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161Andy Kubiszewski

just listen to march of the pigs

162Liberty DeVito

Liberty was a musical drummer's musical drummer... the parts he came up with for all those Billy Joel hits were beyond perfect, and helped Joel achieve all his success... Nothing else to say here!

He was to Billy Joel what The Green Hornet was to Kato.And the fact he used to play for Mitch Ryder, well BJ would be a lot poorer without Liberty. Go, LDV!

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163Derek Roddy
164Bill Kreutzmann

one of the best drummers, probably should be behind bonham as number three best drummer

Bill was extremely creative and innovative in the drum parts he created for The Grateful Dead... His part are intantly recognizable as are the Dead songs they are in... As part of the first band to use and highlight double drummers, he and Mickey Hart created that whole Jamband Genre style of drumming, that all past, present and future Jambands have and will rely on as their foundation. Their interactive drum solos are the stuff legends are made from. When I saw my first Dead show back in 1983, I was instantly hooked and am still a fan to this day, as well as a jamband drummer myself.

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165Jim Keltner

ABSOLUTELY one of the best ever period!

Jim Keltner, having played for Gary Wright, Steely Dan, The Traveling Wilburys, George Harrison, etc., he deserves to be on the Mount Olympus of drummers

I'm not sure why Keltner is so far down on this list, especially with so many little heard og, or downright unkown drummers on this list... This Man's accomplishments speak for themselves. He's done it all... Both studio and live playing. And I've seen him play live and he is nothing short of amazing. His time keeping is impecable, but he has real feel. He should be at least in the top 20 in my book anyday of the week. He is an integral part of music history and should be revered as such accordingly...

166Raymond Herrera
167Marco Human Metronome Minneman

I can't believe nobody commented anything about him before! He is definitely unbelievable and must be the first, better than anyone above...

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168Yasunori Sakurazawa
169Aynsley Dunbar

Good, Solid Rock Drummer... loved him in Starship 1979 - 1981... But greatest, not so sure about that...

Zappa to Journey, from blues to rock to pop, Aynsley should be higher.

170Mike Wengren

First ten seconds of Perfect Insanity, anyone? I can't believe he wasn't even on this list. Pshaw. - WolfsQuill

171Carter Beauford

Hello!... Top 5 at least!... Probably top 3!... Time to get with the times people. Take the time to actually listen and watch this natural.

What I don't know how to compare him to Peart or Bonham stylistically but watching him play live is incredible. He is easily a top 5 drummer on this list.

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172Terry Williams

Just watch dire straits alchemy live and you will see why he deserves to be near the top

Seeing him at 205 is a crime against nature. An injustice against mankind.

173Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips is just an amazing drummer, who should easily be in no less than the top 20 players of all time. He is extremely versatile, and precise... I've seen him several times backing up some of the best artists and bands in the business... definitely a force to be reckoned with.

From playing with The Who to Pete Townshend, Simon deserves an A+ rep, particularly since he also became the first UK Totoite, having joined up with the said Toto...the late great Jeff Porcaro torch is passed on to Simon

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174Casey Cooper

He's great... he plays with FIRE!

Amazing! best drummer ever

175Cesar Zuiderwijk

Phenomenal drummers of the Golden Earring!

176Jen Ledger
177Gilvanni Hildago

This guy is absolutely amazing. His combinations in music boggles the mind at times. - AKPickin

178Sly Dunbar

Another drummer that is famous for his work in reggae, but has worked in other genres. In addition to spearheading the "DUB" movement in reggae, Sly has created beats in hip-hop, jazz, country, dancehall, pop and rock. His work with Kazumi Watanabi on the Mobo series is legendary; as well as being an early bandmate of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. - AKPickin

179Alphonse Mouzon

I saw Mouzon with Larry Coryell and the 11th House. His powerful drumming reminded me a lot of Cobham's. I think with jazz drummers you get much more complex and technical drumming than in rock and I find it so much more interesting and cool. I've seen a lot of the top drummers on this list including Bonham and Keith Moon but I would put Mouzon ahead of them.

180Herman Rarebell

He deserves to be the real heartbeat for The Scorpions, bar none

A great drummer and songwriter.

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