Top Ten Best The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Quests Including DLC


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The first Quest always gave me the best feeling and reminds me of the first time I ever played the game. - Tityboi99

I agree it is the first quest you ever do and it gives you the feeling of old times

2The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

I liked this Quest because it was one of the very first adventures in the game - Tityboi99

3Throat of the World

This Quest is the best because you get to meet the leader of the blades only to realise he's actually a dragon - Tityboi99

4With Friends Like These

This Quest is my favourite because you get to meet the ruthless group of assassins named the Dark Brotherhood - Tityboi99


I liked this Quest although it was A difficult choice to choose between the vampires and Dawnguard eventually I chose Dawnguard but I created a save before I chose - Tityboi99

6Touching the Sky

The place you enter in this place is so nice and you get to meet two of the last snow elves ever to exist! (Forgotten Vale) - Tityboi99

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7Beyond Death

I liked this Quest because it shows a complete different part of the Skyrim universe its diverse (Soul cairn) - Tityboi99


This Quest is awesome because you get to travel to an entirely different island and the land looks much different to Skyrim's land - Tityboi99

9At the Summit of Apocrypha

This Quest is really cool because technically (lore) it's the last quest the dragonborn takes on and he/she travels to a DAEDRIC REALM! - Tityboi99

10A Night To Remember

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I liked this quest because you got to fully defeat Alduin with all of the heroes of Sovrngard - Tityboi99

12Lost To The Ages

Lost to the Ages is by far my favorite quest in Skyrim; it has a flawless storyline and is very melancholy. The only downsides are the reward is a bit disappointing and the fact the quest ends.

13Diplomatic Immunity
14Battle For Windhelm
15Battle for Solitude
16Season Unending
17The Numbers Job
18Blood on the Ice
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