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201Dave Abbruzzese
202Brian Downey

Lizzy live best rock live album ever madeand Downey is behind it all the way.

203Neil Sanderson

He is very underrated as a drummer just listen to songs by three days like I hate everything about you, riot, time of dying, chalk outline. Because compared to the majority of these drummers on the list he is way better and I'm sure you wont need much convincing.

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204Larry Darrell

This guy with two first names was the force beat behind all the great music made by Rick James and the Stone City Band. A Drummer King

205Joe Rickard
206Jerry Mercer

Should be on this list

207Alvaro Lopez

I think this guy can compete with anybody, he created his own style.

208Buddy MilesV2 Comments
209Jon Hiseman

Technically brilliant musically magnificent absolutely awesome

210Scott Rockenfield
211Ilan Rubin

Come on! He's the youngest drummer to ever play on stage! He plays with such passion! Plus he's got some pretty sweet hair!

212Dylan Elise

A fresh young drummer from New Zealand who started drumming at the age of 6. Now 23 and displays awesome speed and technique along with stick handling that beats all drummers! Rated as the current worlds best by many.

I've seen Dylan several times by time it's all said & done he'll be top 25 for sure

213Aquiles Priester
214Kieran Audsley

Diffidently a 10 top ten! He's only 13 and he's chops are extremely amazing! He's only been drumming for 2 years and he plays 24 hours a day, has the best general knowledge over the all of drumming I've seen from anyone! And any space time he has at all he's online researching!

215Hal Blaine

Should be in the top ten. Probably played on most of the songs you attribute to other drummers.

216Earl Palmer
217Stephen Morris

Agreed. No Love Lost one of my favorites and all about the drum energy. Many other tracks showcase his unique style. Not top ten, but definitely "honorable mention" material. - Kidkoffee

Stephen Morris for the win, when it comes to his expertise with
The Joy Division and New Order, for which he was born to be a member of

Listen to Joy Divison - and you know why he needs to belong on that list here...

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218Jimmy Chamberlin

He should be in the top 10. the pumpkins are my favorite bands if the listen to gish and all of mellon collie and infinite sadness or Siamese dreams. Oceania was a descent album it was still missing something... then you would all understand why he should be in the top 10

Had to throw him up on the list. Any Smashing Pumpkins fans out there? I'm not a huge fan by any means, but always thought this guy made the band. Next time you listen to the Pumpkins, pay attention to the drums and you will bump this guy. - Kidkoffee

Yeah pumpkins! After jimmy cleaned himself up, he only got better, becoming the amazing drummer he is today.

#278 for Jimmy Chamberlin? Unbelievable. Top 100 for sure.

219Mick Tucker

Not that well known worldwide, but probably the best drummer that ever lived

Definitely agree - seriously under-rated even in his day.

I think he was one of the best drummers in the world

The best in the world.

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220Steve Jocz
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