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21 Last Cup of Sorrow Last Cup of Sorrow

Should be top 10. Great song one of there best.

Whoa, why is this awesome song so far down? - NuMetalManiak

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22 Edge of the World Edge of the World

This song never got mentioned until I added it recently. This is a masterpiece.

23 Jizzlobber

You guys know what I'm talking about. Jim Martin's heaviest riffs, Mike Patton screaming like a monster, ridiculous cathedral outro.

Should be number 1! Play this on a guitar and go crazy.

24 Land of Sunshine Land of Sunshine V 1 Comment
25 A Small Victory A Small Victory

Fantastic song from start to finish. It blew my mind on first listen.

26 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Patton sounds insane. Heavy as hell.

Great different ranges off Patton

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27 Just a Man Just a Man

This is a fantastic song, mike Patton's voice is unique, I lovethe gospel choir, and the lyrics are very deep

28 Stripsearch Stripsearch

Easily top 10 this and last cup of sorrow are great.

Stripsearch is top 5 faith no more.

29 Take This Bottle Take This Bottle

This is hands down, the best Faith No More song.

30 Surprise! You're Dead! Surprise! You're Dead!
31 Kindergarten Kindergarten

Oh man this is underrated. In my personal top 3 for sure.

Everything about this song is amazing. Surprised it isn't in the top ten.

Amazing song, can't believe its not on the list

They lyrics are great and clever.

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32 The Cowboy Song The Cowboy Song

This is hands down, the best Faith No More song.

Fantastic song, needs to be more known

33 Woodpecker from Mars Woodpecker from Mars

How can this not be on here? This is the sickest instrumental ever. LISTEN TO THAT BASS!

34 Matador

This is among the ultimate comeback epics ever written, and after a 17 year hiatus it still easily lands a spot as one of their best songs.

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35 The Last to Know The Last to Know
36 I Started a Joke V 1 Comment
37 Superhero Superhero
38 Motherf***er Motherf***er
39 Cuckoo for Caca Cuckoo for Caca
40 Ronaldo
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