Top 10 Fallout 4 Weapons

Fallout 4 has a vastly different weapons system than previous installments of the game, but several weapons stand out from the rest. What is your favorite weapon?

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1Big Boy

Two shots per mini nuke, and if you add the MIRV mod to it, you get 8 nukes for the price of one. Ammo is also more common, thanks to the new Super mutant suicider enemy. - Mai_sentry

2Overseer's Guardian

Two powerful shots per the price of one! - Mai_sentry

3Le Fusil Terribles

A combat shotgun, fusil does 25% more damage than a regular combat shotgun as well as dealing extra limb damage. - Mai_sentry

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4Spray n' Pray

Very powerful gun with easy to get ammo, that you can buy quite early.

An explosive smg, the Spray n' Pray deals massive damage extremely rapidly to anything unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of the barrel. - Mai_sentry


A superior 10mm pistol, this unique weapon has the "V.A.T.S. Enhanced" bonus as well as a pre -built silencer on it. - Mai_sentry

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6Alien Blaster

Acquired from an alien that escaped its crashed ship, the alien blaster isn't the extremely powerful weapon it once was, but it still has a punch and fires rapidly. You can also mod it to use more common ammo, which means you can still use it even when you run out of its limited ammo. - Mai_sentry

8Railway Rifle

Nail an enemy's head to the wall with a railway spike! - Mai_sentry

9Kremvh's Tooth
10Furious Power Fist

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The bullet hose, able to spew death at hundreds of rounds per minute. Even better, if you're lucky enough to get the explosive ammo legendary mod for it, you'll be tearing through deathclaws like warm butter. - Mai_sentry

12Grognak's Axe

Causing stagger and dealing bleed damage, Grognak's axe is useful for crowd control. - Mai_sentry

13Kellogg's Pistol

With pistol perks, and weapon mods, this easily becomes one of the best weapons in the game

15Super Sledge
16Laser Musket
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18The Last Minute
19The Gainer

The magnum for all your pyromaniac needs. This unique version of the magnum sets people on fire upon being shot. - Mai_sentry

20Missile Launcher
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