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Similar to Grass, only more physical than special, and with overall higher HP, Defense, and Special Defense, and lower Speed and Special Attack.
Strong against: Water, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ghost
Weak against: Fighting, Fire, Grass, Electric, Bug

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This should be a typing for sure.

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I think an astro type would be cool

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These types can handle almost every type. Usually found in herds together. They fight other Pokemon to eat them and bring them to villages they made with sticks and leaves

Strong against: fighting, normal, bug, fairy

Weak against: grass, flying, cosmic, dark, ghost, death bringer.

This is like an upgraded version of fighting

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Nintendo could add a tech Pokemon that have an appearence with gears, toolbox items, and all things that deal with technology. it could be found in factories and building sites in Pokemon games. Nintendo, please hear me out and give like to the Tech type.

Voltorb and Electrode a tech/electric type

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The smell permanently paralyzes the opponent until they are defeated.

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Curse and hex can change to this type and Shuppet and Banette are Pokemon that changes to this type.

The Yokai type would be super effectI've against Normal types, and weal to Fairy type attacks

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Looks like we need some more positive vibes! - Penguincamp

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Great could be strong against fighting and fairy but weak to ghost and psychic nutrition to normal (normal doesn't effect it)

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52ChemicalV1 Comment
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*flashbacks from episode 60 (i think)*

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Supereffective on meat and everything else.

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Can command the opponent to do anything


Supereffective on the following if a normal: psychic, fairy, fighting, grass, normal. If legendary or mythical then it is super effective against dragon, fire, grass, psychic, fairy, fighting, normal, flying, and many more. The only ones that can attack legendary or mythical infection Pokemon are water, electric, and poison

Why is this at the bottom of this list?

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Supereffective on everything, but mostly infection, made by infection and anti-matter


Come on snakes are fast so snake types should be fast. They would be weak to flying, and good against grass, ground, normal, and fighting. Think about all the Pokemon that would fit in this category. - ThunderdrumsRule

Fear of snakes means strong against psychic

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Come on! This type would be super cool! Add it Nintendo. Please?

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