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41Bowser - New Super Mario BrosBowser or King Koopa is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.

He is only hard on his finale fight but is easy on his first because I can just mash the b button and in seconds he's falling into lava

Bowser's final fight is quite difficult. However his first fight is so easy

Bowser is an idiot. In many of the games in the Mario series he,for some reason thought it was a GOOD idea to put a button that will imediatley kill him. He's supposed to be a final boss, but due to this button he is a literal cakewalk. The button should be the one getting all of the fame, he saved Mario's ass every time

42Dry Bowser - New Super Mario Bros
43Undergrunt Gunner 3rd Fight - Super Mario GalaxyV1 Comment
44Kamek Blockade - Super Mario 3D World
453 Kamek's - Super Mario 3D World
462 Chargin Chucks - Super Mario 3d World
47Polluted Piranha Plant - Super Mario Sunshine
48Durmite X - Mario And Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
49Diga-leg - Super Mario Galaxy 2
50Pako - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
51Bowser X and Antasma X - Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Hit him with the luigi hammer and he's dead

Really easy bosses when you fight you will be so overleveled that you can beat it in one hit.

52Inviso - Yoshi's Story

Just throw eggs random, and you will win.

53Whomp - Super Mario 64 DS

An easy boss nothing different either!

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54Boom Boom Airship 1 - Super Mario 3D Land
55Dreamy Mario - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

All you do is jump to avoid his attacks!

56Bonechill - Super Paper Mario

Spam Luigi's super jump and he dies in 30 seconds. Shame, he had so much potential.

57Giant Goomba - New Super Mario Bros. DS

Is it just me, or do Mario games have a thing for the three jump dead thing. Every Koopaling, three jumps DEAD. Bowser Jr. three jumps DEAD! He is practically a bigger and lamer generic Koopaling

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58Boom Boom - New Super Mario Bros U

AARGH! He is like #1! King Bob Omb is hard (at first, he is easy now)!

59Mummipokey - New Super Mario Bros
60King Bowser Koopa - Super Mario Bros.
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