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Did you forget Skrillex. Yes. You forgetting EVERYTHING.

He is the best!... His Music is AWESOME!... He should be at the TOP!... Y isn't he ther!

Skrillex is best forever for dubstep no1!

Truly The GOD of Dubstep

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My all time favorite


#1 no question. all else are inferior

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Whatsoever happens skrillex is the best. No competition there.. !

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5Knife Party

The songs from this guy are great paired up with Porter Robinson is amazing everything about this guy is awesome so much better than scream, Datsik and half the other guyson this lise like who is Excision. They should be second behind skrillex.

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The definition of dubstep. Him and benga are the pioneers who started dubstep. Listen to filth and any other song by skream and try not to be impressed.

Skream and benga are the originators of dubstep, dunno why skrillex is at the top, he is only in a dubstep category as he uses some features most of skrillexs stuff is bro step and glitch hop.


This needs to be on number 1. Keeps Nero on 11 means you have no sense of what dubstep is. Innocence is the best dubstep song I have ever heard that filthy drop is unimaginably awesome... And that's not it... Still there's promises, me and you, electron, my eyes, reaching out, must be the feeling and many many other top songs

9Flux Pavilion

Flux is definitely the best.


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11Secret Panda Society
12Cookie Monsta

Just listen to ginger pubes he should be top five!


Deadmau5 should be higher on the list, let me just say that.

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14Nit Grit
15Liquid Stranger
16Ry Legit
17Dubba Jonny

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