Best Eminem Songs

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The Top Ten

Lose Yourself
Well written, Has a Message, great sample. Fantastic song.
Greatest of all time.. The rhythm the writing the beat it just says it all the way he starts slow then turns it up like a bomb it's just something only marshall mathers can do all props to the best rapper there is or ever was or ever will be EMINEM!
This song blows my mind the lyrics are great it's catchy the beat goes perfectly with the song this is no doubt the best song I have ever heard
you Eminem you are the best rapper that ever lived
[Newest]Greatest of all time.. Best Lyrics.. Lose Yourself in the music.. Can not be compared against any other songs..
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Song tells a story, once again great lyrics from the greatest rapper ever. Its awesome how the beat compliments the narrative.
So sad for the fan
"its good to be the star but bad to be a fan" true
Eminem rocks he is the best of all
He is cool his songs are the best his lyrics are awesome
He feel everything
He is the best
It's just awesome, start with a lovely song "thank you" as it's base, AND the story line of song is touching..
[Newest]It's a story told brilliantly
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3Not Afraid
Super cool songs... Always gives me inspiration when I'm down!
The cool song for the fans who love eminem and rap songs see this song official video a cool song with the cool video. Don't really understand why Lose Yourself is on top because it's nothing compared to Not Afraid. This song is really inspiring. At one point in my life I liked lose yourself better. Now that Not Afraid came out it tells you that you can overcome anything. This song is the best song by Eminem, and one of the best of all time. Super cool songs... Always give me inspiration
[Newest]Not as good as Stan, but still a phenomenal song. By the way, how come Guts Over Fear (which is essential Not Afraid 2) only at #73?
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4'Till I Collapse
This song pumps me up so much! It eats Not Afraid alive! This song is one of the best pump up songs of all time (if not the best)
You know those songs that you have to listen to multiple times to get the full effect of it. I had this song on repeat for 7 hours
The energy eminem displays in this song is amazing - whenever I hear it it makes me wanna hear it once again. Without a doubt undoubtedly one of the best rap songs ever.
[Newest]The beat is so epic. So hard not to want to start working out hearing this one!
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5When I'm Gone
How is love the way you lie before this?! Get real people where else could you hear rap like his?!
Raw emotion. It is crazy how much this song makes me cry. I used to hate rap and this song made me love Eminem.
this song is the best song ever for me between all of eminem songs. this song is a very meaningful song for me. seriously I like it so much. eminem is one of the best rapper ever in the world.
[Newest]Hats off to Eminem.. clearly the best song ever!
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Awesome... The meaning is very good. Inspirational. Should be at least TOP 3... Eminem is yet the Best Rapper of the World.
Best song of Eminem by a distance.. it is made superbly... I love this song... Vote this to make it the number one...
This is it man... I swear

Who the hell are you huh? This is who you should be... It is beautiful
[Newest]Best song which is ever written - indescribable awesome!

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7The Real Slim Shady
So good! It will demolish Not Afraid and Love The Way You Lie this is what Eminem is about not the pop you hear today!
This song should be in number one position. It's hilarious. This one made him known to the world, remember?.
The greatest and funniest eminem song of all time! I don't know how Eminem is so funny, even in 8 Mile he is hilarious!
[Newest]Song is great has a beat clever lyrics classic slim shady/Eminem 👌👌

Daddy's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird... Man Heard this song like awesome times.. Never gonna forget a single word of it... On My List.. Its number 1. Love You Eminem.. Always have, always will!
man, I herd this song and was like love it! its like heart touching, made me think of my dad.
Pure passion and emotion, this is a serious song on a unserious album and is a welcome change from the standard hoes, drugs and money rap topics.
[Newest]Should be above slim shady
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9Sing for the Moment
This song should be on #1.
If you've ever read the lyrics then you know its true.
Quote: "It's all political, if my music is literal and I'm a criminal,
How the f*** can I raise a little girl? "
The quality of the lyrics is just as good in the beginning as in the end.
Its just a great artist and I'm glad that he's still making good music.
Best song ever, He is the best rapper in the world and needs people to see that. They all want to talk about him but really they don't no anything. They didn't have to go through what he did. Haters have never been in Marshalls shoes to know that his music is crap (which its not) cause really his just rapping about his life and if you think his music is bad then if only you had to live the life he did I would laugh in your face because you wouldn't be able to live one day there.
this song should be on 2 in my opinion :: after lose yourself this is the next awesome track ::
[Newest]So powerful. Eminem responding to the criticism of his controversial ways and telling fans to join him and sing; Unbelievable. So fun to listen to and relate to.
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10Love The Way You Lie
One of the BEST, the 3rd stanza just takes your emotions to a whole new level
Very emotional and strong song about a difficult relationship.

"Maybe this is what happens when a tornado meets a volcano... "

The love, pain, anger, and strong emotions of this song makes it my favourite. (Rihanna also does a good job. )
It's a brilliant song. The Beats, lyrics, tempo everything is so flawless. The Best rapper did an excellent job once again
[Newest]One of the best song for all those people who are going through bad days under a relationship.

"just gonna stand there and watch me burn" Love it...
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The Contenders

11Rap God
6minutes of rapping and not just normal rapping. No, it's Marshall Mathers. This is the best rap ever made in the history of rap. 7million views in 1 day on youtube, that is something. If we could all just vote for this song, that would be great. And he is not the king, he is the God.
Guys you have got to vote for this. Marshall Mathers is a genius. 6 minutes of the same continuous flow, no one can rap like this. I know this song is only low because it's a new release, but we have got to get this in the top 5. Eminem has returned, with a mix of Marshall and the return of Slim Shady has made an appearance on this new album. I can't wait.
Eminem truly is the KING! SLIM SHADY IS BACK PEOPLE!
[Newest]Shady is the king of rap and this is his masterpiece so I can't believe its not at least in the top 10
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12The Way I Am
This is song is just so emotionally raw. This album is by far his best. Don't know why the singles from his new album are in top 10. This is pure Eminem at his greatest. No featured singers like Rhianna or Lil Wayne, to interrupt the power this song depicts.
How is this song behind love the way you lie?! That makes no sense at all. True Em fans know that this song deserves to be in the top 3 at least.
I know right? Love The Way You Lie is a cool song but people like it only because it's mainstream. The Way I Am is one of the best rap songs ever, not just Eminem songs.
C'mon man this should be at least included in the top ten!
[Newest]The best song ever
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13Without Me
Lyrics are just amazing and music video is great. It's just classic shady having fun!
Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me, and we need a little controversy cause it feels so empty without me.

The Most awesome Eminem song CONTROVERSY
I love the rythmn. so awesome. I've never heard song with that kind of singing to it. I never knew it came from eminem
[Newest]The sax in the background is just awesome. Favorite "Slim Shady" song.
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14Space Bound
In my opinion, better than Love the Way You Lie. Definitely shows that Em is still the king. I can relate to this song so much.
Man. This song is my favourite of all time. So much emotion. You could easily hear em's heartbeat.
Really touching song! Should be listed in the top TEN! Can't stop listening to it. Vote GUYS
[Newest]True Eminem is great
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15No Love
One of the best Em verses ever. The complexity and speed... wow. He kills Lil Wayne.
Lil Wayne gradually speeds up, and eminem just blasts the nitro!
HOW COME IT'S NOT in the top 10! Great song.. Great lyrics.. Simply epic!
[Newest]Best verse ever by Eminem!

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16Like Toy Soldiers
Best most meaningful song I have heard. Brilliant rapping and beats his new stuff by miles
Absolutely incredible the chorus ads so much more to the song and its just so much deeper than most songs as he shares his frustration toward Ja Rule and it also has the best beat out of any eminem song. Straight across the best eminem song!
What an amazing song. His lyrics are so good and actually tell a story. This one is absolutely amazing.
[Newest]Why would I destroy something that I helped build

17My Name Is
Wow how is this not in the top 10!
Awesome lyrics that'll make you laugh and that'll get stuck in your head constantly one of his best deserves better then this ranking...
Its an awesome song with awesome lyrics (you wont stop laughing) it must be in top 10 if not in top 5..
Its a very different eminem song and you must listen it (at least for the lyrics)
A way better song than this and deserves a better ranking (absolutely didn't expect this rank in the TOP10)
So a must listen song for all eminem lovers..
Can't believe this song is so low, it should right up with Lose Yourself!
I know right? People don't appreciate it as much because they see it as this goofy song.
[Newest]It's his debut song. Can't go wrong with that! One of the most iconic beginnings to one of the greatest musicians of all time.

Slim Shady back this song is a classic. Might not have many votes cause it just came out but come on people must vote for. Can't wait for the Marshall Mathers 2. ^.^
Can't get this song out of my head. Eminem still got it bang bang
He brought Shady back with a mix of some Beastie Boys and 80's music, what more could you ask for?
[Newest]The best of high energy Eminem ever.

19Cleanin' Out My Closet
such a good meaning and it's so deep... I don't like his new album as much as his old ones but I do like beautiful


It is a great song. Expresses Eminem's enraging past.
So good that it should at least be in the top 10.
The beats and the tune of it especially at the end of each stanza is awesome!
Love you Eminem...
The sheer lyrics, voice and raw power that is produced all throughout the song are just wicked! This is basically the most detailed six minute life story you will ever get in your life, that's for thirty nine years of Eminem's life anyway. The video to this song also makes a big statement and slightly underrated and just needs a bit more people to realize how great this song is.


[Newest]This should be #1, it's the most meaningful of all his songs.

20Rock Bottom
Most underrated eminem song. The first time you hear it seems a little boring but after a bit its like.. Wow


best way to enter his life. great eminem, great struggler. great song.
This song's going up now... It has to man. Just has to, most underrated eminem song ever. Just listen to it if you haven't and you'll get the point like rock bottom.
[Newest]Great, inspiring, admirable song. The song is about being broke and hitting Rock Bottom. Eminem is one of the only rappers who doesn't rap about girls and drugs. This is a great song, and helped me get through being bullied.

21I Need a Doctor
One of the few rap songs that actually conveys a good message--a song about a friendship. Eminem's verses are heartwarming and Dre's verse is just absolutely bad ass.
Skylar grey's part is great and dre in the end make it a song to remember
This song was so great. I like eminem sing his fast rap. With skylar grey sweet voice, and dr dre sing his rap.
[Newest]This song should be at least in the top 10 because of the message inside.

22Guilty Conscience
I could not believe myself when I saw this song so far down it should be in the top 5 for sure. Both dr dre and eminem do great.
This is the best song ever! I love how Dr. Dre is like the angel conscience, and Slim is the devil conscience! It's great how they tried to outdo each other. Great!
This is supposed to be way higher!
Guilty conscience is like the best collaboration of slim and dre.
I love the way the song tells the stories of 3 men, and how their counterparting consciences come into being. I especially like the last stanza.
This song is just to awesome to be at 47!
[Newest]Such a good song it's funny, funky, good lyrics, good banter between dre and slim and also a top 10 place this is better than berzerk!

23Role Model
What the heck?! This is easily one of top 5! The video is also fantastic, the lyrics are funny and it's actually a very catchy song!

Well, don't YOU want to grow up to be just like me?


Should be higher up this song is awesome
THis list is ridiculous, all you damn pop fans are ruining it. Can't believe I had to scroll down to number 23 to find one song from the shady lp.
[Newest]One of his best

24Rabbit Run
This song is right behind Lose Yourself. The Beat is awesome, the lyrics are legendary, as usual, and its very underrated. Eminem at his finest.
This song is so amazing and underrated! It is one of Eminem's greatest hits! It has great lyrics and a mad beat!
Awesome beats... awesome lyrics... awesome flow... this must have been a lot higher at least above the recovery songs...
[Newest]It could easily be the lead single of 8 MILE instead of Lose Yourself and it should easily win an Oscar.

why is this so low?! Nothing from Recovery should be above this!
I have listened to this song for a 1000 times at least and this song's lyrics make me go so crazy and sick and forget about my girlfriend and all the pain I have been through.
This song is so good. Definitely my favorite Em song. Should be rated higher.
"They call me Superman, leap tall hoes in a single bound. " so lyrically creative
[Newest]I can't be your superman

26Forgot About Dre
this song should enter in the top 10 defenetly...
Swap it for Love the way you lie or not afriad...
This song is one of the songs that gave eminem the fame he has!
This made him how is it not in the top 10 I love his older stuff better yes this should be number 1!
Wow all I have to say! This is top three easy! Come on people this is one of Eminems great songs. Come on
[Newest]THIS SONG IS NOT 1 who made this crazy people@@@@@@@@@@#

27Cinderella Man
Great SOng Absolutely amazing Greathink this is the most inspirational song em has ever made, every line from start to finish is simply awesome and can pump up any one
Hats off 2 him for this one pump up song! Absolutely unstoppable.
How is this song not in the top ten? In my opinion its the best song from recovery or at least better than not afraid

Guys... Hear this song then vote... This must be in the TOP TEN..!
[Newest]Awesome beat... Great song! MUST HEAR!

28Hailie's Song
Great song from a dad to his child

This song do need some credit

"Awesome lyrics and beautifully executed"
So my favorite Eminem's song lies at 23... That's a shame, I don't know how this is eve possible that this song is not in top 10! Such a beautiful rap with amazing and I mean amazing chorus, a must, must listen!
Why is this not in the top 10? The amount of meaning and passion definitely reserves a spot for this masterpiece.
[Newest]This is such a meaningful song, too bad he doesn't perform it live.
He is being kind of shy because it's a whole song of him singing and he is only rapping in one verse.

29White America
Really? 47th? Wow people listen to a good eminem song this is terribly low why doesn't anybody actually listen to a good number of eminem songs before they vote on this messed up list?!?!
White America! Woo! Elaborates his country's mistakes and dumpings! Really should be at the top 20 songs!
Look At These Eyes Baby...!
One Of The Most Energetically Made Eminem's song
[Newest]E... what?! 35? Come on this is a joke... That song is sick.

This song is like a stream of river... Flowing and making it's own way downhill. Intense rapping with meaningful lyrics not just blabber.
I loved all of the Eminem show album- especially this, business, without me, square dance, Haley's song... Oh heck the whole album was flawless- but this is one of my personal favourites.
Yo this song is real rap why is it in 20's man vote this at least till 15
[Newest]The most underrated Eminem song ever along with no apologies. Just listen 2 ems lyrics! He goes really hard! Also an awesome hook. Probably actually better than till I collapse.

31Bad Guy
This song is by far the best on MMLP2, even above Headlights or any of his singles. This sequel to Stan is incredible. Amazing beat. Amazing lyrics. And the fourth verse is one of the best rap verses of all time, if not the best. This song deserves to be right below Lose Yourself in these standings!
Amazing flow, genius lyrics, and awesome story.
I haven't heard the whole MMLP 2 but I heard this and it is so badass. Probably the best in the album and just likely one of the best songs Eminem has made up to date. Deserves to be higher.
[Newest]Many people feel Eminem raps about very similar topics, but the fact is he raps about what is important to him, and they are a few things like that. Despite the many topics he reuses in this song, he puts new emotion into the song. I would put this song has #10

328 Mile
Complex lyrics + simple music = fabulous song!
Please consider what just wrote
Simple music just like stated. It makes this my number one Eminem-drug, shaking my head back and forth whole night. This is cocaine!
This song is pure awesomeness and I think that Eminem can greatly express what he feels inside, this song is for proof. It's more than amazing, that's my opinion.
It's for Proof? But Proof was killed in 2006, I thought this song was a part of 8 mile and that means 2002.
[Newest]Honestly don't know how this isn't in the Top 5. It's right up there with Lose Yourself in terms of quality, in my opinion. Gets me pumped up. I can't believe people are putting any songs from his most recent albums above this.

33Fast Lane
This song from Bad Meets Evil's new album is amazing and the rap from Eminem is just unbeatable!
What the hell! This song is not in top 10. This is such a cool song with awesome beats. EMINEM just nail every part of his. And the its video is way to cool. Gr8t animation and really we should live in fast lane
God the rap in this is so fast! The video rules, the lyrics are great, the beat is INSANE, and eminem 59 totally rock it! Better than lighters anyday, and just so catchy. Listen to I'm On Everything too


[Newest]That's a good one but not an Eminem song. So it has nothing to do on this list.

34Marshall Mathers
Should be at least top10. Much better than not Afraid and love the way you lie. Tells the story of what happened after he became famous. Must listen to song
Underrated, one of his best songs, w/ witty remarks too. Should be at least top 15
One of the greatest songs ever made! A definite top ten contender
[Newest]Should be at no 2

3525 To Life
Shows great emotion between em and the business as a conflicting relation through some of his best lyrics which make it a truly great song
One of eminem's best songs. Great verses and shows a lot of emotion behind it, he doesn't just rap about money, girls, and drugs, he raps on a deeper level, really gets you thinking.
it's a wonderful song the instruments rhyme perfectly with eminem and the co-vocalist has a great talent. PLUS THE WONDERFUL LYRICS. That's all crap who is the singer at the beginning of the song
[Newest]This song is very attached to me, I had heard this song more than 1000 times

36The Monster
Guys vote for this amazing song the way eminem and rihanna sing it its unique and this song top in chart listen and enjoy this song!
What do you think? , its the king Eminem and Rihanna
1 OF The Best Songs Ever...Gives You The UniqUe FeeLing That Comes From Only Some Of His SOnGz...
A Much Better Chorus By Rihanna This Time...
[Newest]Looking forward for more of this duo! This song rocks!

Eminem forgives his mother and describes the one time Hailey sees Debbie Mathers. Beautiful chorus by Nate Ruess.
Superb lyrics.em apologies to his mother very emotional
His best song ever in my opinion. He touched my heart with this song, forgiving his mom and saying that he loves her no matter what happened in the past made me cry. Also Nate Ruess with his amazing voice made this song even better. So much emotions put in this song.
[Newest]This should be at top 10

38Just Lose It
This song shows how funny eminem can be. He is truly the best rapper ever. JUST LOSE IT! SHADY IS BACK SO GET READY!
Good parody of over-the-top pop and hip hop in general. I don't particularly like Eminem but I respect that he can laugh at himself a little.
Why is this song here it's been my favorite ever since I was 2 (knowing that's what it came out) this song in my opinion beats anything. It's a hilarious song with great beats and one spot with some fast rapping!
[Newest]I consider it an underrated Eminem song.

"See I'm a poet to some/A regular/ Modern day Shakespeare/ Jesus Christ the
King of these Latter Day Saints here/ To shatter the picture In which of that As they paint me/ As a monger of hate and/ Satan a scatter-brained atheist/ But that ain't the case/ See it's a matter of taste.. "
This is probably one of the greatest Rap Collaborations ever! Eminem and Jay - Z, a timeless classic!
How can anyone forget this masterpiece. This song is by the greatest collaboration ever Eminem and Royce the 5'9. Never get bored with this song. Amazing flow and awesome hook... All Eminem fans must listen it...
Absolutely fantastic! You've seen me compliment this song before, so you know why it's a winner. Fantastic song.
[Newest]Even Nas thought Em killed that verse.

40Just Don't Give a F***
This is one of shadys best songs
how can it not be in 5
originally of the slim shady EP
Eminem is The greatest Rapper Ever
So much better than anything from Recovery, this is top 5 material. Has the best punchlines in any Eminem song.
One of the most lyrically brilliant and best flowing songs out there, from the hands down best (and probably smartest) rapper out there. This is Em at the top of his game, no doubt
[Newest]It's an Eminem classic!

41Cold Wind Blows
UNDErrated, this song really fires you up! Very flow and great chorus!
This song is a true representation of eminems ability
[Newest]At least in top 15..

Should be in the top 5 at least same with forgot about dre. It's better than anything from recovery, just listen to the hilarious lyrics and his awesome flow. Listen to some real Eminem songs before you vote on some piece you heard on the pop charts
Great song should be around 14 th, better than without me in my opinion and I've loved em from the start
One of his greatest songs ever! This song should definitely be in the top five! Nobody listens to his old stuff anymore. That is when he poured out all he had in the rap game.
[Newest]Funniest and sickest Eminem song ever, makes me laugh every time

This may not be Eminem's best song. But you can hear his emotion being poured out. It should really be much higher than 29.
Are you CRAZY? 32? Come on! This song is so much better than that! Hear his emotion, it has a great beat, it's perfect!
Best Song Ever made. The only reason it isn't higher is because of these punks who started liking eminem at relapse.
[Newest]Not the best, but defiantly very good. Raw emotion is being poured out.

44No Apologies
This is lyricism at it's highest potential with great meaning. Very underrated. It's definitely up there with Lose yourself, Stan, Sing For The Moment, Rock Bottom, The Way I Am, Cleaning Out My Closet. Come on lets get this right people!
I love all of his songs, but every time I listen to this.. I know it's my favorite song! He is my definition of lyrical genius!
this song is the greatest song that has ever been made, this was when em was in his prime not saying that he still isn't a good rapper but this is ill
[Newest]For me it's his most underrated song.

45Kill You
Its everything that makes Marshall who he is, all rolled into one song.
This is a wonderful song with a catchy music. One of the best created by Eminem and reflects his quality of music as well as his lyrics.
This song should be at least in top 15.
What? You kidding' me..? Kill you at 52...?
At least in the top 5 man, this song is just an example of awesomeness..!
Guys, please vote..! Get it up!
[Newest]Listen and vote guys I think Eminem is at his best in this song

46You're Never Over
This is the best eminem song, well at least top ten it's not popular at all but is very deep and eminem rap very fast in this song. You're never over is about eminems friend who died.
Eminem you mean everything to me, your the best man n I m your biggest fan ever... That's all I wanna say right now but one day you'll know me n you realize that day I m more crazier then stan P.S...
One of the best eminem songs I have ever heard in my life!
[Newest]Such a lyrically beautiful song.

amazing song... this song is actually a "pump up" song for me. This brings goosebumps to my skin. I understand where he is coming from, and I can understand his feelings in this song
The fact that this song is THIS low makes me upset. True emotions, probably his best song. And I'm not even American.
You guys suck this is by far the best em song
Just listen to it
[Newest]Big fan of this song

So-good eminem rapping is so awesome of this song and it kills till I collapse he sings it for call of duty ghosts what a song liz also does good part of this song it rocks man
WOW, this is an epic song, definitely should be up in the charts.
Nice song, used in the game call of duty:ghosts!
[Newest]EPIC Song! This Is Eminem's Best!

49Won't Back Down
I can not believe that this song is not at least in the top 25. This is song is better than Love the way you Lie. This is the second best song on the entire recovery album, second to not afraid.
This is the only eminem song I know because it is on black ops map five when yo activate the 3 red phones yo!
It pumps me up every time I hear this song... Should be in top 20... Please vote guyss
[Newest]This is a pump song play this loud with the bass up this really deserves top 20

50I'm Back
Yo this is true stuff he is rapping about man. This is like his most passionate song on the whole Marshall Mathers LP cd
I murder a rhyme/one word at a time/you've never seen a mind/as perverted as mine. Sit the hell down.
This was the best song he has ever made in my opinion
[Newest]The verse about Jennifer Lopez is gotta be a top 5 verse of all time outta any song from any artist.

51Shake That
Two legends in one song. RIP Nate


Such a catchy song
Its so cool man..listen to it
[Newest]We about to have a party... turn the music up

Lyrical masterpiece better then anything on recovery
This song should be in at least top 15!
Common guys lets vote! This song is purely underrated! It should be in the top 20's! This one
What is this doing down here? Should be in top ten without doubt.

53Drug Ballad
My favorite hands done man. Should be in top 25.
Great beat, better lyrics, Eminem at his best.
Em on ectasy rappin about ectasy on one of the finest beat by Dr. Dre. Ridiculous flow, ridiculous bassline ridiculous punchlines, ridiculous wordplays. This joint is better than the last three albums combine
[Newest]Why is it on 66- it should be higher- at least top 20!

"Infinite" is from Eminem's first album. The beat is great, but more importantly, the lyrics are absolutely impeccable. With this track alone, it makes Eminem one of the most respected rappers in rap history.

"Imitator, Intimidator, Stimulator, Simulator of data, Eliminator;
There's never been a greater since the burial of Jesus;
F--k around and catch all of the venereal diseases"
This and any man are probably Em's best songs;
Its sad this is so far down the list, Em's music was so much better then than it is now
This album put eminem on the map and showed he had the potential to be the artist he is today.
[Newest]The lyrics in this song are outstanding! That's what got him to where he is today.

55Talkin' 2 Myself
This song definitely needs to be higher, amazing lyrics, chorus and emotion, definitely at top 20 song!
I finally got a song I can relate too. Its lyrics expresses every emotion of mine. People who are not voting it have simply not listen to it.
What why is this only 46th and love the way you lie on 4th?!? O. O come on should, be at least under the top 20! Eminem is simply one of the best rappers
[Newest]Excellent lyrics and the music has a good flo

56You Don't Know
Dude.. This is like the best of the best... All the good ones rapping with him... Its very sad that this song is not included in the top 10... Nobody knows how hard I tried to find this song after hearing this song on T.V... Unfortunately the name wasnt shown... I search every link on the web for this song... And its worth all that... Should be on at least 5!
The Re-Up for me was an average album. It was much better than Encore, but still it didn't live up to my expectations. You Don't Know on the other hand, is a really cool song and I loved Em's verse.

57Love the Way You Lie, Pt. II
Wow love the way you lie 1 is just an awesome rap ever I heard but 2 it can do better
What is this song doing here? This is better than the first one! I love this song
I wish it had more rap to it though.

58Going Through Changes
Great beat and rhythm. Should definitely be in the top 20 at least.
I love the whole album though but this song which I want to point out should come up at least to 25th position... Please vote it up... Thanks
Good song. You get a vibe that you get from no other song by him
[Newest]One of the best lyrics of this album.. Highly underrated

59We Made You
The best song on this list by far...


Eminem is the only rapper, the ONLY, I bring myself to listen to. And this is the first a Eminem song I've ever heard, and when I watched the video, I nearly wet myself laughing...oh, that made me sound a bit like a baby...

Whatever! He's so funny and he doesn't rap all sorts of stupid lyrics like most rappers, he's songs actually mean something, and they are so damn funny!


It's a sin that I actually had to look for this song on this list. Best. Eminem. Song. Ever! It's so catchy, and whenever it comes on, you just can't help but to sing along.
[Newest]It's so creative and fun!

How can this song be at the bottom
No way. Oh! This is a superb song by Eminem
I love this song very much. The music is amazing and everything is great in this song. Please vote for business.
What! This is a disgrace! How is this song all the way down here when crap like love the way I sold out and not afraid of being queer make it to the top 5! Also, what is Criminal doing at the BOTTOM of the list! Get this sorted people! Vote for the good stuff!


Laugh out loud 63 really? I love this song. It has that sort of beat that just makes you want to sing along in the beginning. It deserves to at LEAST be #20 on the list. Vote this song up guys "To the rapmobile, lets go"
[Newest]I listen to this song as much as I listen to The Real Slim Shady or Stan. It's an Eminem classic for me.

61Still Don't Give a F***
Are you kidding me! How is this song 112th! This song is in my top ten. Come on guys your better than that.
An incredible song, if you heard that song you can't say that em is a worse rapper who is only doing pop songs. This is rap music at its best!
What?! 43! Lower than just don't give f**k!
You kidding me! This deserves top 5
[Newest]From one of his best albums, :D

62My Band
Eminem has better songs than "My Band" but you can't deny the genius within the album and within the song itself. Excellent to hear, brilliant rapping and it should definitely be higher than 57th place (on the 15th of september 2013) as its better than songs such as "Love the way you lie" which holds 8th place.
One of the funniest songs I've ever heard. Pure comedy.
Comedy "all on me"
[Newest]Such a funny song.

How isn't this on the top 10? This inspires me so much
Took me more than 6 months to stop listening to the song like after every 3 hours...
Beat is unbelievable. Lyrics, powerful. It is one of the best Eminem songs of all time without a doubt.

64My Dad's Gone Crazy
Very underrated song, listen to the lyrics when it gets real dark, they are some of his best.
You guys need to listen to this song. It's great.
Ass like that is better than this song

65Smack That
Superb song of both king of pop AKON and king of rap EMINEM
Both were my favorite songs for a bit. Smack That with Akon was a great song because of Akon's catchy Hook/Pre-Hook and Eminem's rap. Till' I Collapse feat. Nate Dogg (RIP) was one of his best songs due to being a pump up song and Nate's great hook. These come in at a tie at #10. HONORABLE MENTIONS: I Need A Doctor, Space Bound, Cinderella Man, The Real Slim Shady, Like Toy Soldiers, Elevator

"I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky was falling"

This song illustrates a young and bullied Eminem that builds his confidence on his skill with words to break free of the world he knew and rise to fame. Really a great song. Probably my favorite on the mmlp2.
This deserves to be in the top 10, it is new, so it needs to be heard more, but the lyrics are genius, beat is catchy, female vocalist is excellent!
Oh heck, guys... this is TOTALLY his best song. It's like Stan/When I'm Gone but stripped back and with some better rapping. it's got a great affect.
[Newest]Legacy is Eminem at his best!

67So Bad
Man its simply awesome
Best song in Recovery, without a doubt. Vocals are amzing, instrumentals are even better, and it's all in all an amazing song.
One of the best songs from Recovery


[Newest]It's like the "Superman" of Recovery.

Apparently people are easily swayed by catchy producing and less by genius. Not saying that all the Recovery-songs at the top end of this ranking are low quality. Hardly any of Em's is; rhymes, content, flow, visual imagery, scene-setting or even catchy producing there's always a reason to really like a song.
For me 'best' means 'good in every aspect, in a way that makes that song a whole, in which every single word or sound is right where it should be. '
Songs like this one, Renegades, Way I am, Rabbit Run, White America, Emulate are Em at his best in my opinion.

69Brain Damage
It's hilarious

this parts the best lyrics be eminem not me
Something told me, "Try to fake a stomach ache it works"
I screamed, "Ow! My appendix feels like they could burst!
Teacher, teacher, quick I need a naked nurse! "
[N] "What's the matter? "
[E] "I don't know, my leg, it hurts! "
[N] "Leg?!? I thought you said it was your tummy?!? "
[E] "Oh, I mean it is, but I also got a bum knee! "
[N] "Mr. Mathers, the fun and games are over.
And just for that stunt, you're gonna get some extra homework. "
[E] "But don't you wanna give me after school detention? "
[N] "Nah, that bully wants to beat your ass and I'ma let him. "

Best joke ever
One of Eminem's greatest songs! Why this isn't even in his top 135 songs I do not know! He shows great emotion in this song about how he got bullied as a kid, it must be hard for little Em! This is an amazing song! :-)
Only voted because its one of his bests (Not his best) but too low!
[Newest]One of his best songs

70Bitch Please II
The meat and potatoes of rapping, really a great song why on earth is it 96th with: Em, Dre, Snoop, Nate, Xzibit so many great artists and they are placed 96th

"Hit and Run, Get the Funds, Get it Done, Split and Run, got about 50 guns and I love all of em the same, bang, bang, damm baby girl whats you name? " such a sick lyric from Snoop

And the chorus is so catchy. just how is this masterpiece 96th
The lyrics is so amazing... Espexcially Eminem's part...
Loved it not his best though

71Crack a Bottle
Too smooth of a beat to pass up! This song is amazing, you here it once and you sing for months. Definitely a top twenty for sure.
50 Cent has good flow and mainstream lyrics but mediocore singing please stick to rap.
Dr. Dre has good lyrics that tells the true meaning of love
SLIM SHADY sings without auto-tune (something most singers can't do. ) Raps better, is chaotic, no mainstream and barely any love lyrics and still proves to be the king of rap. No wonder he has the longest and coolest intro at the beginning go slim SHADY!


This song is gets stuck in your head. This is really low. Should be top ten for sure.
[Newest]What is this beast song doing down here?

This freestyle is amazing.
Best freestyle he's ever done! If you actually listen to the words it's a GREAT SONG!
Should be in top 15 at least!
The coolest freestyle l ever listened

73Guts Over Fear
This is the Eminem I love, he has many personas in his music, but the one he portrays in this track is the one I love.

I've been having "Guts Over Fear" & "Beautiful Pain" on Shuffle & Repeat ever since this track was released.

Such an inspirational track, it's like he's matured, grown up and accepted life.
Incredible song! It really is a not afraid 2 type thing. Really shows how Em has matured and is using his life tragedies in a good way.
Motivational and uplifting... I play this every night. It really portrays a stronger view of who Eminem really is.
[Newest]Oh my god. This is cool!

74Careful What You Wish For
Great beat, great meanings = Brilliant song!
This should really be up there in top 20 at least!
You can just sit back and listen to it on repeat for hours!
This song is really underrated and should be higher but I understand why its rated so low
This song is graet and should be top 15 at least. The meaning of this song is clear and so true, just couldn't believe the song is at 59?!
[Newest]Must be in top40

It's a brilliant and fantastic song, amazing rap, catchy music, so to be honest, it's a real masterpiece. Thank you Eminem!
I think Eminem is the best rapper alive. This is a brilliant example of a great Eminem song. From his last album Hell: The Sequel which he done with Royce the 5'9. This song also features Bruno Mars who does a brill intro for the song and this intro opens it up for Eminem to start rapping. This song always cheers me up when I feel down and makes me stand tall like on the music video.
[Newest]It's from Bad Meets Evil

Haha Eminem killed those other rappers
I only liked west and em verse the rest was nothing

77Stay Wide Awake
Man! I can't believe this song is so low! The dark and dismal environment Eminem creates in this song is just pure genius. The careful references used are also brilliant. The lyrics, the flow, the hook the music the beat the tune and everything is just awesome. Would've loved if the song was at least in the top 20.
Lyrically its one of the best Eminem tracks. These rhymes are insane and the atmosphere is incredible. This is just a sick song but it shows that a Song about killing can be so good
Tis song just provd y he s a lyrcal bomber
[Newest]The second verse is on of the best!


78Déjà Vu
77 are you kidding me this song deservess to be in the top 20. The chorous is just crazy amazing!
I think the best Em song is Deja Vu
Favorite Eminem song by far. Crazy that it's so far down on the list.
[Newest]One of my personal favorites 💜

79One Shot 2 Shot
Bizarre's verse is hilarious…as is the whole song

80Airplanes, Pt. 2
Should be in top 10..
Listen It If You Are A true Fan Of him..
Love You Marshall.. You Rocks!
A butiful contribution from EM 2 halie
Dj. Demon
The Best of Eminem

Laugh out loud Underground & Drop the World at #80 and #81 right now. Pretty ridiculous, they are both amazing songs and in my top 10.


My favorite Eminem song ❤️
By far his most underrated!

This song is so much better than 53. My guess is that a lot of people just haven't heard it but you should. This song is funny, sad, and tells a story about Eminems life. This song is definitely top 10 quality.
Slim shady... At his best in swearing!
This song reminds me of how many people's live's are bad and that no matter how bad, anyone can come through life 74 my ass this song deserves number 1, plus he curses a lot in this song
[Newest]185? R you kidding-? ;

83Yellow Brick Road
Yellow Brick Road should be higher it is one of the best songs he ever did
The single from Encore that's not. This is a very inspirational song. If you listen to it over and over, it gets better and better, and you will be hooked with the awesome beat. Should definitely be at least #10.
This song was Eminem's answer to all those who accused him of being a racist.

84Wicked Ways
Eminem really saved the best for last with this song. Great track and definitely deserves a higher rating at least top 25
Sad song. Deserves higher
Very underrated song. Top 40

Great, catchy, good lyrically, & raw emotion, I love how pretty much any of Eminem's top 150 songs would be top 10 on any other rappers list.

86My Darling
Listen to the lyrics, they make a lot of sense and mean a lot more than love the way you lie and crap like that.
This song goes hard! Definitely should be a lot higher! Too low in the list for anyone to see this song on the list! Vote this song up! ASAP

87Love You More
This is a good song... should be in the top 20

88Square Dance
Come on, this song actually has meaning, it should be in the top 20 for sure.
Really! This song is easily one of his best, with much deeper meaning than a lot of other songs, with the 3rd verse being one of the best of all time. Unfortunately it just never got super popular.
By far one of his best songs, It's lyrically one of his best and has a meaning. Should be higher than this at least top 20, the way his words flow it's almost orgasmic!

I reckon I'm the only one in the world who puts this at the top of their best Eminem song list. For years lose yourself, stan and when I'm gone were my favourites but I overplayed those songs completely and although they are better than hellbound, hellbound is the one tune I can Never get bored of and that's why it is my favourite
The fact this song is so low is just deppressing to be honest. If you have not listend to this do it now. Em's verse is mind blowing

90Same Song & Dance
Great song! People may think it's a dance song but really is a dark song, which makes it so great. People start thinking it's a calm and relaxing song but really is creepy and scary.

91Welcome 2 Hell
This one is just too awesome...!
amazing rap... One of eminem's best...!
it should be in top 20...
Come on how the hell did yall forget this!
Best song from hell: the sequel

I can't believe that this song isn't in the top few. This song is amazing. It's the good old violent Slim Shady. True Eminem fans will love this. It's related to Marshall's life, plus additional sense of humor in the song, and then Bizzare making the song a little more crude.

93The Sauce
Possibly one of the greatest diss songs ever.

Benzino didn't stand a chance when Eminem released this.
Where is nail in the coffin. One of the best disses ever
Goes off on Benzino unreal song great beat

94My Fault
Eminem at his finest.

95Medicine Ball
Why isn't this at the top 20 songs of him? Come on! Admit it! This song is amazing! Everyone should listen it!
Amazing song. 100! Come on!

96If I Had
Too many radio listeners voted on this page. This song has one of the best lyrical openings I've ever heard. There are 6 songs in the top ten that I don't think deserve to be there.
I love this song. It isn't fast, but it's real. I still love Eminem, I love his new material and old lyrics. He doesn't need pills to kill it.
This should be to 10 not 100...
[Newest]This is WAY better than a lot of tracks the half way fans and non hip hop fans voted for ahead of it.

This song just got to me it pulled my heart strings and I get really sad when he couldn't say casket its just one of those songs that once you hear the lyrics your addicted in fact I'm listening to it now definitely #1 in my list
This song is litteralyy amazing. At first I never heard of it but when I did I couldn't stop listening to it for weeks. Eminems emotions poor out during this song about proofs death
This song never meant to be released and once you hear it for the first time you know why. So much emotion in the song it's about Eminem's deceased friend Proof, it's sad and he tells a story from when he grew up with him in it too, I just love it
[Newest]This is the first rap song that really make me cry it's so great song

98Evil Deeds
Why the hell is this so low on the list? This is DEFINITELY better than smack that, its packed with emotion.
Anything for Encore is good, how the hell is this number 99 on the list?
A strange beginning to the son but it gets a lot better and eminem is brilliant after the first verse
[Newest]This song is a masterpiece it needs to be higher on this list

How is this not higher? Sure, its not a proper track, but this is far better than anything else on Recovery.

"Unfashionable and about as rational as a rash on a f*** a******! "

^Funniest Eminem line ever.

Then he tops it off with, "Now lets take that line and run it up the flagpole with Elton"

One of ems best tracks, even if it only a bonus track.

100Welcome 2 Detroit
How the heck isn't this on the list? Miles better than anything on the crappy Recovery.


must listen, tricky and em kill it
sick beat and sick flow
Awesome song.. Great music.. Fantastic lyrics

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