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1 Hunhan (Sehun + Luhan)

In my opinion, The best couple and the cutest couple is HunHan. Sehun oppa and Luhan oppa have similar face. They like to be together and play together. When they are together, they always have such a nicest time and they always have the Real Smile from their heart. And they are always happy when they stand close to each other. I can see the natural smile from them when they are together. HunHan is my beloved couple. I love them so much. Nothing can change my love for them. HunHan fighting Saranhae yo. We Are One forever. I'll be here for you and supprt you forever, HunHan oppa and EXO oppa! Stay healthy and happy forever

Luhan and Sehun As we all know are perfect match and they're both cute and talented...I like the both of them...

Hunhan is just the best. You can't describe how perfect they are. They are just wonderful. The happiness radiating from them is also indescribable. Even some emcees tease about them. How real can they be?

Hunhan is the best couple ever; it's like they complete each other

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2 Chanbaek (Chanyeol + Baekhyun)

Chanbaek is one of the most cutest couples ever! They're so dorky and fun. I'm not sure if they are together or not, but if they are, they'd be a really adorable couple!

They are so funny and cute and they looks perfect together. You know Baekhyun has a girlfriend - I really don't like this - but still I think they are real.

I rarely saw their closeness in any variety shows, but they're surely good friends

2017 and they still going stronger than ever. This ship has set for sail since their birth.

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3 Kaisoo (Kai + D.O.)

Kaisoo is like the realest couple in exo, the way they look at each other, how they always stand next to each other and how they care for one another. Kai really admires D. O and D. O really cares for kai. Plus, when kai got jealous because other guys were touching D. O was adorable!

Kaisoo is just adorable as I can see the strong connections they have with each other. Their personalities compliment/match each other's and even their b-days are 2 days apart! Happy birthday Kaisoo! I love how Kai admires D. O for who he is and D. O always smiling and caring for Kai. For me seeing Kaisoo together is beautiful!

They are very nice and it is good combination of their names and even their personality too

I've been shipping Kaisoo for nearly 5 years and they haven't failed me since! Well except Kaistal<:-(

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4 Sekai (Sehun + Kai)

They've been best of friends for so long and they are both very playful which shows during group events and concerts. Plus they're just too hot together. Hands down best ship in exo

Sehun and kai is not really perfect together but I still love them...

They are the maknaes,plus 94 liners...and I think they'll look cute together...

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5 Taoris (Tao + Kris)

They are good Friends, but I don't think they would make a good couple. They don't look like a couple and sometimes they barely even talk on variety shows. And furthermore their ship name sound like a race

I think TaoRis is special. Tao is happy with Kris. Kris is peaceful with Tao. TaoRis is Perfect

They're couple name is a little bit weird

They are so cute

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6 Krisyeol (Kris + Chanyeol)

In my opinion, they are very close to each other. Their smiles are so sweet when they look at each other. When I watch Krisyeol moments on YouTube. I feel like they're real. Whatever, krisyeol is my favourite couple.

Ever after I watched EXO Showtime, I saw their closeness. I don't know why, but I think, Krisyeol is much more obvious than Chanbaek (sorry to say, but I think that's true). It's just so sad that Kris has now left EXO :'(

They are the best taller (although the other is tall to) CP... They also just like the Baekyeol CP. The crazy ft tall CP is the best...

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7 Xiuhan (Xiumin + Luhan)

They're always so close like holding hands and hugging. They think alike and they have a lot of things in common. I think they look at each other with so much love and admiration. They seem to be really close, emotionally and physically. The way they hug each other and touch like they have been doing since they were little. They're always playing around and they have the cutest smile on their faces. Occasionally I see them sneaking glances at each other and reaching up to touch each other. I think they really connect and they will be a really cute couple that will support each other and will be honest and trustful. In my opinion they are the cutest couple in EXO.

Xiumin and Luhan are a cute couple. They like football, they love coffee, they're so hyper, and they're so close to each other! The deer and the buns are too cute with each other, honestly.

This is the realest pairing, they're constantly all over each other. They even drink coffee and play soccer together. Have you seen their kiss during gee?

Even though they're the oldest, they act the youngest and they're so cute together

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8 KrisHan (Kris + Luhan) V 3 Comments
9 KaiLu (Kai + Luhan)

I like to see they are together. This couple is very nice

Sometimes,I find that Luhan and Kai are very nice when they are together.KaiLu Shipya.

10 Lulay (Luhan and Lay) V 2 Comments

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11 BaekSoo (Baekhyun + D.O)

They are Best friend and they have the best moments together

They are est friend and I love baeksoo couple moments

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12 Xiuchen (Xiumin + Chen)

They look like each other. I wanna see them always together

This was my first OTP in EXO, ever since I saw a photo of Chen groping Xiumin's butt (well, maybe not groping but touching) and I have fallen in love~

Chen is really handsome, love his smiles.. and xiumin is sooo sexy, his face is so adorable., I'm so happy they where paired,such a cute couple!..I LOVE THEM BOTH!
Hope to see more of XIUCHEN..

It so cute couple

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13 Chansoo (Chanyeol + Baekhyun)

Chanyeol Oppa Always Teases kyungsoo oppa because he loves him! They are perfect! Ever since before their Debut they were the Best Couple...

This is actually Chanyeol + D.O (Kyungsoo). Anyways, I love their friendship a lot

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14 Baekhan (Baekhyun + Luhan) V 3 Comments
15 Setao/Taohun (Sehun + Tao)

For me it cute couple... Maybe some not realize yet but for me their perfect.
Even if their not influence talking to each other because different language their still knowing each other so well
In fact their always stick to each other on/off camera (baekyun said it on exo first box)
Their always together on Idol Olympics even if staff ask them to stop then skinship..

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16 Suhan (Suho + Luhan)
17 ChanSoo (Chanyeol + D.O)

Chansoo's voices match so perfectly! Their music tastes are so influenced by each other. And have you seen their moments on stage? They are just so cute and comfortable beside each other, and I love it most when Kyungsoo smiles almost every time he's with Chanyeol. every time he hits Chanyeol or holds Chanyeol's arm, my heart flutters a bit. Their personality difference and height difference just adds to the ideal "opposites attract" relationship. Oh my god. In other words, this ship is just amazing and perfect for me. I'll forever be on this ship

18 Sebaek (Sehun + Baekhyun)

Sometimes it seems to me that they really can be a couple! That never happens with the others!

It's like physics- their relationship

They're so cute together and they're one of the most obvious couples. Baekhyun is more like the maknae than Sehun is when they're together

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19 Hunlay (Sehun and lay)

Just search Hunlay on youtube or google and see how cute they are. This couple is one of the realest couples because SM never forced them to stay together to attract fans. They are just so close...They are always together in the background of fancams that focused on other people, like every time, and it's just so charming to see them holding hands during playboy or talking closely during Ments.
They are always so sweet, and they are still together after all these hard times.

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20 Chanhun (Chanyeol + Sehun)

The most charming couple in exo..
I've fallen head over heels for the camaraderie that they shareB-)

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1. Hunhan (Sehun + Luhan)
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