'Till I Collapse


Till I Collapse is the most motivating song ever. The way he displays his anger through his lyrics is excellent. This should be in the top 3 along with Stan and Lose Yourself. Love the way you lie is only so high because it is mainstream and the people who don't know a true Eminem song when they hear it got for it. Love the way you lie should be "rock bottom" as Eminem would say.

This is the greatest pump up song of all time! Not only does it have a kick ass beat reminding us of the classic song by Queen "We Will Rock You" but to top it off we get some super dope lyrics from Marshall and an unforgettable hook by Nate Dogg. Overall it's the kind of song you never get tired of, why else would so many video games and movies use the song in their trailers?

When I first heard this song, I thought it was going to be another one of those wraps that were pretty bland. But when I heard this, I had so much adrenaline pumping through me I felt like I was going to explode. Just listen to this song really loud on your way to a sports game, and you will have the most energy and adrenaline you have ever had in your life

There were so many to choose from! But this song seems underrated so I chose it. Very good flow, great lyrics, great music! And Nate Dogg just adds to its awesomeness. My other favorites are No Love, Not Afraid, Wont Back Down (i'm shocked that wont back down is number 45?! ) Insane, Lose Yourself, Fast Lane, SpaceBound, and I loved him in Romans Revenge, he got the best lyrics, although its quite insulting that he'd work with someone as shallow as Nicki Minaj - dragonfly99

Why this isn't above all the Recovery songs I don't know. This should be in the top 3 AT LEAST. Recovery was an album for untrue Eminem fans, his first 3 albums were his best, lets hope he pulls something amazing out of the bag with his next album. Those who have never heard this don't know what they're missing.

Eminem rips his verses with unrestrained passion and sends a message that clearly states: Watch out, I'm not backing down... Ever. The song is highlighted by an almost euphoric sounding Nate Dogg who absolutely kills it with his hook. Greatest Eminem song of all time.

This song being one of the best raps accelerates my energy like a lightning bolt. Must be listened on a boom box with full vol. Can't resist hearing 10 times a day. This song eats no love and not afraid alive like a fresh salad.

The energy in this song's so thrilling. It it is meaningful and is a song that gets more through to the toughest of times. Great song, great lyrics, great beat by a great artist. Nate Dogg's Chorus is cool too.

Love this song so much... Can't get enough... It is the best song to pump me up... And I mean it... THE BEST SONG... I have the whole song memorized.

I usually average 4-8 points on my towns basketball A team, but one day before a game I listened to this song and went out there and played the best game of my life! 20 points! Thank you Marshal Bruce Mathers

This is one of his best songs in my opinion! It's so hype and an amazing song to work out to. It just gives you so much energy and really wakes you up, and it's one of those songs I can listen to over and over.

This song is over rated! It's a good song but not that good. And everyone says encore was a bad album. Relapse is his worst get over yourself. If biggie or PAC where alive they'd smack you upside the head.

This song is not only amazing but every time I hear it I feel encouraged and if your training this is a perfect song to play this is the best song by Eminem and one of the best songs in the world

This song is the best there is for Eminem! Heck, it's the best song ever written. It pumps you up, and gets you prepared for anything. If this had a rating, it'd definitely be a 10 out of 10.

The energy of Eminem in this songs gets transferred to us. Its like as if your getting high just by listening to it. It's my most favorite song of Eminem it should have been number one

Eminem, 50, and Nate Dogg. What more could a rap enthusiast ask for. They are three of the greatest rappers of all time. This song definitely deserves top two along with lose yourself.

Slims not even a rapper. he a punk. I don't hate him but compared to snoop or 50 even ice cube he's nothing! This is an alright song though. by the way I think recovery was the worst thing ever created in music history! ~! Only 1 decent track: session 1 with slaughterhouse.

My favorite Eminem song because the tune, chorus and sound are absolutely unbelievable. Great feature of Nate Dogg. - 05yusuf09

The lyrics ;the rhythm is like never before. The way eminem has sung this song is unbelievable. Best of all. Till I collapse should be the number 1 guys. Vote for it.

'Till I Collapse and Lose Yourself are his best songs... Its just his energy, spirit, soul, and opinion that drives him to rap in which he explains how he will not give up and keep rapping.

People only like Lose Yourself because it was the main song of 8 mile. But if it wasn't then this song is totally better. Lose Yourself is still good though.

Its a peace of creation of eminem it just fills me up, amazing composition. Every time I listen to this song it just puts me to another world. Outstanding!

Epic song. Not as good as Lose Yourself but nothing pumps me up more than this. The energy and fury he showed in his performance was outstanding. #Legend

Badass song. This song gets you going and pumps me up like none other. I have never had another song do that to me like this one did #1 in my opinion

Hey! What the hell are you putting "Till I Collapse" on the top 4?! This should be on the list of the top ten worst Eminem songs or should to be placed at #30!