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1 Gone Too Soon Gone Too Soon

It's a beautiful song, but always makes me mourn, because Michael was too soon!. I love you Mike!.


This song always makes me cry. It has so much more meaning now because of Michaels death. I love this song so much.

This song is so precious... He basically wrote his own funeral song, it fits so well to his death too

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2 Heal the World Heal the World

It's a meanful warning to the world what god told michael's soul of wisdom, Michael was trying to tell us all this time, and he's still telling us, he told me in my dream that if we don't do it now, that's how the world is going to end, so please make a that change, by looking in the mirror, you'll see that difference, MJ FOREVER - SmoothCriminal


He was trying to tell the world to be a better place nicely but no one asctually listened to him and he died but because of him I'm a tree huger now - SmoothCriminal

Heal the world touches my heart

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3 Earth Song Earth Song

For sure! This is a very emotional song, listen to the lyrics and the amazing vocal work! This is MJ's best song!

This was the only song that managed to make me cry all my life, very emotional and moving.

If I watch the video, I always always ALWAYS cry! :'(

His vocals, his message in the song, I mean, it's one of the best songs he's ever sang

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4 Man In the Mirror Man In the Mirror

the time to 4:00 - 5:00 of the song is AWESOME!.. this was one of the songs that made me cry from MJ :') - SmoothCriminal

Very sad, emotional song. It makes me realize that I need to look in the mirror and be the change that the we need in the world. We need to be that helping hand in the world and preach the gospel! MAKE THAT CHANGE!

I like this song. This song is very emotional for me

This song is awesome it's make me to make a change in my life

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5 Childhood Childhood

Childhood is one of the best Michael Jackson's song. And beautiful! And it should be higher than 83 at all! (At the 'Best Michael Jackson Songs') IT'S SO UNDERRATED! - gyungmin

Childhood is very emotional for me.. :( - _JahLove

It's very emotional, not for me all of la world.

I. Think. Michael. Thought. Childhood. Was. A. Song. For his dreams. That. Everybody will. Know

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6 You Are Not Alone

I relate to this song the most since Michael left this Earth. On Sept. 20th I had the only dream that I know of since June 25th & it was me and Michael on the stage of the YANA video. This is uncanny but it's now the end of March and that is the only dream that I am aware that I had since June 25th.

The best song, makes me cry every time I hear it. Fell like MJ is telling me that I am not alone

Just reading the lyrics made me cry

This song takes you away to another world.

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7 Will You Be There Will You Be There

I'm a huge Michael jackson fan and one of my favorite of his is this song especially them " In our darkest hour in my deepest despair will you still care will you be there? " love it so much...

This song is so Emotional specially in the ending


I feel like crying whenever I listen to this song.

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8 I Just Can't Stop Loving You I Just Can't Stop Loving You

Love it! In English, French & Spain!

Beautiful, beautiful song. Love it!

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9 She's Out of My Life She's Out of My Life

Michael saved my life with this song! I didn't want to live anymore when I was a teenager and I heard him sing this. I listened again and again the passion and warmth in his voice touched my heart. Love heals

Michael cried every time he sang this song, he sang it with such sweet emotion... - love4mjj

This is without a doubt Michael's most emotional song.

Sweetest song ever! Makes me cry! I love you Michael!

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10 Who Is It Who Is It

I'm a big Michael Jackson fan and I really love all songs of him, but who is it is one of my most favourite songs, I love the beat at the beginning and how he works with his voice, the video is amazing too! It's one of the greatest songs ever! I can listen to it over and over! I love you Michael!

This song is wrote with pain. He wrote these lyrics with the pain of being cheated and, for me, this is the greatest pain, that ever existed. (at least, emotionally)

It is one of the best songs I heard. It is emotional.

This is a song from 1996 - lizard302

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? Morphine Morphine

I think this is his most emotional song because it may start out rough and a type of rock, but he's singing about drugs - due to his addiction, and the song gets really emotional in the middle (exactly 2:47 - 4:07) and it usually makes me either cry, or be sad for the next 10 minutes or so. Also, not many people have heard it, so go listen to it now before you vote on spotify or youtube or something.

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11 Keep the Faith Keep the Faith

Such an inspiration and meaningful song, love it

12 I'll Be There I'll Be There

no matter what era, he always sings this amazing song beautifully - pavitra

I don't care what ever you say, this song remind me of my dead dad. I just want to cry every time I here it

This songs shows the true meaning of love!

13 Hold My Hand Hold My Hand

I really loved this song. A lovely combination of two great singers.

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14 Money Money

He's talking about how people use him just for his money. It's true most people he met just wanted his money. I love you Michael!

15 Music and Me Music and Me

This one goes
When hittin the play button
Let's dance with the music and me - lizard302

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17 Someone In the Dark Someone In the Dark
18 They Don't Care About Us They Don't Care About Us

It's heartbreaking to remember how Michael was treated, by the legal system, by the media, by the public. This song is a painful reminder of it.

This is my favorite song and it makes me wanna cry every time I hear it and I do cry a lot.

Wow... Sometimes I actually skip this song on my MJ playlist because I'm afraid it's actually going to make me cry, which it has (a lot) before. There is tears in my eyes when I read the comments about how he was gone too soon and how he was treated... I just hopw I will get to see him in heaven someday.

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19 Don't Walk Away Don't Walk Away

This one also made me cry a lot every time I listened to it and I couldn't keep my tears from slipping away!

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20 Smile Smile

Michaels favorite song ever. He made a cover of it. The original is by Charlie Chaplin

One of my favourite songs ever. Michael's smile makes me forget everything.

That song put me to sleep and it made me feel relax even when I thought of MJ while I was in tears.

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