Dumbest Video Game Characters

These are not how stupid they act, it's why do they exist. These are unoriginal characters in every way.

The Top TenXW

1Voltorb - PokemonV1 Comment
2Squid - Minecraft

Why do they exist they are just pointless - dinosaur

3Bubsy - Bubsy SeriesV4 Comments
4Birdo - Mario GamesV1 Comment
5Big the Cat - Sonic Adventure 1

He is pointless to the extreme his story is dumb - dinosaur

6Omochao - Sonic Series

We do not need a pointless character that mimics chaos - dinosaur

7Unown - Pokemon

Why do they exist - dinosaur

8Luvdisc - Pokemon

It has no propose - dinosaur

9Daisy - Mario Series

Rip off of peach - dinosaur

10Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles

The Contenders

11Minion - Minion Rush
12Princess Elise - Sonic 06
13Peach - Mario Series

She does not care about safety rules so she dumb! She the dumbest Mario character! - Danteem

14Angry Birds - Angry Birds
15Bolbi - Slap Slap
16Oglethorpe - ATHF Zombie Ninja Pro-Am
17Copper Shortsword - Terraria
18Hero - Terraria
19Delibird - Pokemon
20Baby Daisy - Mario GamesBaby Daisy is a minor character in the Super Mario Bros franchise. She is an infant version of Princess Daisy. She first appeared as a unlockable character in Mario Kart Wii, she later appeared as a unlockable character in Super Mario Sluggers, and finally is a default character in Mario kart 8.
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Top Remixes

1. Minion - Minion Rush
2. Angry Birds - Angry Birds
3. Bolbi - Slap Slap
1. Voltorb - Pokemon
2. Squid - Minecraft
3. Bubsy - Bubsy Series



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