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I love the beat..the fashion and their appeal in dancing...specially baekhyun

I love this. Especially Chanyeol Baekhyun and Sehun..

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3Baby, Don't Cry

One of the best songs, in my opinion.


I really love this song! If I'm listening to it I'm always imagining this face and my face turns red EXO are really cool and extraordinary! This piece is really amazing!

5Don't Go

One of the first exo songs I listened to, this made me a fan

7What Is Love
8Heart Attack

Wow this song is really fantastic. I love exo and I think I am overdose.


EXO's new comeback song! Its really addictive and the beat is just cool. the lines are also distributed pretty evenly between the members, and while the vocal line sings more, the rappers still get their chance to shine. the dance and chorus are really amazing! Its unique and something only exo can pull off right- exo fighting!

Catchy beat and - WARNING - this tune will get stuck in your head

It is really good, it makes you want to listen to it over and over again! Also the dance was super creative with the human pyraimd to the pokeing of the cheecks! Sorry if I spell stuff wrong.


365 is pretty much the catchiest song in the world. So why is it only ninth place!

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11Peter Pan

Well Baekhyun is dressed as a doctor At the start Chanyeol is most likely sniffing some white substance *cough cough cocaine* and everyone looks like there having a good time and Xiumin ny baby looks like the mankae of the group when he's the oldest.It's so catchy and guess who sings a bit Chanyeollie our happy virus

14Call Me Baby
15LottoV1 Comment
16First SnowV1 Comment

This song's tune is very awesome and they sang it in a very glad way.

18My Lady

How do you not love Kyungsoo's beautiful intro? And Baekhyun's amazing harmonizing?

20Exo Overdose
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