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The Top Ten

First of the Year (Equinox) - Skrillex
I absolutely love this song. Its great, and I can't stop listening to it. I would highly recommend it to everybody else. Its a great dance party song.
Best of all! Skrillex is the one who introduces DUBSTEP to me and it rocked me out.

Awesome Artist. Awesome Dubstep. Everytinng Awesome.
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2Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex
Nobody, or I can say nothing can create music like skrillex and be like this awesome song. Everyone in this world like this song if they listen to this amazing and mind blowing song. That's for sure!
Why you guys asked that this is the best dubstep track? Because it is. Try to listen to it. It is a true dubstep song


Probably the best songs I have ever heard. Beats are cachy and the music is EPIC. Hats off Skrillex.
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3I Can't Stop - Flux Pavilion
This song cleverly blends bass and lyrics together to deliver one of the best bro/dubstep songs I've ever heard why isn't this higher in the list kill everybody isn't even dubstep.
Probably the only decent dubstep track in the top ten, Skrillex is way to overrated...


Flux Pavilion is so much better than the most dubstep artists.
Skrillex makes nice dubstep, but his music is overrated.
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4Kill Everybody - Skrillex
I popped my eardrum with the combo of this and skullcandies. The best ever. Let's get this to no1 guys!
I'm only writing this sentence so this website will let me comment.
I think this song deserves 1st place in this list... Because, this one is really awesome... The best song of skrillex..!
I really like this one, in that it has an awesome beat, you can kind of dance AND headbang to at the same time! Also can't help liking the creepy yet catchy vocals & lyrics!


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5August Mix - UKF
One of the first dubstep tunes I've heard... It fits all of my moods that makes it the best :D

6Bassnectar - Bass Head
Definitely not the best Bassnectar song, or best dubstep song, but it's still good, and the best on this list. I enjoy this song everyonce in a while thoug :D
Skrillex in all the top positions, seriously? Maybe after 5, his list should start
I am Bassnectar's biggest fan fan... Period
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7Bass Cannon - Flux Pavilion
The bass drop is INSANE. I used to love pop and skrillex. After listening to this I started listening to the other flux pavilion songs- didn't like them much. Now I only download songs with killer bass drops. Since I found out that there was dubstep this good, I have never listened to pop. I still like skrillex, but not nearly as much. Ps. If you turn out to like this song, try king kong by bare and datsik (It also has a funny video)
This is the best after skrillex
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8Skrillex - Hey Sexy Lady
Love how this is number 1 dubstep song but not even on the top ten for skrillex songs? Seriously, go look. Its not even theree
Skrillex was made for dubstep
One of skrillex's best tracks
Beats the original by a mile! :)
- tar tart
This song is so good that it gives me chicken bumps
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9Cinema (Skrillex Remix) - Benny Benasi
This song is awesome! It should at least be in the top 5 or top 3! :) the beat is awesome and Benny Benasi is killing it! 😝😝😝
This should be in the top 3 for sure... The beats are just mind blowing!
This was the first dubstep song I heard, and my spassed out! THIS SHOULD BE AT NUMBER ONE! I have been listening to him like everyday since then and I am still not bored of him!

10Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5
I am a huge fan of Deadmau5, and when I first heard this song, I felt "Wow, for a Electro House Producer, he knows how to drop the bass! " Perfectly blends several emotions, from sadness to hatred. This song is a wonderful example of a dubstep track and should be higher on the list. Thoroughly enjoyable and never gets old.
How is this No. 50? This track deserves a top 15/ top ten spot, it is fantastic. The bass drop in this is the biggest transition ever, from a house beat to a dubstep track. Gerta Sbavo Bech vocals are astounding and perfectly fit every phase of this song, Number 50 is an insult!


How the hell does Skrillex have 5 songs in the Top 10. This list is stupid as hell, the voters are obviously 16 year old idiots. Out of the current top 10, only Raise Your Weapon and maybe I Can't Stop deserve to be here. And there isn't even any Knife Party, Nero, or Noisia song in the Top 10. Ridiculous.
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The Contenders

11Scatta - Skrillex Feat. Foreign Beggars Bare Noize
When I Touch Mike I see the Man Scatta - Scatta as if I had my clutch on a magnum...
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12Innocence - Nero
Nero are the best DUBSTEP DJs, Innocence and Promises are their best songs. I like more INNOCENCE because is... I don't know, I like it more than every dubstep song. I LOVE NERO AND SKRILLEX and when they collaborate... THEY MAKE A VERY VERY DUBSTEP SOUND! LIKE IN PROMISES.


This was the first dubstep song I ever heard. I would say this is the best emotional dubstep song... I would say Sweet Shop is the best dirty dubstep song. These are the two songs that got me into dubstep so I might be biased.
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13Promises - Nero Listen to sample

14Rock n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) - Skrillex
What the HELL is this?!? This is too awesome it sould be 1# not 14?!? You guys gotta know how to judge music so move up to 2-5th at least so then we can be happy that this is higher!
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15Nuke 'em - Datsik Listen to sample

16Internet Friends - Knife Party
One of the best tracks from knife party... Although it should go on the electro house list...
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17Chase & Status - Hypest Hype (feat. Tempa T)
In which world is this dubstep?!?! -. -" This is more like a heavy hip-hop or something like that... But besides that rhis is great.
GREAT MIX of Dubstep Brilliance!
Great beat as well and really catchy.

18Skrillex - Bangarang (ft. Sirah)
Are you people retard? This is really shocking! This song should be there at top 10... Wonderful song! Awesome beat..!
This song is the best song out by skrillex!
How... just how is this at 20?
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19Ginger Pubes - Cookie Monsta Listen to sample

20Hoedown - Zomboy Listen to sample

21Call the Cops - Secret Panda Society
This is the best dubstep ever! I don't know what you other people are thinking
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22Headbanga - Excision & Downlink
Excision is my favorite dubstep artist. Fun to listen to high. Try it sometime!
Awesm man... I love it
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23Bonafide Hustler - Datsik Listen to sample

24Make It Bun Dem - Skrillex & Damian Marley
One of the best reggae and dubstep combinations, though the best song ever is Bonfire by Knife Party, which isn't actually in this list.
This is one of the best dubstep I have ever heard! Why isn't it further up?
Epic Music...
Yea... Knife Party... HaHaHaHa
U must test this song... Good base... Really good for Knife Dancing
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25Spitfire - Porter Robinson Listen to sample

26X Rated - Excision
This is just the most deep bass and cleverly thought out lyrics Excision should be higher, come on guys
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27Boom - Excision Listen to sample

28Calypso - Datsik & Excision Listen to sample

29Ghost N Stuff (Nero Remix) - Deadmau5

Great song! I think it is better than the original by Deadmau5. Great if you are looking for something upbeat. It pumps up your energy and I've had some great time listening to this on loop

It's the first dubstep tracks I heard and Its still the best one. It's just perfect. I love it. Two great dj's combined.

30Levels - Avicii (Skrillex Remix)
If you want to hear massive glitch, humongous beats and wicked skill, then listen to this.
Awesomest skrillex remix ever
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31Deviance - Excision & Datsik
Easily one of the coolest songs ever! Though only instrumental, you could cruise to this all day. It has a sick drop, and I mean, let's face it... Excision is one of the best!
The DirtyPhonics Remix is the bomb.


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32Petty Cash - Document One Listen to sample

33Dope Spot - Robot Empire Listen to sample

34Bonfire - Knife Party Listen to sample

35Falcon Punch - King Asthma Listen to sample

36Roksonix - Just Jokes

37Fire Hive - Knife Party
How is fire hive down here... It is supposed to be on the top 5! What the hell is wrong with the guy who created this list! It is way better than most osngs in the top 10! :D
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38The Sweety Man - Ry Legit
I love THIS SONG! If you don't like an epic bass drop then
1. You shouldn't be reading this list and head on back to country music.
2. You're not about that dubstep life.
3. You are deaf.
4. You're a boring goody-goody... Shall I go on?
Ry legit dropped the bass so hard and this song is a work of dubstep art. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT... Well... YOU HAVE NO LIFE PEOPLE!
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39Cobwebs - Skeptiks Listen to sample

40Paul Harris - I Want You (Bar 9 Remix)

41Wake Up - Nit Grit

42Whiskers - Feed Me & Gemini
Easily the best dubstep song, I'd take this song over any Skrillex song any day!
Listen to sample

43Ruffneck (FULL Flex) - Skrillex Listen to sample

44Rusko - Get Down Low

45Sierra Leone - Mt. Eden
This is the first ever Dubstep song I heard, first time I heard it was on a MW2 montage 2 years ago on YouTube and still think it his best in my opinion. Really hope Mt. Eden releases this officially.
This is the song that every person who never heard dubstep should listen to firt. This song introduce people to love dubstep because of the very good beat and it is pretty catchy.
One of the best

46Doomsday - Nero Listen to sample

47Eradicate - Chaosphere & Datsik Listen to sample

48Subscape - Screw Up

49Taio Cruz feat. Kesha - Dirty Picture (Cookie Monsta Remix)

50I Know the Truth - Pretty Lights
Pretty Lights, Musical hero.
I know the truth is one of my favorites, but nothing compared ACMOTS Pretty Lights.
True hero
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51Freestylers - Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)

52Havoc - Datsik

53Stay Awake - Example

54Me & You - Nero Listen to sample

55Flashing Lights - Chase & Status Listen to sample

56Centipide - Knife Party Listen to sample

57Sluggo & Bro Safari - Reckless

58Trolley Snatcha - Pass Me By

59Still Gettin' It - Foreign Beggars Feat. Skrillex
This should be number one this mix is genius
Listen to sample

60In for the Kill (Skream Remix) - La Roux Listen to sample

61Heartbreak (Bare Noize Remix) - M'Black

Bare noize does it again on delivering a sick drop that will make your ears want more immediatly after listening to this song! ;^)

None compare to the beat and drop of this song! Like said in the comment below it's a eargasm 2x on a 1 to 10 scale! This song is a must have for dubsteppers around the world. You should slap yourself if this song isn't on your playlist!

Dirtiest drop I've heard in a while and made me have an eargasm. Laugh out loud

Listen to sample

62Earthquake - Labrinth Listen to sample

63Skrillex Ft the Doors - Breakin a Sweat

64Kyoto - Skrillex Listen to sample

65Destroy Him My Robots - Liquid Stranger Listen to sample

66Sincere (Nero Remix) - MJ Cole

67Reptile's Theme - Skrillex

Reptile by skrillex is AWESOME! =D no song can beat its massive beats and awesome glitch - skrillex style...

Listen to sample

68The Underground - Excision & Downlink Listen to sample

69Eastern Jam - Chase & Status Listen to sample

70Elevate - Gemini Listen to sample

71Monster (Camo & Krooked Remix) - Professor Green

72Night - Benga Listen to sample

73Louder (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P Remix) - DJ Fresh

Lux Pavilion, Doctor P and the rest of their Circus Records crew are getting a lot of hype these days with the release of their Circus Linkin Park. To promote their brands I guess, the filthy UK duo released this crazy remix of DJ Fresh's Louder

74This Way - Nero
Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Really!
Listen to sample

75Changed the Way You Kissed Me (Mensah Remix) - Example

76Rutten - Skream

When people say dirty and filthy and grimy, this is definitely what they are talking about. This song is so simple, but filled with filthy baselines. Not every song needs a drop. If a song has bass from beginning to end, you don't need to add any more because it's already at the maximum. This song has unheard of potential. Skream is an awesome DJ who brings out the beauty and simplicity of the original dubstep tracks from the 90s.

Listen to sample

77Vanish - Datsik

78Pump It Up - Zomboy Listen to sample

79Dirty Disco - Zomboy

80Android - Obsidia
Posser list... Skrillex and Knife Party are very overrated... Obsidia is real dubstep, no mainstream crap... And where is Fumes by Mantis?


Listen to sample

81Bullseye - KDrew Listen to sample

82Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation
If I was to describe this beat I'd say it was seductive and mystic, definitely one of the best if not The Best! This is top five material, easy.
Top three material without a doubt. The beat is seductive, the lyrics are fresh, and the song is just straight up AWESOME. You'd better vote for this track.
Listen to sample

83Cracks (Ft. Belle Humble) (Flux Pavilion Remix) - Freestylers

84Tsunami - DVBBS & Borgeous Listen to sample

85To The Stars (Break The Noize & The Autobots Remix) - Modestep Listen to sample

86Saxon - Chase & Status Listen to sample

87Guilt - Nero Listen to sample

88FRZR9000 - 16 Bit

89Skullcrack - 16 Bit

90Purple City - Joker Listen to sample

91iBenji - Mr Bubbles

92Hit Me - Zeds Dead Listen to sample

93Midnight Run - Example

94No Security - Crookers feat. Kelis

95Dub On the Track - Cher Lloyd Feat. Mc Righteous, Dot Rotten & Ghetts

96Antidote - Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party

97Plastic Smile - Example vs. Felguk

98Any Steppers - Benga Listen to sample

99Right On Time - Skrillex, Kill The Noise & 12th Planet Listen to sample

100Alejandro (Skrillex Remix) - Lady Gaga Listen to sample

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