Pulp Fiction


Pulp Fiction is a wonderful movie that I would not put above or below Fear and Loathing, because I would place it in a completely different category. Yes, they both deal with some aspects of the drug world, but the intent behind them is completely different. Also to Okami: She did not snort Brazilian Cocaine; it was heroin.

Not a lot of drug use but damn that heroin scene was intense!

great movie but people dont seem to fully understand its actual meaning. Watch it like 80 times and read the bible and it will eventually click!!

If you have a movie with Uma getting stabbed in the chest so she doesn't die from an overdose, that is a movie that should be in the top 3!

Absolutely fantastic movie. Quentin Tarantino at his best. Should be number 1 on this list, without a doubt. Love it

Not quite a drug movie, but such a great film that it deserves to be on this list anyway.

While there is plenty of drug use in this movie, I wouldn't consider it a drug movie.

ha when she snorts the brazilian cocaine and almost dies....wow just wow - Okami

The Best Film with Blow and Scarface :-X

Amazing, a masterpiece of film. - Headphonex12345

The whole Mia heroine secne was great it doesn't completely deal in the drug world but it really demonstrates the reality of some of these drugs

Right in the heart, and then, she sits up. - RdrTech