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41Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy 2Bowser or King Koopa is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.

The boss is lame, but the music is awesome. To bad you don't hear much of it until you beat bowser.

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42Parasite Queen - Metroid Prime
43Yu Yevon - Final Fantasy X

One of the easiest final bosses ever

All of the characters have infinite Auto-life and you can kill him in 3 turns with the Kimari's overdrive Doom - LucasMota

Sephiroth was the eaisest ff boss just one omnislash dead or just stand there he attacks you counter dead

44Bowser Jr's Boomsday Machine - Super Mario Galaxy 2
45Wiggler - Super Mario Sunshine
46Chaos 0 - Sonic Adventure
47King Golem - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
48Army Dillo - Donkey Kong 64

All you have to do is throw TNT barrels at it four times whenever it's out of it's shell. That way it's mechanics will shorten out and explode.

It's a giant Armadillo with a shell made out of metal that has canons that can pop out and fire at you.

49Bowser in the Dark World - Super Mario 64

All you have to do is go behind Bowser, grab him by the tail, spin him around in the air, and throw him into one of the spiky bombs. That's about it really.

For one of the greatest video games of all time, this battle was extremely easy.

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50Tac - Kirby Air Ride
51Waddle Doo - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
52Big Smoke - GTA: San Andreas

the gta games rarely have
boss fights, but they are
incredibly easy espeacily
this one

53Mettaton NEO - Undertale

Agreed. Mettaton NEO is just this.


Lands far away from middle.

Mettaton NEO dead.

Even a baby could kill him.

Even if he is supposed to be easy, he's still a joke...

How did he not die from the stage lights? he is so fragile that if you touch him he explodes forever

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54Gooper Blooper - Super Mario Sunshine
55Greenfist - Wario World

All you have to do is punch him a couple times, send him running off the edge twice, slam him into the ground, and then speed into him knocking him out and giving you a bunch of coins.

He only has two attacks. One is where he tries to slam Wario with his fists, and the second where he tries to charge into wario flailing his arms rapidly.

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56Electrocutioner - Batman: Arkham Origins

This was the first thing I thought of when I thought easy boss. All he does is taunt you, you only need to press x to beat him. Literally no way to lose. This needs to be much higher on the list. - JoshGerman

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57Flash Man - Mega Man 2
58Baby Bowser - Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

Well it depends on which fight. With his bigger self, he's hard. But in the beginning, you are forced to attack... Is it even possible to die in this fight?

59Shadow Mario - Super Mario Sunshine

He's not even a boss, it's a pursuit
but if you talk about the mecha Bowser (a robot which shadow Mario controls), it's not easy

60Roark - Pokemon Diamond

His Pokémon a weakness to two of the starters first types, and the third one you only have to raise to level 14 to gain a new type that all of Roark's Pokémon have a weakness to! Pathetic.

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