Dumbest Rappers of All Time


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1Lil Wayne

His meaningless lyrics about cash, hoes, and drugs are not even understandable because of his outrageously raspy voice. All of his songs are basically the same, with just a different beat. The only rapper worse than him is maybe Lil Jon. If you want to listen to real rap, choose Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Nas, or Dr. Dre.

All his lyrics sound the same because you can't even understand the man. He went from talking about being a true gangster then comes out with a song talking about how to love. What kind of gangster does this fool think he is.

Dude is straight up trash. I can't even understand him most of the time. He shouldn't be rappin at all

He ain't dumb! he was a ' straight A student!

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2Nicki Minaj

A stupid girl that thinks that rap is all about dissing latest work she insulted muslims

She can't rap, and she stole everythings from Lil'Kim (The Queen of Rap)!
Nicki is a stupid hoe.

she thinks she got a flow, she dissed eric b, crazy bitch, she should just stop, in fact everyone on ymcmb should quit

I don't think she qualifies as a rapper

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He wouldn't last a minute in a gang war

I don't understand people take this guys side, I don't hate him because I try not to hate people but I hate his music and how he tries to act like he's a G. Drake to me tries to hard and acts completely different when interviewed, and he didn't start from. The bottom because you need a certain income to live in the neighborHood he lived in. Drake also tries to get his street crid by throwing whine bottles and catching bodies like that.

How is Jay-Z even on this list? Sorry, I need to get that out. Drake is bad though. He was originally good, but started to go down when he started to give up on his RnB career.

Jay-Z was great but people who only listen to his new stuff (which is like everyone who thinks they know so much about rap) probably think he's really mainstream. - ILikeChocolateMilk

I don't hate him, but he's not a "good" rapper, he's okay. Have you heard his latest diss track (meek diss)? That's the worst rap I've ever heard.

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What? Hichkas is one of the best rappers in the world remove it from this list

This is a good voice of Persian rap

Never heard of him so can't be much

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5Chief Keef

When you post a picture of yourself getting head and lose your instagram account as a result, I am sorry you deserve a spot on this list! - 300ChiefKeef

The inventor of Drill Music is on this mf list?! I'm done. He realer than most rappers, but he #5 on this list? Okay. None of you would say this to his face. You don't know about the hood. Just a bunch of people on they computers. Hope you meet him one day.

Chief keef is absolutely the worst rapper ever to touch this earth, people who disagre is probably smokin what he is before he goes in the booth.

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6Lil Jon

Just a bunch of hollering in songs. How this guy has fans, I will never know,

No skill. Nothing cool or hip about him. Shouldn't even be considered a rapper. Pathetic, Lil Jon.

He's ugly, he's stupid, he can't rap at all, and he gives good artists like Steve Aoki a bad name. Damn him!

All he does is scream he don't rap - chocodilesforlife

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72 Chainz

He's a straight dumbass he has no lyrics that take any thought to come up with, one of his lines is "they ask me how I come up with this s*** in the studio" if anyone actually asked that they should seek mental help right away because all his songs consist of is "f****** bitches and hoes"

I think he should be tied with first. He got his ass whooped by Dollar Dollar so he changed his name and all of a sudden he's the most heard mainstream rapper. You should've quit when you got your ass whooped. What kind of name is Two pistols? Even your name makes you sound stupid and now when you change it you get all these props. Get the hell out the game

I wish being illiterate, and being famous for it was a crime. Listening to this guy makes me want to pull out my own eardrums. He always has to be featured in some song, and screw it up. His lyrics are awful.

Worst Lyrics Ever! Rap isn't about Big Booty hoes. Rap is like a musical poet. Something that has happened in your life. I'm a rapper and I don't talk like 2 Chainz

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8Soulja boy

Listen to crank that. And he also changed his name to smooky. What the hell is that?

He wears his damn clothes like size 12309! He thinks big clothes make you look cool

I wish I could make a couple mil by making complete garbage but alas I'm too talented...

Why can't he be number one, he is worse than Lil Wayne, dumb and annoying voice.

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9Waka Flocka Flame

I actually love waka flocka I'm not sure how he's on this list. Just because he may slur at times doesn't mean he is terrible

He's actually an intelligent dude. He may no sound like it, but he actually got a 34 on the ACT.

He is straight garbage, bad lyrics with bad beats and a bad voice.

he's got punk on YouTube so he ain't no wild boy

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Well he may not be as stupid as most rappers but he is sell out. Began with some meaning behind his words now its just garbage. No mainstream rapper is any good, they all suck and rap about stupid things. You wont real rap turn the radio off! Stop listening to these sell out mainstream artists who only seem to be able to rap about money, drugs and hoes. Look at me, look at me I am so cool! Mainstream destroys music.

Listening to jay z just irritates me. His voice is like ugh and he has no flow either all in all he's a stupid ass...

Burn in hell for putting Eminem, Tupac, B.I.G., nas, jay z, dr dre, and lupe on this stupid list

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11Tupac Shakur

Tupac and Eminem should NOT be on this list, some people don't know good rap. - dragonfly99

Tupac is the GODFATHER OF RAPPING! And those people who hated him there only listens to Lil Wayne

Is this a prank or something. He was the smartest rapper this game has ever seen!

What he's the smartest rapper ever and easily one of the smartest artists ever - chocodilesforlife

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12Kanye West

I wouldn't mind the fool if he'd just quit feeling himself. This guy thinks he's something special, man this guy needs to learn his fans got him where he is today before he pisses them off. Also marrying Kim Kardashian? He thinks marrying a white girl with a big butt and no brains makes him successful... Black women should be offended. Need I quote "leave yo ass for a white girl" from one of his songs? Rap is all about being real with where you come from, rap took poor black men off the streets, gave the black kids hope for a better life that were living in the ghettos trying to stay out of real gangs. Kanye needs to humble himself. I like seeing people make money and become successful but I can't stand the ones that think they're suddenly above everyone. And just to be clear I'm cool with interracial love, but this guy got in it for all the wrong reasons. Marrying white doesn't make you more successful

Kanye West is cool take him off the list!

So dumb so fascist so can't rap married Kim kardashion named his kid north west this dude needs help$

So stupid he trusts trump

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13The Notorious B.I.G

Take Notorious B.I. G off the list!

You don't talk about biggie the king of New York
He's a good rapper as 2pac, Eminem, jay z, nas, kendrick, dr. Dre
He died when rap went down but don't worry we got nas, kendrick, dr. Dre, jay z, and etc.

Whoever put this guy on the list deserves to die a slow and painful death

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14P. Diddy

I don't like him because he raps fast for slow songs. And because I love 2pac

P. Diddy shouldn't be on the list he is awesome. Biggie is better than him though just saying.

Is this a joke? Diddy actually has a lot of skill! And above Soulja Boy?

Only rich because he signed on with russian vodka brand Ciroc. Look it up dumbasses

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15Sagopa Kajmer

He's a good rapper

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16Mehrad Hidden

He is one of the best rappers. A pro. A hardcore rapper. Please remove him

The best persian rapper in the world
He is a lord rapper
Best Voices Best Styles & best Fans

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17Lupe Fiasco

Ugh. He makes senseless songs about meaningful topics like Hip Hop Saved My Life, which is basically a lie, and Freedom Ain't Free, which is also a lie. Can't believe no one put him in this list.

His songs are all about how much swag he has... Let's face it, he has no swag whatsoever.

He has no flow, no lyricism, no beat, no nothing! Why is he not number 1? At least Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake got flow but him? NO!

This turd is not number 1? HOW?!

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19Reza Pishro

What? He's Amazing! Iranian Eminem in Dumbest Rappers? What...

Reza pishro is the most rookie rapper of all time

20Dr. Dre

Who the hell think he is a dumb rapper?

This list is not good at all Lupe is good Tupac is good Eminem is good Biggie is Jay-Z is and Dre is what IS THIS LIST! BOO!

Why did this list even exist.Dr Dre? Seriously,his recent album,Compton was the BOMB!

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