Ten Facts About You


The Top TenXW

1You are reading my list

This list is completely pointless

I don't know who can write these dumb facts

This list is genius! I really like it. What! I do! - Britgirl

2You just looked at number 1.
3You don't know what's at number 8 yet.
4You just read number 8 or 3.
5You are reading number ten right now.

Unless I vote it up - PositronWildhawk

6You aren't dead right now.

I died twelve minutes and forty-four seconds before reading this list. 'Strue! - Britgirl

7You don't know if I am smiling right now.
8You are reading this item
9You didn't read #1 one second ago.
10You didn't read this before #4.

The Contenders

11You weren't born 2 seconds ago.
12You are very confused right now
13You are wondering "How is this a top ten list?!"
14You are about to stop reading this
15You are thinking about commenting something like "WTH DUDE?"
16You are humanV1 Comment
17You are starting to get bored of this
18You're starting to get really mad.. (If you didn't stop reading)
19You are on TheTopTens
20You officially are sick of me
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1. You Are Human
2. You Are Reading This List
3. You Are Reading This Item
1. You are reading my list
2. You just looked at number 1.
3. You don't know what's at number 8 yet.
1. You are reading this item
2. You are very confused right now
3. You are wondering "How is this a top ten list?!"

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