Dumbest Rappers of All Time


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The Top Ten

Lil Wayne
His meaningless lyrics about cash, hoes, and drugs are not even understandable because of his outrageously raspy voice. All of his songs are basically the same, with just a different beat. The only rapper worse than him is maybe Lil Jon. If you want to listen to real rap, choose Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Nas, or Dr. Dre.
Dude is straight up trash. I can't even understand him most of the time. He shouldn't be rappin at all
All his lyrics sound the same because you can't even understand the man. He went from talking about being a true gangster then comes out with a song talking about how to love. What kind of gangster does this fool think he is.
[Newest]Cause he's an alien

2Nicki Minaj
A stupid girl that thinks that rap is all about dissing latest work she insulted muslims
She can't rap, and she stole everythings from Lil'Kim (The Queen of Rap)!
Nicki is a stupid hoe.
she thinks she got a flow, she dissed eric b, crazy bitch, she should just stop, in fact everyone on ymcmb should quit
[Newest]I used to have respect for her just because she was one of the few female rappers that were in the game. Songs like "Autobiography" and "Dear Old Nicki" were very good in my opinion. But then she became too mainstream and she turned into a pop artist and started making trashy meaningless music. This girl gives hip hop a bad name.

He wouldn't last a minute in a gang war
I don't understand people take this guys side, I don't hate him because I try not to hate people but I hate his music and how he tries to act like he's a G. Drake to me tries to hard and acts completely different when interviewed, and he didn't start from. The bottom because you need a certain income to live in the neighborHood he lived in. Drake also tries to get his street crid by throwing whine bottles and catching bodies like that.
How is Jay-Z even on this list? Sorry, I need to get that out. Drake is bad though. He was originally good, but started to go down when he started to give up on his RnB career.
[Newest]Drake is not a rapper, he's a pop singer who just so happens to rap.

4Lil Jon
Just a bunch of hollering in songs. How this guy has fans, I will never know,
No skill. Nothing cool or hip about him. Shouldn't even be considered a rapper. Pathetic, Lil Jon.
Boring overrated and no flow
[Newest]Lil jon is like dj khaled, he doesn't rap and all he does is yell on a record

5Chief Keef
When you post a picture of yourself getting head and lose your instagram account as a result, I am sorry you deserve a spot on this list!


Can't even rhyme and freestyle
Chief keef is absolutely the worst rapper ever to touch this earth, people who disagre is probably smokin what he is before he goes in the booth.
[Newest]He definitely has autism.

King of world rap
What? Hichkas is one of the best rappers in the world remove it from this list
Hichkas best in the world
[Newest]This is a good voice of Persian rap

72 Chainz
He's a straight dumbass he has no lyrics that take any thought to come up with, one of his lines is "they ask me how I come up with this s*** in the studio" if anyone actually asked that they should seek mental help right away because all his songs consist of is "f****** bitches and hoes"
I think he should be tied with first. He got his ass whooped by Dollar Dollar so he changed his name and all of a sudden he's the most heard mainstream rapper. You should've quit when you got your ass whooped. What kind of name is Two pistols? Even your name makes you sound stupid and now when you change it you get all these props. Get the hell out the game
I wish being illiterate, and being famous for it was a crime. Listening to this guy makes me want to pull out my own eardrums. He always has to be featured in some song, and screw it up. His lyrics are awful.
[Newest]"she got a big booty so I call her big booty"

8Soulja boy
This. Right here. Is my. Swag.
what is swag?
He just a dumb ass
Listen to crank that. And he also changed his name to smooky. What the hell is that?
[Newest]I'm white and make a way better rap song than him

9Waka Flocka Flame
I actually love waka flocka I'm not sure how he's on this list. Just because he may slur at times doesn't mean he is terrible
Quit hating you know you wouldn't say it to his face you all fake
Another bad rapper who is not smart don't talk about anything with a puppet name wocka flocka.
[Newest]He is straight garbage, bad lyrics with bad beats and a bad voice.

10Kanye West
I wouldn't mind the fool if he'd just quit feeling himself. This guy thinks he's something special, man this guy needs to learn his fans got him where he is today before he pisses them off. Also marrying Kim Kardashian? He thinks marrying a white girl with a big butt and no brains makes him successful... Black women should be offended. Need I quote "leave yo ass for a white girl" from one of his songs? Rap is all about being real with where you come from, rap took poor black men off the streets, gave the black kids hope for a better life that were living in the ghettos trying to stay out of real gangs. Kanye needs to humble himself. I like seeing people make money and become successful but I can't stand the ones that think they're suddenly above everyone. And just to be clear I'm cool with interracial love, but this guy got in it for all the wrong reasons. Marrying white doesn't make you more successful
So dumb so fascist so can't rap married Kim kardashion named his kid north west this dude needs help$
He's garbage and represents everything negative about hip hop.

The Contenders

11P. Diddy
He's THE DAMP RICHEST RAPPER NOW. How can he be dumb
I don't like him because he raps fast for slow songs. And because I love 2pac
Only rich because he signed on with russian vodka brand Ciroc. Look it up dumbasses
[Newest]Is this a joke? Diddy actually has a lot of skill! And above Soulja Boy?

Jay-Z is amazing. you people don't know what your talking about!
Take Jay-Z off the list!
[Newest]Why isn't he in the top 5 people. Illuminati king

13Sagopa Kajmer
He's a good rapper

14Lupe Fiasco
Ugh. He makes senseless songs about meaningful topics like Hip Hop Saved My Life, which is basically a lie, and Freedom Ain't Free, which is also a lie. Can't believe no one put him in this list.
His songs are all about how much swag he has... Let's face it, he has no swag whatsoever.
He has no flow, no lyricism, no beat, no nothing! Why is he not number 1? At least Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake got flow but him? NO!
[Newest]This turd is not number 1? HOW?!


15Mehrad Hidden
He is one of the best rappers. A pro. A hardcore rapper. Please remove him
He is The Bozo Rapper I've ever seen A Rookie rapper :((
The best persian rapper in the world
He is a lord rapper
Best Voices Best Styles & best Fans

16Crunchy Black
Sorry for the comment, it was just rude. God bless you

17Dr. Dre

18Reza Pishro
What? He's Amazing! Iranian Eminem in Dumbest Rappers? What...
Reza pishro is the most rookie rapper of all time

19Lil B
This list truly pisses me off, bias people everywhere on here, be real with yourself
Have you heard any of his songs before?

20Tupac Shakur
Tupac and Eminem should NOT be on this list, some people don't know good rap.


Really? Why is he here?
Take Tupac off the List!
[Newest]God he was a pathetic excuse of rap.


The dance machine of Super Junior. He sexy, funny and talented.

22Vanilla Ice
I heard he was back witha brand new mission.

23Immortal Technique
Technique is the best when comes to political, racist and myths stuff... He so deep int
O details and he is understandable... you can hear everything he say... So he one of the greatest rapper in de wolrd

24Gucci Mane
Gucci is "stoopid". Seriously dawg just give up. I mean we know you're "wasted" but do you have to sing like you really are wasted?
Scary " cat 🐱

25Ja Rule
You don't mess with slim and walk away from it
He dissed Eminem's daughter in a song. He is the definition of stupidity.

26The Notorious B.I.G
You don't talk about biggie the king of New York
He's a good rapper as 2pac, Eminem, jay z, nas, kendrick, dr. Dre
He died when rap went down but don't worry we got nas, kendrick, dr. Dre, jay z, and etc.
Take Notorious B.I. G off the list!
This is ridicolous remove him ASAP or shoot yourself in the head and also remove PAC Eminem AND NAS AND IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE

27Young Thug
Sounds like he is dying
Ignorant uneducated black man

28Amigo Wolf
The best choice of friends rap is open only Amigo Wolf

29The Game

30Meek Mill
Meek you're week with bars man, you recycle so many the reason you get hits out is because of you're beats
He ain't that bad


32Big Sean
Big Sean is not dumb at all. This list is terrible.
Big Sean is terrible!

33Tyler the Creator
He just deserves this award...

34Ice Cube
The best song ever "today be a good day 😁"
Take ice cube off the list!

3550 Cent
Take 50 Cent off the list!
Person at the top is an idiot
Dude only raps about money, sex, cars, and being a thug, even though he so rich and successful, he still raps about how he is a gangsta still. Idiot.. So overrated...


37Rich Homie Quan
His name speaks for itself.

No shady is the best not the worst he does not belong in hear that's crap Eminem is the best rapper ever
Why is Eminem even on here
Take Eminem off the list!
[Newest]Eminem is stupid. just an angry ass dude who pops pills

39Kris (EXO)
Can aomeone please explain why Kris and Eunhyuk is here

Future is a retard. if you hear his first song you will know what I'm talking about, he is a dumbass.
Not saying he's dumb but he's a lot good a lil I think he good and dumb I don't know
Future is stupid. How it was. Enough said.

I think this guy heard about nas and decided to change the first letter.

42V Nasty

Take Nas off the list!

44Wiz Khalifa
He sucks bad. Almost every one at my school likes him and I can't stand him.
The most overrated piece of garbadge to ever got hip hop nation. See, if Biggie and Tupac were still alive, rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne would be working at Mc'Donalds.

45Lil Kim
The worst rapper to ever exist. you will have to pay me a million dollars to listen to her music. My uncle bought me the "Lil Kim Black Friday" CD thinking I like her. But of course it was totally worthless.
At least she is better than this freak Nicki Minaj.

46Norm Ender
He is really overrated and has a big fanbase for nothing. I mean come on he quit rapping why are you thinking he is best or something this is ghetto's music there is no king
Everybody thinks he is superhero or something but he didn't made a single track for three years and counting. He is overrated.

Faster is NOT better

483 Chainz
2 chainz is enough we don't need a 3 chainz. Laugh out loud


50Yung Booke

When he sings he asks stupid

52Iggy Azalea
Terrible rapper, poor lyricism, wack flow, lame beats and looks like one of the dudes from White Chicks.
So dumb she will spell it like dum
I used Ctrl+F and searched 'Iggy' to find her name and vote for her as the worst rapper alive. She is TRASH, absolute filth and even garbage is cuter than her.

53Riff Raff
Oh my gosh, where do I even begin? I can't. If I had a nickel for every time he did something intelligent... I'd have less money than the amount of brain cells he has.
Rap game james franco, drinkin versace mango

54Farid Bang
I'm from Germany
Did any F...N... know him? :)
How and who put him on the list. Lmfao
But yeah his stupid -whack - no talent
Can't belive that he is in this list

55Chance the Rapper
He is kind of that dumb thing but he asks retarded on his videos so that's why he's on this list but he a good rapper though


57Honey Singh
Dumbest rapper of all time... He should be on no. 1
Dumbest rapper ever... please don't listen to him or you wii end up dead by his songs...

58Kendrick Lamar
Get kendrick off the list!

She is not a rapper but she is very dumb. When she attempts to rap, my ears bleed.
Kesha is a good singer I love her songs especially tik tok

The 1st n Best punjabi raper ever is BOHEMIA
Rap karan sare par mel the mera koi nai

61Brick Squad
He is dumb on his songs his songs are so boring you can't even listen to him

62Bone Crusher
Wish he eats his chicken and stfu he raps like he this had a fat chicken hella stupid and he fat

63Mike Jones
He is the dumbest rapper and worst rapper he spams on his songs 70 times or something
He said his over and over for a song.

64Hurricane Chris
Ha this listen to his song a bay bay it will tell you why he in hear

65Shawty Lo


67Lil Boosie

68Tech N9ne

69Trey Songz

70Jay Sean

If you would just hold their heads steady, he will milk the cow.


73Daddy Yankee

74Kid Ink

75B Hamp

76Tony Touch



PSY isn't really a hip hop artist but he still sucks


81Lil Mouse

82J- Kwon

83Bobby Shmurda
What is this Bobby shmurda is cool take him off the list

Best rapper in the world

Lol. is that for real?
He sucks his mom smacked him in a video
He a fat loser

86Snow Tha Product
She is a just a dumbass that acts like she is the best.

He is the most overrated battle rapper.

88Snoop Dogg

89French Montana
This rapper is a lack of his talent and his lyrics.

Sorry french Montana, but you're suck MAJOR ASS!
He is the worst rapper ever... No rhyme, no flow, no lyricism, no beat...


91Sage the Gemini
Dropped out of High School at 14 and is currently ranked #1 in the Celebrity Dead Pool as the most likely young celeb to be next to die.
Sure to be a member of the Darwin Club

92Rick Ross
Rick ross can't rap period
Rick Ross is a legend... Said no one ever. Sorry Rick, ya can't rap.
Is hoping to revive his career as the opening act on the upcoming deadmau5 world tour.

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