Top Ten Ed Sheeran Songs That Have the Most Meaning


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1The A Team

Just two words to describe, "The Best".

2Afire Love
3Thinking Out Loud

Speak of a love that never gets old... Probably the best song by Ed Sheeran

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Come on guys, this deserves a much better place! It has so much meaning behind it, one can only imagine what Ed would've gone through his whole life. Deserves a much better place, absolutely love this song!

This should be number 2 after give me love. Photograph is just heart-melting

Whoever have rose or fallen in love, would know the meaning of this song

Best ever reminds me of my ex makes me cry like anything!

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This song should be number one, it never gets old and it's what made me fall in love with his music. My favourite line is "all I want is the taste that your lips allow, my my my my give me love..." just brilliant!

I love it, he's so raw and isn't ashamed to really express what he feels and thinks in his music. "Don't" is catchy yet meaningful at the same time

8Tenerife Sea
10Give Me Love

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11Small Bump

"its about miscarriage, pretty deep!

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12I'm a Mess
14I See Fire

Yes I know it's written for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug but u need to really listen to it. It about freindship! I can't believe this wasn't even on the list 😑

15Wake Me UpV1 Comment
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1. Thinking Out Loud
2. Give Me Love
3. Small Bump
1. The A Team
2. Afire Love
3. One



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