Top 10 Faceless Protagonists In Games


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1Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 (Halo series)

Not only the best faceless protagonist ever, but one of the best characters ever conceived. Period. There can be no argument. - TristanMatheny

2Artyom (Metro series)

Read the book, play the games... Experience what this man has to go through... You'll be crying for weeks... - TristanMatheny

3Jack (BioShock)

To be honest I prefer Subject Delta over Jack, but since Jack has an amazing story with a great twist ending... He deserves to go here. - TristanMatheny

4Noble Six (Halo: Reach)

"All I want to know is did we lose them? " "I think we both know the answer to that..." Noble Six fought as bravely as the rest of Noble team... And it needs to be said, but his/her sacrifice was not in vain... - TristanMatheny

5Subject Delta (BioShock 2)

You play as a amnesiac Big Daddy who is brought back to life... And basically you try to figure out the story as the game progresses... No spoilers, but it is heart wrenching. - TristanMatheny

6The Carmines; Clayton, Anthony, and Benjamin (Gears of War series)

They all died with the exception of... Spoiler. - TristanMatheny

7Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

Coolest mask ever... Hells yeah. - TristanMatheny

8The Rookie (Halo 3: ODST)

One of the only bright spots in an otherwise disappointing game. - TristanMatheny

9Tali'Zorah nar Rayya (Mass Effect series)V1 Comment
10Daniel (Amnesia: the Dark Decent)
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