Top Ten Fastest Cuber of Nepal


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1Daiki Hamaguchi (Abhishek Shrestha)

He is in first position with speed of 8.73 seconds with PLL skip,so talented and extremely fast in cubing.And he is also the fastest One Handed solver. - Dipland

2Audav Lama

He solved whole cube in 9.57 seconds with PLL skip. - Dipland

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3Susan Subedi
4Rajin Shrestha
5Bijan Dahal

His Personal Best is of 18.49 seconds - Dipland

6Sankalpa Pradhan

He solved Rubik's Cube in 23.75 seconds.And he is ever known as one and only Blindfolded solver till now,he can do this between 8 to 10 minutes. - Dipland

7Prasiddha Thapa
8Rabin Shrestha
9Sangeer Lama

He matched all the colors in 41 seconds. - Dipland

10Gayatri Pradhan

She is the fastest lady solver ever known in Nepal and the tenth fastest solver with the PB of 42 seconds and process followed was Beginner's Method. - Dipland

The Contenders

11Sabin Vidhyadhar

He hit the PB of 45.6 sec with Beginner's method. Isn't that just amazing? - Dipland

12Anup Adhikari
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1. Daiki Hamaguchi (Abhishek Shrestha)
2. Audav Lama
3. Susan Subedi



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