Top Ten Disney Stars Gone Bad


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Miley Cyrus
No doubt she is number one. Dropped he children fan base in the garbage without a single regret. She could care less about her kid fans. She never transitioned into more mature music, just dumped her fans and 90% of her clothes. She was so sweet and innocent before. Her songs are disgusting, her videos are worse, she presents herself terrible, and don't even get me started on her VMA performance. Man. What disgusts me even more is her new 20 year old fans who are encouraging her to be naked and gross all the time, but then again I suppose most 20 year olds are like that. No class what so ever. Complete disgrace. And no matter how deep Wrecking Ball is as a song, the video was just another excuse for miley to be naked and disgusting. She can go on and on about how its her being raw but we all knew it was an excuse to be naked when we found out Terry Richardson was directing the video. He is known for turning girls into sex toys


No doubt who you are. Go check you favorite singer get naked. Idiot
My childhood has been rewend by what she has become but I think its good how she is doing her own thing now and isn't really listening to anyone else opinion...


She was so sweet when she was a child, we all remember how sweet she was in HANNAH MONTANA. Now, she is like a rockgirl or something, and that's not her thing. I really loved her when she used to sing pop and country.
[Newest]I not gonna talk about her now 😱😱😱

2Lindsay Lohan
She has messed up her life totally when she actually had POTENTIAL and she could be a good singer and a good actress.
She gets away with anything. All she gets is a slap on the wrist!
So much potential gone to waste. Truly sad. Should be #1.


3Britney Spears
What a tramp. Yes, she went through struggles, but everyone does. Grow up and be a better parent to your kids, and stop showing off that disgusting butt and midriff. *Shudders* I feel sick now... And how does she top charts? I've heard some songs by her, and it's all autotune/nasal! People these days...

4Christina Aguilera

5Vanessa Hudgens
Why is Ashlie here?

6Demi Lovato
She is so annoying


8The Cello Guy from High School Musical

9Ashley Tisdale
She hot, &so much moor
She hasn't gone bad for Christ's sake...


10Hilary Duff

The Contenders

11Shia LaBeouf

12Mitchel Musso

13Peyton List
Isn't she new so why is she bad
Why the hell is peyton on this list?

14Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears is the younger sister of Britney Spears. She became pregnant at age 16!
She was on nick, not disney

15Selena Gomez

16Cole Sprouse

17Bella Thorne

18Zendaya Coleman

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