her home-life! (Or will affect)
I know she's kinda annoying, bushy do you guys want to kill a baby. You guys all have serious problems.

31Suga Mama Proud (The Proud Family)
I never watched this show in years, but I do remember how annoying this "Thing" was.


32Myrtle Edmonds (Lilo and Stich)
She thinks she is way better then Lilo
News Flash who went to space:Lilo who meets fantastic aliens who help the island:Lilo who saved your butt and the planet:Lilo who's dog should have won is Yapper:Lilo's
So who is better:Lilo
She always thinks she is awesome and pretty and smart when she even cheated in Spike
When actually she is an ugly cheating retard
Closed, blind minded eyed little girl. Everyone is not a weirdo. Especially Lilo. You can't even see that Lilo has talent and you just make assumptions because of her outside.
Even though this is not a Disney Channel character, I still agree. They wanted to create the world's worst little girl, AND THEY SUCCEEDED.
[Newest]Worst character ever made " YEAH YEAH Shut up

33Zack Martin (The Suite Life)
I know that this guy means well. But I'll choose him over Cody because of how he differs from that brother of his. He reminds me of Gabe Duncan.

If I'm Cody, I'd reject Zack because of his antics. Besides, I can relate more to people like Cody, although I'm more mature, disciplined, and conservative than him.

And seriously, what's wrong with the brother of Zack being a nerd? There's nothing wrong with being one. The people who hate nerds are closed-minded bullies.

For their information of all nerd haters, nerds weren't put on Earth to stroke the fragile egoes of them (the anti-nerd people). Instead, they were put on this planet to help non-nerds with life. One example is becoming smarter and more open-minded.

If all anti-nerd folks got to actually know nerds, they might see that they're great people.

34Kim Possible (Kim Possible)
What a pathetic loser. I LOVE THE CHARACTER & THE SHOW!
There's no way in hell that I'm ever going to like this slut. She acts like she's so perfect in spy work. Pathetic.

It's bad enough that she seems to have no problem beating her enemies. But for her uber fanatics to bitch about her haters and shove their opinions of her down their throats is worse. They should shut the hell up and let her haters hate her all they want.

If I created Kim Possible, I'd make her a total weakling like I"d do to those damn Totally Spies.

Another reason that I hate Kim is that she comes off as being an excuse for a spy to me just as those stupid Totally Spies do. James Bond's much better at being a secret agent than her.

One other reason that I hate Kim is some real-life bitch sucks up to her like she does to Spinelli of Recess. What the hell is she, a feminazi? No way would I wanna have a girlfriend because of them.

35Gabe Duncan (Good Luck Charlie)
This guy is just troublesome to me. I don't know what his deal is. I'm glad that the first girl who he tried to date rejected him for all the lies that he told her. Whoever objected to what she did is also a liar. I mean, who wants to be with a jerk who messes things up a lot?

36Baljeet Tjinder (Phineas and Ferb)

37Edwin Venturi (Life With Derek)
I know, I know, most people would either pick Derek of Casey here, but I feel they're both unique and funny and weird ways. Edwin. on the other hand, is just annoying, unfunny, and stupid.


38Bonnie Rockwaller (Kim Possible)

39Bea Goldfishberg (Fish Hooks)
Thank you so much for pointing out those things about that bitch and slut! I never liked her mainly due to her scream. If I ever meet voice actress, I'd like been mean to her.

The guy who created Fish Hooks seems to have a mental problem. Hell, I wish that there's a law against what he did.
How about Bea Quiet?


The actress who voice Bea is Chelsea Staub, the same actress who plays Stella in Jonas. I agree that she's a very bad voice-actress.
[Newest]She is always so loud my neighbor 5 houses away from me keeps telling me to quiet down my T.V.

40Cece Jones (Shake it Up)
She just will not stop getting Rocky into trouble and keeps on with the nag, nag, nag, brag, brag, brag, "I'm so perfect," "everyone loves me," "Their just jealous." She also keeps on stealing the spotlight from Rocky. I mean, she got to sing on "Shake it Up Chicago," and she isn't even a good singer.
So selfish, stupid, and just plain unlovable.
Shes so whiny and a brat and so unlikeable!
[Newest]She need to stop controlling rocky

41The Ashleys (Recess)
Rude, mean and arrogant bitches.

42Jessie Prescott (Jessie)
Can I just say that this is the worst show to appear on screen since forever! She is so not funny and I hate her big head too
Her obsession gets of becoming an actress interferes with her nanny career, and she would leave her kids alone just to go to an audition. She doesn't like people expressing their opinions and is the most selfish person I've seen on a children's T.V. show

43Ashley Spinelli (Recess)
I also made a mistake by forgetting to put "twice" between "Adventures" and "in" in the second paragraph that I put in this list. My apologies.
I know... Women like that make me sick. When will they understand that men are better than women in terms of being tough. Keep your PMS in you and stay in the kitchen, women!
I've hated that bitch ever since I was in high school. Seriously, she has anger managmenet issues. Now I know that feminism's important But her way of being a feminist makes her too aggressive for her own good. Hell, she reminds me of these other bitches because of their personalities:

1. Toph of Avatar: The Last Airbender

2. Cera of The Land Before Time

3. Jade Chan of Jackie Chan Adventures

4. Helga G. Pataki of Hey Arnold!

5. Jade Chan of Jackie Chan Adventures

What also sickens me is that there are gals who suck up to her as if they're lesbians. For example, I had a classmate in the last school that I attended who sounded like an ass kisser of her as well as too other bitches. Sounds to me like she was paranoid about male chauvinists. But I'm glad that I turned against her, especially, since she was being worse than annoying to me. If I ever see again, I'd likely be nasty to her and make sure that no ones stops me.

Now, back to Spinelli: If she ever gave me crap with her attitude problem, I'd beat the hell outta her.

44Dina Garcia (Shake It Up)

45Linda Flynn-Fletcher (Phineas and Ferb)

46Paisley Houndstooth (A.N.T. Farm)
Just another stereotypical "dumb blonde". Blondes are really sometimes smart; some of my friends who are blonde get offended by Paisley's stupidity. And seriously how is she in high school if she is that stupid?
Someone put this girl back in kindergaten because I'm surprised she passed that grade let along making it to HIGH SCHOOL!
Oh my god don't get me started on this girl! She has the brain mass of a 2 year old! Hardly anything she says makes sense and every time she says something stupid I want to choke her to death! Thank god the season was cancelled!

47Miss Muriel Finster (Recess)
Yeah. Just to say, some people like swinger girl more than Gus and spinelli
Does anyone remember this show? I do because they still show reruns in Canada, but Miss Muriel Finster is just a ugly, mean, relentless old hag. Also, Randall gets an honorable mention because he's almost as annoying.


48Mandi (Mean-Girls 2)
After seeing her torture poor Abby in school, that alone made my pretty upset however, when she messed with Joe's dad's car I was BEYOND ANGRY, when Joe told her off it was heaven to my ears, I wanted to rip her hair out or claw her face, she is just EVIL!

49Justin Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place)
In one episode he ruins Alex's life how is he not mentioned
I loved WOWP, but Justin is the worst character in the show

50Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)
Even though she has a positive and optimistic nature I find her unlikeable sometimes her silliness might be entertaining but for me it's not she constantly treats everything like a joke plus her attitude can be really unlikeable and annoying sometimes besides her positive nature sometimes she can be a spoiled brat when she doesn't get what she wants or if things don't go her way she whines about it she always gets what she wants but what about Dipper? She can also be selfish and self-centered sometimes she only cares about what she wants she thinks she's all this and that so on top of that besides her optimistic personality her attitude can be bad sometimes she can be a selfish, whiny, spoiled brat if she doesn't get what she wants she'll be bratty about it
Hey Mabel is cool but can be very selfish sometimes and her silliness isn't always appreciated.
I like her, but she's very overrated.


51Woody Fink (The Suite Life On Deck)

52Gus Griswald (Recess)
Never in my entire life have I felt so angry enough to wanna punch my television set. Gus truly is a DICK!

53Parker Rooney (Liv and Maddie)

54Ty Blue (Shake it Up)
He thinks he's such an amazing rapper. Stick with dancing.
He thinks he's the coolest guy ever, making him extremely annoying.
Roshpn Fegan is always playing a (crappy) rapper on T.V.

55Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)
I like Dipper. He's my favorite girlfriend character, but the only thing I don't like about him is that he looks into things too much.
In the time traveling episode with Waddles, there was a simple solution that couldn't have failed for the game Dipper wanted to win: tell Wendy to duck under the table before he throws the baseball.
He didn't even apologize to Wendy after hitting her with the baseball so many times that were the same times.
God this character is so annoying. Whenever he starts talking you just wanna slap him across the face
[Newest]Such an idiot. He always gets everybody into trouble and thinks he knows everything

56Teddy Duncan (Good Luck Charlie)
I wouldn't say she is a spoiled brat. But I agree that she's the peppy teenage girl stereotype, which I don't really like, although I like Emma from Jessie.
Teddy is a spoiled brat who acts like she can do anything she wants. She's also way too peppy and obsessed with boys.

57P.J. Duncan (Good Luck Charlie)
Why is there always a stupid person in every show? UGH. so annoying. Why can't they all be smart?

58Marina (Zig and Sharko)
What is Marina? An oblivious, spoiled, abusive, obsessive, idiotic WHORE that hypnotizes and manipulates the entire sea with her beauty, songs, and superficial charm.

What is superficial charm, you ask? It is one of three things which defines a sociopath; it is manipulation by making a good impression and intentionally doing things and blaming them on others to make people sympathize to her. This sums up Marina heavily.

Guess what are the other things which define a sociopath? Psychopathy, which involves remorselessness, antisocial behavior and impulsivity, and Narcissism, which is characterized by egoism, pride and grandiosity, which sums up Marina's boyfriend, Sharko, who constantly uses brawn for everything and loves to show it.

Psychopathy, narcissism and superficial charm are often together, known as Dark Triad. So yeah, our "heroes" display vile characteristics which would make them have a rightfully deserved title as a SOCIOPATH, if this show, which I like, had any logic, and Zig and Bernie, who are the "villains", would be thanked by everyone if they killed off Sharko and Marina.

Yes, Zig might display Psychopathy, but, while we're at it, he just wants to eat Marina, which is quite a natural behavior for a hyena. He also displays courage and determination, since he would go anywhere to get that whore of a mermaid. He is starving and he is abused by the entire island, and most of the inhabitants are allies of Marina. While he sometimes is selfish, he deeply cares about his friends, like Bernie and that female hyena from "Going' Home". And the time he manages to defeat Sharko and is close to eat Marina, she either survives by dumb luck or an excuse. Which, in turn, PROVES she is a Mary Sue. This is why I like Zig: he is brave and courageous, smart with tech (in one episode, he could build a majestic house, while Sharko couldn't) and women (how Sharko usually attempts to get it on with Marina? He calls her TO PLAY PING PONG WITH HIM. How pathetic), and actually sympathetic. Marina is a manipulative whore, while Sharko is a sadistic ass who thinks ping pong and muscles can get him a girlfriend.
1 word: mary sue she is such a mary sue I hate how she always gets what she wants plus she is an attention seeker she is always the one that's pretty, perfect, and almost many sea creatures on the show wanna date or eat her she is way too perfect to an annoying degree ugh what a mary sue I really can't stand her sometimes
That THING always cheats on Sharko

59Trudy Proud (The Proud Family)
At first, she seemed alright to me. But later on, I noticed that she's a major hypocrite who craps on her husband, Oscar (whom I feel sorry for). How Trudy's a hypocrite is that she was jealous of Oscar going' gaga over other women but willingly danced with a man whom she thought of as a hunk. And I won't tolerate hypocrisy, especially since I regret dabbling in it.

Since Trudy was abusive to her spouse, I wish that he'd beat her ass.

60LaCienega Boulevardez (The Proud Family)
Needs her tail whooped with a wood hairbrush.
No matter how good-looking' this bitch is, I'll never love her 'cause she spread a rumor about Penny Proud. What the hell is this spoiled brat's problem? If I'm one of her parents, I'd disown her.

About the rumor that Lacienega spread, that made me hate her guts 'cause other people spread rumors about me before. And that hurt me on badly. How'd they like it if I spread rumors behind their backs?

I also don't know why Lacienega got to hang out with Penny when she was a jerk to her. What a dishonest little slut she is.

If I'm Penny, I'd kick that Boulevardez whore outta my group o' friends.

61T.J. Detweiler (Recess)
I know that he means well. But this guy's a ' troublemaker and attention whore. I feel sorry for Principal Prickly in having to deal with boys like him.

What I noticed about TJ is that he's hypocritical. One example is that he claims that he doesn't want bad things to happen but goes ahead and lets more than one of them occur. If he has a strong sense of justice, then he should know better than to cause trouble.

And what the hell's his problem in tryin' to force that Gordy fellow to like him? He has no right to. Just 'cause lots o' kids like him, it doens't mean that everyone does. I mean, how would he like it if others forced him to like them?

62Buford Van Stomm (Phineas and Ferb)
Even though he's not all bad, I still dislike him due to his pickin' on Baljeet. What the hell's his deal with that Indian nerd? It isn't like Baljeet did anything wrong to him.

I remember when Buford became Baljeet's slave. But the way he went about being his unquestioning follower isn't in a way that I approve of. Of course, it didn't last long since that bully went back to being the nerd's tormentor.

I don't know why that Indian boy puts up with that jerk. I remember that he got fed up with him. But later, he went back to being with Buford. Pathetic.

If I'm Baljeet, I'd refuse to be friends with Buford due to my being bullied a lot. Instead, I'd enslave him and make him serve me the way that I'd want him to.

If Buford's nice to Baljeet, then he should never EVER bully him. Besides, bullying alienates people.
I also have a song about how Van Storms fall from the sky, but it doesn't end well. -Buford

63Erwin Lawson (Recess)
This guy pisses me off with his attitude problem. Why should he bother damn jock? There's nothing' bad about bein' a jock. Instead, he's better off bein' an athlete since they behave better than jocks.

I remember some dumbass posted "Screw Vince, " before suckin' up to Lawson like he's real. Well, screw that Lawson fan since he or she's a liar. And screw everyone who favors jocks over nerds. All jocks do is use sports as an excuse to bully non-jocks. Therefore, I favor nerds over those stereotypical athletes since I can relate to them (the nerds).

As much as I hate Spinelli, I wouldn't mind seeing her beat the crap outta Lawson for hsi bein' a loudmouthed a**.
I made another mistake about putting the word "bad" between "nothing'" and "about" in my second review about Lawson. I actually meant to put "good" between those two words because bein' a jock isn't good at all. But being an athlete is.

If anyone asks me, many jocks aren't very smart. Hell, they antagonize nerds and other people who aren't like them. And that's bad.

But for athletes, they're not only smarter and more mature. They behave better than jocks in that they're too smart to misuse their popularity. And so, I'd rather be with them instead of jocks.

64Gosalyn Mallard (Darkwing Duck)
Even though this whore's a duck, I'd rather call her a bitch 'cause she acts like one due to her bratty behavior. Hell, I've hated her since the show that she's part of became popular. And I can understand how her foster dad, Drake Mallard, feels when dealing with her.

I compare Gosalyn to these other characters because of her personality:

1. Ashley Spinelli of Recess

2. Toph Bei Fong of Avatar: The Last Airbender

3. Azula of Avatar: The Las tAirbender

4. Helga G. Pataki of Hey Arnold!

5. Jade of Jackie Chan Adventures

5. Cera of The Land Before Time

6. Korra of The Legend of Korra

I have a low opinion of those other six bitches just as I do with Gosalyn. Why she drags her friend, Honker, along on her antics is likely beyond me.

If I'm Honker, I'd refuse to have anything to do with that bratty adopted daughter of Drake. At least, I can relate to him since his personality's similar to mine.

If I'm DRake, I'd refuse to have anything to do with Gosalyn.

65Wander (Wander Over Yonder)
I can't believe I didn't see him on the list. HE IS so ANNOYING.

66Farkle Minkus (Girl Meets World)
The first show was good but now it sucks balls mostly because of this ass. He's like a guy version of Avery

67Austin Moon (Austin & Ally)
I admit at first I thought his voice was annoying and he was to childish. But now heis actually tolerable.

68Mr Whiskers (From Brandy and Mr Whiskers )

69Beans (Evens Stevens)
He should be number one. Most annoying not just for the way he looks but for all the trouble he causes (and stealing food).

70Harper Finkle (Wizards of Waverly Place)
Okay what's the deal with the over the top, annoying fashion crap? She's a wack job and she's not even funny. Its a good thing her character was toned down gradually as the show progessed!

71Soos (Gravity Falls)
I have a hard time with this guy because of childishness and unreasonable unconventionality. I remember being somewhat like him when I was younger. Thankfully, I went away from that as I got older.

Now I know that Soos means well. But I wish that he'd stop saying "dudes" all the time just as I wish that he'd stop behaving funny. No wonder I'm similar to Dipper Pines. That twin and me are conventional, intelligent, and mature males, except that I'm older, more conventional, and more serious than him. In fact, I favor serious folks over funny ones as I can relate to them.

72Gross Sisters (The Proud Family)

73Tankard H. "Tank" Muddlefoot (Darkwing Duck)

74Gelman (Recess)
It makes no difference to me that this jerkass joined one of the good guys. He's one of my least favorite characters in Recess because of his bullying. I remember when he bullied Gus Grizwold liek hell, which makes me wish that Gus beat the crap out o' him and be rewarded for it but not punished.

It sickens me that bullies like this fatso exist. I'll never forget all the times that I got bullied.

All the people who objected to Gus's anti-Gelman behavior are deluded hypocrites who should the shut the hell and try to experience being bullied there's no tomorrow.

75Pim Diffy (Phil of the Future)
Good grief, I can't stand this b**ch. She thinks that she's all that. But she's really a spoiled brat.

In one episode, she acted like she was in charge of Earth. If I really could, I'd show that sl** who's boss.

I don't know why Phil puts up with her. She reminds me of that damn Megan Parker of Drake & Josh.

If anyone asks me, Pim's a damn feminazi. And she makes me pleased that I have no love interest.

76Conrad Mundy (Recess)
Even though this guy proved that he has a good side, I still hate him for his delinquency as I've been antagonized by jerks like him before. He makes me wish that I could kick the crap outta him.

77Greg Skeens (Recess)
I don't know if this guy's worse than his pal, Mundy. But boy, do I hate his guts? Who does he think he is in tryin' to vandalize his school, its owner?

I wish that Principal Prickly sent this delinquent's a** to jail. That should teach him a lesson for being a jerka**.

78Kurst the Worst (Recess)
What a fat slob of a b**ch she is. I know that she became friends with Mikey. But I still can't stand her.

Honestly, she deserves get popped for being a trouble-making sl**.

79Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls)
Wendy is barely in any of the episodes. Quit using bad words, you just want to sound cool. News flash! Wendy isn't perfect. And neither are you, or me, or your mom, or Stanley the turtle, my dog, or anyone else who's ever lived (except Jesus). She a cartoon, for Pete's sake. She is honest and nice to Dipper, despite whatever random stuff the poor kid says out of utter nervousness he has whenever she is near.
Such a hypocrite this b**ch is. Here are how she's a hypocrite:

1. She claims that she wants to be a grownup but doesn't act like one because she's rebellious. Honestly, that's not how teens should behave. If she wants to be an adult, then she should follow good rules.

2. She claimed that she disapproved of violence but seems to enjoy causing trouble. A true anti-violence person doesn't cause trouble on purpose.

I don't know what Dipper sees in here. If he has more mental maturity than Mabel, then he should know better than to date someone who's older than her.

Since Dipper's the comic foil to Mabel's comic relief, he should also know better than to be with a rule-breakin' gal.

80Ron Stoppable (Kim Possible)
I can't believe this guy. Why is he on Kim's missions when all he does is mess up? It sickens me that he's comic relief. And I hate comic relief.

81Sharpay Evans (High School Musical)
She thinks that she's all that. She thinks that everyone is her slave and she is God or something. She even said it herself in the song "Fabulous". You are just like the rest of us you ain't any better. Seriously who do you think you are?
Ashley Tisdale is cool but her character in High School Musical was so annoying. The typical popular highschool cheerleader type. She thinks she's the prettiest girl ever and she bullies everyone, so she's a bad role model.
She is so retarded because she sucks what a ass

82Lexi (A.N.T Farm)
She is such an Attention Hore, She acts like Paisley is her servant, and worst of all Shes a bully towards the A.N. ts!

1) In one episode, she kept trying to 1 up Paisley, when Paisley was actually hurt, she just made fake broken limbs.

2) In Almost every episode she makes Paisly go along with everything she does!

3) Bullying is bad right? Well Lexi never heard of that. In the episode were Paisley Broke her arms, When Lexi was faking it, She made Paisley Carry her backpack, which ended up getting her MORE hurt.
Paisley is not you friend you just treat her like a slave. Don't you feel bad for her when Paisley broke her arm? You just want attention. You don't have feelings.

83Bertram Winkle (Jessie)
He is so mean towards the kids if he hates them so much he should just quit

84Delia Delfano (I Didn't Do It)
God this character is super annoying and clueless, she's like a barking chihuahua dog that you just want to slap to the side! I don't even see what's the point of this show it's not funny.

85Randall J. Weems (Recess)
Stupid Snitch -. -

86Tyler James (Dog With a Blog)
Stop being so annoying about your hair.

87Lil Gideon (Gravity Falls)

88Pacifica Northwest (Gravity Falls)

89Dez Wade (Austin & Ally)
Dez may be a little annoying at times, but overall he's alright. But of course the comic relief has to be at least a little stupid, or else it won't be as funny. I honestly don't know why he is on this list. But I must admit that if a different person played him this show would've been gone by now.
Why isn't this guy higher on the list? He isn't comic relief he is just a foil for his friend's plans.

90Sharko (Zig and Sharko)
Seriously? Nothing about him being perfect for this list? Oh well. Let me start it then.

He's a typical "Jock" type, he loves showing off, sure, he's protecting Marina and all but there are quite a few times where Zig is just chillin and STILL this douche beats him up.

He's not just a buffed up idiot, he's also a damned bully.

91Dawn Buckets (Kirby Buckets)

92Bob (Lab Rats)

93Eli (Kirby Buckets)

94Mia (Girl Meets World)

95Maya (Girl Meets World)

96Milo (Fish Hook)

97Chloe Jennings (Dog with a Blog)
A spoilt little brat who thinks she should never get in trouble
She's way to old for her character. Thinks she's all cute. Ha!

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