Best Disney Channel Shows of 2013


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Good Luck Charlie
So sad that its going to end
Totally it's the best
Best show. So funny
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2Gravity Falls
How is this under Good Luck Charlie!


Gravity Falls is so awesome!
Gravity Falls is awesome
Mabel is the cuteness character of all Disney
Different from Isabella is Mabel are not speak over 1 time (execpt the word come on)


Because I like zuri and luke

4Austin & Ally
Austin and Ally is the BEST SHOW EVER
This has gotta be #1!

5Phineas and Ferb

6Dog With a Blog

7A.N.T. Farm

8Shake It Up

9Wander Over Yonder
This is in last places no this should be number 1 its the best disney channel show of 2013
Awesome cool I love this show

10My Babysitter's a Vampire

The Contenders

11Fish Hooks

12Liv and Maddie

13Lab Rats

14Mickey Mouse

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