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41Charizard EX

Best Pokemon because it's cool, the art works good because it's good, I now it's cool because it's cool

You should use him he is so strong because he does 150 damage. He is cool

Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

Pokemon cards are great I agree

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42Rayquaza EX

Charivari ex is a bad card against this Pokemon

I like it because it also could be a golden card so its very nice Pokemon
Just saying.

Raquaza ex can do 480 damage to any dragon type Pokemon if you attach a lot of energys

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43Mega Primal Groudon EX

This is the number 1 Pokemon I want in the primal clash expansion. SO COOL!

Why does this not have a number? It should easily be number 4.

Yeah, number one that I want in primal clash. SO EPIC!

This card is not real

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44Jolteon EXV1 Comment
45Giratina EX

Take a moment to look at this card to see how powerful it is. - JaysTop10List

I can't remember how much damage it does. Otherwise I would so want it.

Shadow force can sneak on anything.

Love the name of the attack chaos wheel

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46Latios EX

I have this card and he does 110 damage and he removes all effects of your oppoments Pokemon attack (excluding damage) he also does 40 damage on your first turn.

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47Primal Groudon EX

It has a very strong attack called Gaia Volcano although it is decreased in price value

Super strong I have him.My friend Alejandro traded him to Jarid for a mega metagross ex

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48Pikachu EX

He's the best card ever because he does a lot of damage and the pokemon beside ash and...

I do not know that much about pokemon but I love this card!

It's a good card but the stage is basic
I thought that ex are suppose to be second stage

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49Gallade EX

It's awesome, but I enjoy the promo card more (cross slash)

Totally agree that it is awesome

I believe this Pokemon is amazing because it has high HP - 170 and it has a great attack - Piercing Prizes. 50 damage + Amount of prize cards. Least damage = 70 unless someone has resistance.

50M Glalie EX

Why are we talking about Mega Charizard in the Mega Glalie section?

Can do a whopping 250 damage! I say this should be number 2.

I have 1 mega glalie ex and the full art version

No such thing

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51Lugia EX

If you have lugia in play if you knock out an ex Pokemon you take 3 prize cards if you knock out 2 ex Pokemon with lugia in play if before your opponent wins you will win the game I'd put lugia as # 1

I have this 120 damage beast from plasma freeze he should be number 20!

I really want all of the Pokemon cards

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52Lucario EX

Lucario is the best Pokemon card. 3 attacks! Sweet! Draw 6 cards and deal 60 damage for 2 energy! Even better! 3 energy for 100! AMAZING

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53Skeptile EX

Nice spelling scrubs, you people don't even play the game, seriously whoever is making this list, fix it for one, and two SPELL THE GOD DAM NAME RIGHT!

I have the mega and he can use 2 energies to 100 damage AND heal 2 of your Pokemon! He also has awesome art

Have the mega+OP 2 energies= 100 damage and heal 2 Pokemon

Low on energy and high combo damage

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54Flygon EX

Oh my gosh so awesome! This beast could do 200 damage if you got lucky.

55Mega Absol Ex

Although it only does 80+ and regular absol does 100 it is really cool

I LOVE Absol sooo much! Best EX I've seen! My top favorite card too!

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56Umbreon EXV5 Comments
57Mega Venusaur EX

It does 120 damage, has 230 health and paralyzes and confuses your opponent's active Pokemon with every attack. It completely cripples anything it comes across.

THIS is my number 1, ladies! Should be 1! Pizza Steve seems to know his cards!

Pretty good card for 120 damage and paralyzes

He's really good.

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58Mega Tyranitar EX

This cards the best it does 110 damage plus 60 more damage for each damage counter on the defending Pokemon that can do way more damage than mega charizard EX.

It can knockout any Pokemon card, in only two hits(880 damage)! also, most cards will go down from just one hit(110 damage)! This card should be much higher on the list.

Yeah, I don't think that this card that can put thousands of damage counters on a Pokemon in a short time should be number 87.

This card is the best ex/mega

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59Tyrantrum EX

I absolutely love the card. It has great attack power and I've won every battle with him since I have gotten him. There is one thing though, do they have a mega tyrantrum ex? You can also go to wallmart and get the tyrantrum ex box if any of you are interested. It only attack does 190 damage and it has 180 health. It has great art work the card is just a keeper.

I got him 2 days ago and I haven't even gotten to test him. But I'm pretty sure that I will kick butt with it.

I can't believe no one knows about him. He does 190 damage.

Also his art is awesome.

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60Swampert EX

I like swampert but he is not the best

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