Best Fantasy Wide Receivers of 2013


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The Top Ten

Calvin Johnson
Easily the best wide receiver today. He's fast, can break tackles, can catch, what more can you ask for? And last season he broke Jerry Rice's record.


How can you put A.J. green in front of Calvin Johnson?!? Are you kidding!?! Highest single season receiving yards ever! WOW! That is crazy that you can do that!

2A.J. Green
He's the best player on the Bengals. He can do pretty much anything.


3Julio Jones
Even though I'm not the biggest Falcons fan, (Saints fan) I have to say I'm impressed with Julio Jones. He's got it all.


4Dez Bryant
The Cowboys are probably going to do great this year. You know why? Because they have Romo and Bryant. He's on my fantasy team.


5Victor Cruz
He's young, fast, he can catch... He's Victor Cruz. You should consider drafting him, because I promise you he'll be in the end zone, doing the salsa in every single game. He's on my fantasy team.


I totaly agree he's the best along side with Eli and Jason

6Andre Johnson
Even though he's getting older, he's still one of the best wide receivers today. He's like the Peyton Manning of wide receivers. And plus, the Texans are one of the best teams today.


7Reggie Wayne
Reggie Wayne has arguably the best hands in the nfl today and has won a Super Bowl with Marvin Harrison and Peyton manning
One of the best players to ever put on a Colts jersey. With him and Luck, they will be great.


8Brandon Marshall

9Wes Welker
Now he has Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks in history to throw to him. That just makes him 100% better.


Alpha101 you are wrong, what about tom brady throwing to him. tom brady is better than manning. you think peyton manning is better because he has better WRs


10Randall Cobb

The Contenders

11Marquis Colston
Not only do the Saints have Drew Brees and Darren Sproles, but they also have Marquis Colston. This guy is a beast!


12Larry Fitzgerald

13Percy Harvin
Forget about Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin is the next Seahawks star.


He had a whopping 1.70 points this season


14Micheal Crabtree

15Eric Decker

16Roddie White

17Torrey Smith
Because of his brothers death he plays hard he is known to be the best for the ravens

18Demaryius Thomas
The Denver broncos wide reciver is the go to guy on this offense for Peyton manning and the broncos

19Micheal Crabtree

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