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1 The Opening Scene - Up

Yes, the All-Too-Beautiful and Majestic scene, which is emotionally brilliant and, in all, outstanding. Up is a beautiful movie, with an excellent scene. My vote goes to Up (With "Married Life's support. )

2 Dumbo Fly's During the Circus Act - Dumbo
3 Belle Note - Lady and the Tramp

This is one of my favorite movies and all the scenes are great

4 The Spell is Broken - Beauty and the Beast
5 The Farewell Scene - Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 was a Home Run for sure! One of the best movies I've ever seen & don't hate me for saying a Disney Movie gets that honour because it's True! If you don't believe me then Watch it for yourself & the emotional Roller-coaster will take you on the ride of your life! - Curti2594

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6 Pinocchio Becomes a Real Boy - Pinocchio
7 Snow White Wakes Up After Being Kissed By the Prince
8 King Triton Turns Ariel Human - The Little Mermaid

Through out whole movie Triton did not want Ariel to have nothing to do with humans he destroyed her entire collection after telling him she was in love with Prince Eric, after the battle with Ursula King Triton realizes how much she truly loves Eric and does the right thing and makes her human with his Triton and the whole scene in which Ariel rises from the Ocean in this silver dress and the her and Eric lifts her up and they kiss. - egnomac

9 Woody Buzz and the Others Hold Hands as They Face Their Doom - Toy Story 3

This was one of those memorable moment in Toy Story After being double crossed by Lotso Woody and the others find themselves just moments from being burned to death, as everyone tries to escape they realize there's no way out and one by one they begin to hold hands as they prepare for what's next and as I was watching I thought to my self this could be the end for them but luckily for them the Aliens save them just in the nick of time. - egnomac

10 Anna Throws Herself to Save Elsa - Frozen

Let it go is overrated! This is love right here - Thatgirl

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11 Let It Go - Frozen

Best scene in the movie, and I also like how the song expresses the way Elsa felt all those years having to hide her power from everyone and now that she's far away from it all she can finally be her self and like the song says she can Let it go. - egnomac

12 The Circle of Life - The Lion King
13 Aladdin Wishes for the Genie's Freedom - Aladdin
14 Bambi's Mom Dies - Bambi

It's such a beautifully sad scene! - MontyPython

15 The Ball Room Scene - Beauty and the Beast
16 The Hydra Fight Scene - Hercules
17 Sully Scares Boo - Monsters Inc.
18 When Somebody Loved Me - Toy Story 2

Was truly a sad moment were we actually see Jessie backs story who was loved by her owner as a kid then grows up and forgets all about her then ends up donating her and also the song "When Somebody Loved Me" playing in the background made it really emotional. - egnomac

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19 Timothy Mouse Stands Up to The Crows - Dumbo
20 The March of the Cards - Alice in Wonderland
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1. The Opening Scene - Up
2. Dumbo Fly's During the Circus Act - Dumbo
3. Belle Note - Lady and the Tramp



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