Best Eminem Skits

Eminem has some really great songs. Many have be introduced with a skit before it in the album. These are either really funny or set up the song completely. Now which are the best?

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1Dr. West

The fact that Eminem skits not just funny but it's something to make people laugh out loud I'd love to make my own skits one day

Great humorous entrance to Relaspe. The voice is Slim Shady trying to get Marshall Mathers to take more pills. The alarm in the background leads into 3:AM

2Ken Kaniff (The Slim Shady LP)

A great close MMLP and MMLP 2. Really funny situation and parody.

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3Parking Lot

Parking lot is the best skit of Eminem

4Steve Berman (Relapse)

Return of not only Em but also Steve Berman. Normally Steve is mad over Em's lyrics, but now is attacking him and his lyrics while wearing a bullet proof vest.

5Mr. Mathers

My favorite skit from Eminem is parking lot I wonder If Michelle Pfeiffer Alison price Pamela segall Paul dinello Michael Lawrence Morgan Jennifer Rubin or Chevy Chase ever heard of Eminem skits

A scary skit with Eminem being carried off by EMTs after an overdose. Followed by (my opinion) the best song on relapse Déjà Vu. A song about his drug problems

6Steve Berman (The Eminem Show)

After attacking Slim and his lyrics on MMLP Steve says this is the most... He can not finish because Em shoots him. In his dying breath he mutters: incredible thing I have ever heard

7Steve Berman (The Marshall Mathers LP)

Shows the pressure Eminem had to follow up My Name Is and how he needed a lead single and how he thought he couldn't deliver one. Also shows that Em doesn't care about the controversy he gets with his music.

8The Kiss

The momentum builds, and the beats builds as Eminem waits to see if Kim is going to kiss the bouncer. When she does the tension explodes and boom! Solider starts playing.

Now... the kiss skit was OK I bet colleen camp would like to listen to it

9Public Service Announcement 2000 (The Marshall Mathers LP)

This was the worst public service announcement I ever heard wrote by John Shepard

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10Wicked Ways Outro (Marshall Mathers LP2)

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?Curtains Up (The Eminem Show)
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11Intro (Curtain Call)
12Curtains Down (Encore)
13Shady Narcotics
14Em Calls Paul (Encore)
15Tonya (Relapse)

It sounds something like Pamela segall voice but more ruff tone

16Curtains Down (The Eminem Show)
17Encore / Curtains Down

Eminem hints to it though out the album on different skits. Then ends the album with a bang.

18Ken Kaniff (The Marshall Mathers LP)
19Paul Rosenberg (The Eminem Show)
20Public Service Announcement 1999 (Slim Shady LP)V1 Comment
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1. Dr. West
2. Parking Lot
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