John Bonham

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Seriously! I would understand the almighty Bonzo (who is most certainly the best) being #7 behind Neil Peart (the only actual good drummer up ahead), Keith Moon, Carl Palmer, Ginger Baker, Bill Bruford, & Buddy Rich, but LARS ULRICH & that overrated joey guy from that overrated band that all these hipster teenagers who call themselves metalheads (I personally dislike metal) seem to adore, & what's with all these Japanese guys that nobody's ever heard of winning polls? I just died a little inside when I saw this.

just listen at "good times bad times".
enough said ;)

John Bonham had it all, power, finesse, a delicate touch when required, accuracy, speed and a totally unrivalled unique style. He is undoubtedly head and shoulders above any of the drummers on this list, an icon that many tried to emulate and failed, a rock GOD! He is second to NONE and as far as I'm concerned there aren't many who are worthy of being mentioned in the same breath. I was lucky enough to see Zepp live twice and John B. Just blew me away. On top of all this, he was a great guy. RIP John... There's no danger of you ever being forgotten and thanks for the memories.

He is the best drummer of all time. Peart is better than him in some ways, but no other drummer can beat him in any single aspect... Even if you compare him to Neil Peart, he definitely plays harder than him, and he seems to be doing a million things at once: and his drum solos are complete in themselves, unlike any other drummer's... This is in fact the first list I've seen where this drummer of the biggest band of the 70s is ranked below #2

I haven't heard of many of these greatest Drummers of all time! John Henry Bonham at #7 was this poll taken at a primary school drumming is about swing feel groove not how fast you can play Bonzo passed away at the age of 32 younger than most of the people on this sorry list but he still did 10 times more than these people will ever dream of doing 3 words ACHILLES LAST STAND

John Bonham was very simply the best rock drummer ever. He had timing, speed, power, finesse and the most amazing bass drum technique - he played with a single bass drum pedal and did more than drummers using double bass drum pedals.
Listen to Achilles Last Stand, Fool in the rain, Hots on for Nowhere, Good times Bad Times, When the Levee Breaks to name just a few tracks where he shone like a drum god.
He has been dead 34 years but still young aspiring drummers want to emulate his unique sound - why? Because he was the best at what he did.

I just love the fact that he played with four drum sticks. When you watch him play, you can see the sweat coming off of his body; drumming was a complete workout for him.

John Bonham needs to be number one! He influenced rock drumming and even inspired Neil Peart to pick up the stick! He had explosive energy and drumming power at concerts and made the bass drum to incredibly quick with only one pedal! His unbelievable beats, fills and solos combined create the greatest drummer ever!

There's nothing anyone past present or future, did, done, or gonna do on the drum's that this guy couldn't have done or even beat. Timing flowed from this guy like it unravels from order to chaos yet still stayed in time, I don't know how, He was obviously a God, Too create such time signatures.

John Bonham was without the greatest drummer. He was hugely influential and a tremendously powerful drummer. Bonham made a huge contribution to the unique sound of Led Zeppelin. He possessed a huge talent, small wonder he frequently performed solo's on numerous Led Zep tracks, most notably, his awesome solo on, 'Whole Lotta Love. ' He has influenced a plethora of top class drummers, which speaks volumes.

BONHAM #1, Moby Dick was amazing. Zeppelin wouldn't have been with another drummer. Too good to even be the 2nd all time. Bonham is clearly the best and unfortunately these people didn't get the memo, all other lists on the internet even have him at 1...

If you think otherwise, all you need to put this guy at at #3 or above (Peart and Rich could be above or below him) is watch his 1970 live performance of Moby Dick. Just go watch that and compare it to the greatest performances by the others on this list, then go ahead and form your opinions.

Without a doubt, Bonzo deserves to hold the top spot. He was the total package that any self-respecting drummer should aspire to be like. Those that disagree really need to go listen to 'Moby Dick' from "The Song Remains The Same" - ybothermatt

John Bonham is head and shoulders above any other drummer. A totally unique sound, powerful yet subtle, majestic, delicate when called for and awesome accurate speed. Unrivalled and in my opinion no-one ever will. Some of the drummers on here aren't worthy to be mentioned in the same breath. I've seen Zepp twice live and Bonham just blew me away! Not only a great drummer, but a great guy too.

John Bonham at #7? This list just lost ALL credibility. Bonzo remains the greatest rock drummer that ever lived... Go check every major drumming publication in the world... As well as virtually every fan poll of the last 40 years.

Make no mistake, Bonham is still absolutely the king of rock drumming. A very few Rush fanboys furiously voting multiple times each always distort these lists. Peart is the first to say (and has many times repeated) that John Bonham still has no equal. I, as well as huge majority of real rock fans wholeheartedly agree. RIP John Henry Bonham, the greatest rock drummer that ever lived.

There is a serious rift in rock, when john Bonham is this low on a top ten list, seriously its John Bonham... Not to mention he is way better than Neil peart. There is no way to describe the talent of this godly legend.

Okay, what is Shannon Leto doing above the legendary John Bonham? We're talking about JOHN BONHAM here. Guys seriously get real and think straight, We all know who is the genuinely more talented person here.

Bonzo is the best endurance drummer of all time! the man was like thunder and lighting when he played, he even played non stop in concerts, and they last 2 hours, including a 20 minute drum solo!

Why is neil peart #1 RUSH SUCks and John Bonham was just the absolute, hands down MOSt influential, unique drummer ever. No one can reproduce his sound, no one can keep a beat like him and hit drums so hard that they resonate within the music and the listener. Without Bonham, Led Zeppelin would't be Led Zeppelin. Can you say that about any other drummer? Bonham is king!

What a shame that most of the voters never heard a real drummer. Bonzo is the best. Period. I doubt that this poll is representative at all, but after all it's a matter of personal taste, too.

John Bonham is an EPIC drummer. Just go to Youtube and watch his live perfomance of "Moby Dick". He plays during more than 10 minutes with an outstanding energy.

Wait, wait Bonham at 5? He is the best drummer ever! No one has that good of a sense of rhythm that Bonzo had. Plus who on earth is Shannon Leto? Peart is good but not better than Bonham!

Led Zeppelin is the rock in roll band aside from the Beatles that has sold the most records ever, do in part by the awesome drumming of john Bonham, HE is the best, love Peart but has to go to Bonzo.

A solid drummer, for sure, but wildly overrated. Mitch Mitchell or Keith Moon would easily bury Bonzo, but Led-Heads can't see past their mindless bias and that ever-present cloud of doobie fog.