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1 Epic Epic

Surprised Epic or Ashes to Ashes aren't number 1, both songs are much better than Get Out and Naked in Front of the Computer, but I guess that's why we have top 10 lists I guess everyone has different tastes.

This is by far the BEST Faith No More song, it really should be number one. If you get the chance watch the music video, and buy the album cause its completely awesome. ONE OF A KIND SONG!

As much as I like this song, doesn't it sound a bit like the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

It is just a cool song

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2 Midlife Crisis Midlife Crisis

This song brought me into Faith No More

Thank you Radio X from GTA:SA - camilo92

The best alternative rock song in the world.. Patton is a genius!

I like this song. And listen to that song.

This song has that "something" that makes it so good.

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3 The Real Thing The Real Thing

They opened with "The Real Thing" when I saw them a few weeks ago, and I nearly burst out of my skin! So hard to pick a favorite song, but this one might be the best--perhaps even better than "Midlife Crisis".

Epic is a classic and Midlife Crisis is more unique I guess but this song is my favourite by far. It builds up so well and the lyrics are awesome.

This one just reaches me, especially the slow outro/fade from "Like the echoes of your childhood laughter..." to the end.

Absolutely amazing lyrics, this is my go-to song when I'm feeling melancholy, scream along and feel revived every time.

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4 Ashes to Ashes Ashes to Ashes

AMAZING SONG! One of the best atmospheric songs of the 90s, certainly my all time favorite FNM song.

Truly iconic piece. If I only had ten songs to listen to, this would be one of them.

It is their best songs! It's awesome!

The band knew the end was in sight for them (at the time anyways) and went out on a first bang with this track.

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5 From Out of Nowhere From Out of Nowhere

Some of the most Epic moments in their chronology comes from the chorus in the song

Epic used to be my favourite, but when I heard this, I instantly fell in love with it, it's so good! Defiantly one of FNM's best song, and my personal favourite. - DunnaNunnaBatman

6 Zombie Eaters Zombie Eaters

Brilliant song. I love the songs on this album after the more well known ones

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7 Everything's Ruined Everything's Ruined

way too cool not to be one of the best regardless of popularity!

I'm very surprised at the top 2, still all FNM fans have a voice.

Love this song, Mike Patton at his best.

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8 Digging the Grave Digging the Grave
9 Smaller and Smaller Smaller and Smaller

The scream on the third "BITE" is one of the most raw and pained things I've ever heard in a song.

A brilliantly constructed song, beautiful to listen to. - antonp23

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10 We Care a Lot We Care a Lot

While Mike Patton is undoubtably has one of the most versatile and crazy voices around and would bring Faith No More to commercial success and an overall more versatile and experimental sound, Introduce Yourself is my absolute favorite album from the band. While this isn't the most popular opinion among FNM fans and the public, it is my personal favorite from them. While Patton's era is amazing itself, Mosley's album (Two if you count 'We Care a Lot') is my personal favorite with its fun and funky rap feel and Mosley's monotone speaking/rapping voice completes it for me. This album can come off with a cheesy 80's feel at times, but it is perfect for me.
I I have too many favorite from Introduce Yourself that I chose this one in hopes to make it higher and it is the most famous song from the album. I absolutely love this album and it most definitely in my Top Ten Albums of all time. m/

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? King for a Day King for a Day

An almost progressive rock song, proves than Faith No More never stops evolving.

Third best Faith no More song after Epic and Midlife Crisis

? Why Do You Bother Why Do You Bother

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11 Ricochet Ricochet
12 Easy Easy

I totally love this song. No matter how heart broken you are or just simply a happy ass. You just can't hate this song. Anybody listening to this will sure get a feeling of joy deep inside its just such a pleasure to feel the simple meaning of this song, that is don't worry be happy

With this song I discovered this band and I just love it! An anthem to good feelings. Perf

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13 Falling to Pieces Falling to Pieces

How is that awesome bass riff not in the top 10? How is that awesome song not in the top 10?

Great song should be top 10 better than zombie eaters

This should be definitely on top 10!

One of my favorite tracks. Love the opening base line

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14 Evidence Evidence

I just love the jazzy down-tempo lounge feeling this song has. Mike's voice sounds so sweet as well.

16? This should be in the top 10! It's so relaxing and makes me feel good every time I hear it, jazz and funk never sounded so good together.

Love this song! Their second best song behind epic.

A little different but a brilliant track

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15 Be Aggressive Be Aggressive
16 War Pigs War Pigs
17 Crack Hitler Crack Hitler
18 Naked In Front of the Computer Naked In Front of the Computer
19 Caffeine Caffeine

Intense, love it. Check out the mtv version!

This song is so extreeme. It's a combinaton of trash M, punk, rap and hard rock - all mixed together - and it works

20 Underwater Love Underwater Love
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