Best Easter Egg Songs In Call of Duty Zombies


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115 (Kino der Toten)
I absolutely love this song. Really fits with the game and its fun to kill zombies to.


This song is so epic
This song is just epic especially when everything is going down and it hits the fan. Like when you are just barley able to control the zombies. Its like a final stand type of song.

2Abracadavre (Ascension)
Best song by far for zombies gameplay! It fits really well with the mood of zombies and really gets the pace of zombies going! Every time I activate the easter egg with friends, I get hyped up and really alters the way I play in some shape or form.
I've already made this list.


3Beauty of Annihilation (Der Riese)
By far the best song in my opinion, it has the most rock-like tune with amazing lyrics, instruments and the singer!
It's just so intense when this song is playing and your at like round 15+ with good guns. This makes zombies TRULY epic.

4Not Ready To Die (Call of the Dead)
Avenged Sevenfold went all out for this song. And it goes really well with Call of the Dead


5Pareidolia (Shangri-La)
If you listen to the lyrics and the mood of the song, it actually seems creepy, and that's what I like about it!

6The One (Shi No Numa)

7Lullaby for a Dead Man (Verr├╝ckt)

8Nightmare (Moon)
It surprised me to hear this song on Moon. A really good song for this map.


Dude this song is sick

9Coming Home (Moon)

10Archangel (Origins)

The Contenders

11Shepherd of Fire (Origins)
Just an amazing song

12Undone (Nacht der Untoten)
An awesome instrumental that's really easy to activate. It's only in the black ops version though.


13Won't Back Down (Five)
Eminem is on Call of Duty. Could it be better?

14Always Running (Buried)
Absolutely amazing, it really fits with the implied mood of buried, as Buried was supposed to be the end of it all.
And if you're a musician, you'll be mesmerized by the chord progression! The only time in my life so far that I've heard an augmented chord used legitimately in a song!

15Rusty Cage (Mob of the Dead)
Who would have imagined a Johnny Cash song on a zombie map?


16Carrion (Green Run)
Clarke was really good on this and deserved more acknowledgement in terms of how he did.

17We All Fall Down (Die Rise)

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