Most Extreme Music Genres of All Time


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1Death Metal

The tempo changes, deep growls, heavily distorted low-tuned guitars and it's fastest genre in the world. - GREYBOYY

I don't know why but I get goosebumps only by hearing its name. I'm happy with only Thrash Metal. Other forms of Metal are a completely no-no! - Kiteretsunu

There's no way that Thrash Metal could be heavier or more extremer than Death Metal, have you been living under a rock? - GREYBOYY


This is the most extreme genre which can be at least considered as music, or it's subgenre - goregrind because of the low tuned guitar, often blast beat drumming and, of course, harsh, sick and bizzare vocal

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3Black Metal

Very extreme, especially Mayhem, Darkthrone and Immortal songs. - GREYBOYY

4Hard Rock

Foo Fighters and System Of A Down are the most extreme examples of this genre. - GREYBOYY

5Thrash Metal

Kreator, Sodom and Slayer are the examples. - GREYBOYY

This is the most hardcore, and why is hard rock higher than this? Someone clearly is retarded to think that.

6Technical Death Metal (Tech-Death or Progressive Death Metal)
7Groove Metal

Really love this but it is REALLY extreme

9Gothic Metal

Evanescence, not only this band is Dark Metal but also is heavier than alll Gothic Metal bands, remember that heaviness is different with violence, also they make their guitar sounds heavier, just like Doom Metal bands, meanwhile, they're extreme. - GREYBOYY

10Nu Metal

Slipknot, Linin Park, fast, violent mixed with death growls and groove metal thick voice, these things are enough to describe how much extreme this genre is. - GREYBOYY

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11Hardcore Punk
12Industrial Metal

Death metal + heavy metal + hardcore=heavy

15Hardcore Techno
16Drum & Bass
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