Best Disney Channel Shows of 2013


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1Gravity Falls

Mabel is so funny and dipper is wired too which makes the show amazing plus who couldn't love waddles!

Gravity Falls is awesome
Mabel is the cuteness character of all Disney
Different from Isabella is Mabel are not speak over 1 time (execpt the word come on) - Minhbraindemon

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2Good Luck Charlie

Was great until the lesbian couple came along, this episode should been banned like "teddy on ice" and the Jessie episode " quitting cold kawala" Disney Channel what is happening, ? No, wait, what is happening to the world?

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You said in top 10 worst shows Jessie was horrible you even swor at that show! I hate your writing you lie and you don't have good taste if you thought in 10 ten worst shows those shows were bad! Honestly I think your as bad as you said the top ten worst disney shows were! I hope you don't ever make fun of those EVER AGAIN! By the way said in top ten worst shows you HATED Zuri and Luke now you love them!?!?! This thing sucks.

Luke is easily the best character, why? Cause he is funny, cute, and talented, oh! And he's got a great personality too. He's my favorite character!

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4Austin & Ally

I love austin... And ally Austin is so funny

Austin and Ally is the BEST SHOW EVER

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5Phineas and Ferb
6Dog With a Blog

I think Avery is the worst character ever.

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7A.N.T. Farm
8Shake It Up
9Liv and Maddie

Liv and maddie is a funny show

I love liv and maddie!

10Wander Over Yonder

This is in last places no this should be number 1 its the best disney channel show of 2013

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11My Babysitter's a Vampire

This show = awesome I love this show and I'm a boy so. I really like this show movie and seres both = awesome it's my fave show!

I love this show so much I'm it's biggest fan b/c it's so awesome! I was so sad when it got cancelled! - Cartermd

12Fish Hooks
13Lab Rats
14Mickey Mouse
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1. Wander Over Yonder
2. Gravity Falls
3. Good Luck Charlie
1. Austin & Ally
2. Jessie
3. Good Luck Charlie
1. Good Luck Charlie
2. A.N.T. Farm
3. Shake It Up

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