Top Ten Fastest Rappers of 2013

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Trash. Pitbull is a 40 something year old virgin who is pure garbage.

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Fastest punjabi rapper in world

Adorable punjabi rapper we r Bohemians

Bohemia always evergreen star

Bohemia is the best ever punjabi rapper

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23Silkk the Shocker
24KollegahFelix Antoine Blume, better known by his stage name Kollegah, is a German rapper of Canadian descent born on August 3rd, 1984. He is one of Germany's most critically acclaimed and well known hip hop musicians, whose usage of multisyllabic rhyme schemes, double entendres and doubletime rapping heavily more.V1 Comment

Ode To Sleep. I've said what I need.

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Search "velocity by tonedeff"and get the result


Listen to Go Off. Fastest and longest rap ever. Can smoke Eminem and Busta Rhymes while giving glory to God.

Eminem is 9 syllables a second
Canon is 10 syllables a second (Paganini, and good to go is Wayy longer than Eminems rap god)
Busta Rhymes is 10.5 a second

Busta Rhymes

Get yo facts straight homie

28Ronnie Radke

In my opinion Ronnie Radke is my favorite rapper Eminem used to be my favorite until I got more into Ronnie he's the best in my opinion ❤

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29Rick RossWilliam Leonard Roberts II, better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper and entrepreneur.

Fastest rapper?
I thought it said FATTEST rapper!
Also the dumbest, hahaahahaahahaahaha

31Hurricane Chris
32Insanely Ray

Fastest rapper from South Africa, and he flows like Eminem

33Daddy Yankee
35Dj AASi

His beats are awesome

36Billy X
37R D Bohemia

Bohemia is the Father of All Rapper

38R Anoop Love

#DADA Bohemia Fan And Rapper

39Cory Gunz

World wide choppers listen.

40T-NuttyV1 Comment
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