Top Ten Eminem Songs With the Worst Chorus


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1Rap God

This song has no chorus. The verses just start with the same line. - Brainfck

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2The MonsterV2 Comments
3Slim Shady

Come on, this chorus is great! It's catchy and has a good beat, it's better than some of his other choruses

5Not Afraid

Um excuse me, but I love this chorus. It is powerful, and is a symbol of the fact that em is finally sober and ready to turn his life around.

6When I'm Gone

The chorus is not bad at all. It gives off an emotional feeling that a lot of people specifically fathers would get about their daughters and how they'll never be forgotten


This sone makes absolutely no sense. He says that for so long, Kim did him so wrong, but he doesn't want to go on in the world without her. Suicide? - WonkeyDude98

8Lose Yourself

"Lose yourself has a bad chorus"

Good one


Badly written but beautifully sung. - Brainfck

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11Rain Man

This actually has a sober chorus, people just think it's silly because of the way he sings it. - WonkeyDude98

12Love the Way You Lie
14Crack a Bottle
15Just Lose It
16My 1st SingleV1 Comment
17You're Never Over
18My Mom
193 A.M.
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1. Rap God
2. Slim Shady
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1. Rap God
2. Slim Shady
3. The Monster



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