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Spell could be renamed and be Magic, and it could belong to witch, wizard, or magician Pokemon in future installments of Pokemon

Agree with what other comment says. Magic is already at or near top 10 at the time of writing this; this doesn't need to be here. - Penguincamp


Now that's an interesting type, should be on the top 20 list. Trapinch comes to mind.


I thought it was made clear in games already, but sand=ground. Sand attack, mud shot, sandstorm, sand tomb, etc. - Penguincamp

Sand would be super effective against:
Fire Grass Rock Electric Steel
And weak too:
Water Flying
And there is a lot of Pokemon that should be sabd type like sandile family, flygon family, and sandshrew family, hippoterus family... and more and more. And who doesn't like sand?

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What does this even mean? What is "charm" and what is it affective against? - Penguincamp

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Lava is a fire-metal type. It is super effective on the following: Metal, Grass, Ground, psychic. There are many consequences though like the following being super effective water, flying, dragon, fairy, fire.


Fish is strong against bug because fishes often eat insects, they also would have the ability to eat fairies that are the size of a fly.

Fish is weak against flying because birds eat fish, and fire because roast salmon is TASTY!

Many people think water and fish are the same, but it is not so. Think about it. Fish is strong against Bug and Fairy but weak against Flying and Fire.

At this point it's getting ridiculous

A lot of these types are too specific. It can't be a bird or money...

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