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121 Phenomenal Phenomenal

Motivational song, this deserves to be up there with lose yourself. Eminem's style has changed but he's still the greatest rapper there this and this proves it

Another Amazing Motivational Song From Eminem It Is Epic And Is Like Tracks Such As Lose Yourself And Till I Collapse Awesome Song - burningninja06

If you don't feel like listening to this song for a million times just after you heard it once, I am afraid my friend, you sure as hell are not going to do something great in the god damn life you've got there.

Too mainstream, I lost my patience

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122 When the Music Stops When the Music Stops

Should be way higher... But I guess its hard to rank Eminem songs considering they are all spectacular

One of his best songs, must be rated low because haven't heard it

The best of The Eminem Show. Till I Collapse gets shredded by this song by D12. I don't get why it's in 115th place.

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123 As the World Turns As the World Turns

First of all the lyrics are hilarious (if you have the right sense of humor), and the chorus is really catchy (I find myself humming it in the middle geometry class

Funny and absolutely astounding song. Top 3 I'd have to say, after "under the in fluence"

"To buy me some time tovtry and remember this magic trick, dan danan dananda, go go gadget dick whip that out and ain't no doubt about it, it caused a massive earthquake and a power outage"

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124 I'm Shady I'm Shady V 2 Comments
125 Monkey See, Monkey Do
126 A**hole

The only controversial song on the album, this should be higher

Great song... One of my favorite Eminem song... It definitely deserve higher position... Just listen this great song...

127 Baby

It's got the old Slim Shady taste that Em's been missing for the last 5 years.

It's a really fun rap song, so is "Love Game."

128 Westwood Freestyle

Sick freestyle he did with proof

129 Busa Rhyme
130 Evil Deeds Evil Deeds

Why the hell is this so low on the list? This is DEFINITELY better than smack that, its packed with emotion.

Anything for Encore is good, how the hell is this number 99 on the list?

This song is a masterpiece it needs to be higher on this list

One of the best songs of Eminem. Crazy raping.

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131 Hellbound Hellbound

I reckon I'm the only one in the world who puts this at the top of their best Eminem song list. For years lose yourself, stan and when I'm gone were my favourites but I overplayed those songs completely and although they are better than hellbound, hellbound is the one tune I can Never get bored of and that's why it is my favourite

The fact this song is so low is just deppressing to be honest. If you have not listend to this do it now. Em's verse is mind blowing

132 Same Song & Dance Same Song & Dance

Great song! People may think it's a dance song but really is a dark song, which makes it so great. People start thinking it's a calm and relaxing song but really is creepy and scary.

Love it because it's so calm and smooth

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133 Patiently Waiting Patiently Waiting

What why is this here they both kill this song

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134 The Kids The Kids

Such a cute and beautiful song.. Eminem is going thru changes so you need to be not afraid be spacebound, sing for the moment then lose yourself when some criminal is after you people would say RUN RABBIT RUN if you are an Eminem fan, you should be able to make out the nine songs in it and give this song a big like

"See children drugs are bad, and if you don't believe me ask your dad, nad if you don't believe him ask your mom, she'll tell you how she does it all the time. " Best chorus, love the South Park references... Just great. But how the hell is Almost Famous not on this list?

It was used in place of "Kim" in the censored version and they use the bleeps for comedic affect in the song and Em tells the kids "I'm bad for you", as the censors think that he's bad for children. Genius

I feel that anyone who sees this at 126 and doesn't vote just hasn't heard this masterpiece of a song

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135 Die Alone

Awesome song and best thing small.This song refreshes my mind and Kobe was awesome.
I know Shady XV isn't much good but can't be boring

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136 Shadyxv Shadyxv
137 Campaign Speech Campaign Speech V 7 Comments
138 Must Be the Ganja Must Be the Ganja

You must listen to this song, it's really underrated and the beat is of the best relapse songs

139 Hello Hello

How is this song not on this list at all? It's Hilarious! "I don't need to buy any drugs man, people give me them. " come on people, how can you not enjoy this song?!?! It's definitely deserving of a top 20, or at least top 25, placement.. I don't understand why all of these songs off of Recovery are even being considered for the top ten. I mean, ok, some of them are pretty good like Underground, So Bad, and Talking' 2 Myself, but honestly Love The Way You Lie has to be one of the lamest songs on the Recovery album. Then there's Not Afraid, which in my opinion is just a simple Pop single. Yeah, the song has a very positive message about being able to move forward with your life and not being scared to basically take like a leap of faith I guess you could say, but let's face it-Not Afraid is not a song directed at the true fans of Eminem (or Slim Shady for that matter) and it just blew up because finally the kids of this generation could listen to Em's music without having ...more

This should definitely be higher on this list. Dre and Mark Batson really outdid themselves with this rhythm. This mixed with the hilarious original slim lyrics makes it worthy of the top ten.

Hello Hello, allow me to introduce my self, my name is.. shady! So nice to meet you, been a long time long time sorry I've been away so long! My name is shady I never ment to leave you!

Why is it 121 it should be around number 20

140 Murder, Murder V 1 Comment
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