Top Ten Fastest Rappers

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The Top Ten

First of all I would like to say that I'm a BIG Fan of Eminem. Here are the reasons why Eminem should be the 1st or maybe 2nd on the list:
1)He don't rap About sex, Money, Drugs or what ever things that rappers Nowadays rap about
2) He raps about life. He sometimes can Describe people's Life.
3) He's a Lyrical Genius. If you don't believe you can Listen to his Albums "Slim shady LP, Marshall mathers LP" Or you can listen to all of his Albums
4) He can do real Freestyling Unlike Lil Wayne, just type "lil wayne fail" I don't even understand what the fk he is talking about
5)Most of all he raps Real fast.
There are actually more reasons why eminem should be the 1st in the list.
PS: Listen to Fast lane and you will be Amazed
Apparently this person has never listened to his old albums he does rap about sex and drugs.
Eminem... Listen to him and you'll feel it as you hear it. I think he's number one or at least number two Busta rhymes and tech n9ne definitely belong in the top three but Eminem should be there too.
THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EMINEM AND THE RAPPERS ABOVE HIM IN THE LIST: Eminem actually makes sense when he rhymes fast. He uses DIFFERENT rhymes, and he has so much more creativity. He has so much
[Newest]I am a big fan of Eminem. He is the best rapper in this world. He is a rap god!
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2Busta Rhymes
Busta is an awesome rapper very fast. Long live busta rhymes. Look at me now was a good song everyone should listen to it
In look at me now he's pretty fast try look at me now sped up you can't hear anything but babbling
I can't understand a damn thing he ever says. The song with chris brown, look at me now.. I UNDERSTAND NOTHING! I love it, its strange =) I think he's the fastest rapper I've ever heard.
[Newest]He is known for fast rapping as much as Eminem! All of the white people voting for a white man to steal the crown as King of Hip Hop/ Rap needs to go right back to Pop and Indie music, Oh, and that lame as Country.
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Mista Twista come on he is a tongue twista what do you expect he talks and the only thing that you hear is babbling keep it up Twista and that was my opinion I don't about you and Download his album "Runnin' Off At Da' Mouth" its sick man
I have listened to his song three minute murder he is so amazingly fast busta rhymes is pretty fast but I really think twista is way faster


[Newest]Twista, you don't need an explanation. Listen to a few of his songs and you'll just know
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4Tech N9ne
He go really fast in the song worldwide choppers with twista busta rhymes yelawolf twisted insane and d loc but tech n9ne go faster
What makes Tech N9ne so incredible is that he somehow manages to throw clever, innovative techniques into his raps, but still maintains his title as one of the fastest rappers ever. Major props.
Lyrics that make you think and the ability to not only go fast but to change his style while adjusting his speed. He changed styles at least 3 times in the newer song world wide choppers
[Newest]This is a vote of who's the fastest, not who's yo favourite. And Tech or Twista or Twisted Insane are definitely the fastest rappers in this list. Not Eminem
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5Twisted Insane
How the hell is this guy not number one!? He makes twista sound slow! If you've not heard him you're missing out on one of the sickest choppers of all time
Ok in worldwide choppers he is so fast. I see why they put him after D-lok and why they they call him TWISTED INSANE. He almost raps faster than Shuna, HE SHOULD BE NUMBER 2.
This guy is number 1! Listed to worldwide choppers an dome split
[Newest]This guy has amazing flow and is faster than any other rapper I have listened to.
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6Rebel XD
Seriously he broke the world record, this guy should be number one.
People don't like him but he could say 20 syllables per second
Eminem? Really? Not even close to Rebel... I'm a Technician 4 Life but rebel should be before Eminem... 20 syllables per second! That's truly incredible...
[Newest]Rebel holds three Guinness world records for the fastest rapper in the world! How can Eminem be there? He is definitely the fastest rapper in the world! Vote for him guys!
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7Krayzie Bone
Yeah.. Krayzie should be the fastest.. You guys listen to the song handle the vibe.
He may not be the Fastest, but that's because he's not trying to be the fastest. Bone Thugs chose to make their raps fast paced to create the best possible flow and they did just that.
Unlike every other fast rapper he sounds so effortless when he does it, he's not left gasping for air or sounding like he's about to explode, he sounds skillful and complex. Listen to midwest choppers part 2, his verse demonstrates exactly what I'm saying.
lmao of course twista is number one proves yall are stupid,. he speeds up his raps ssame as many other rappers like tech 9... he got caught a while ago.. krazyie is the fastest rapper I've heard period.. listen to handle the vibe and his flow is sick bone thugs best alive because pac and eazy are dead
[Newest]You the man.. Krayzie bone..

He should be the fastest. Outsider is the world's fastest rapper at 21 syllables per second. He was supposed to be in the world record but the judges only accepted English, and so Outsider could not win it.
Hero. That's enough explanation. That song, he sung about twenty six syllables per minute. Screw the rest of the rappers, go Outsider!.
Outsider is the best rapper out there (in speed) I am english and still love his songs. He is the only person in the world who can sing his song Oetori wich basically goes like this really fast.. Abilababaigihalejdhufgkjjergiruwhfnishmrigmrtiumlfuhmfemhh. Nough said
[Newest]Really love his rapping!
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9Bizzy Bone
I can't imagine people comparing other rappers to Bizzy, actually to Krayzie Bone and Bizzy Bone, but even comparing these two rappers, Bizzy is slightly faster than Krayzie.

Bizzy Bone can beat any rapper in the world, no one is faster than him. I like all fats rappers, Machine Gun Kelly, Busta Rhymes, Twista, No clue, but I'm yet to see someone beating Bizzy in songs like "Way too Strong", "Trials and Tribulations" and of course "Mercy Merry".

Bizzy is the fastest, no clue about that, the guys from Guinness should pay more attention on Bizzy and also on Krayzie Bone.
You See Bizzy Bone, Krayzie Bone & Flesh n Bone be the fastest rappers that are undisputed, even sometimes Flesh n Bone comes 1st but of recent Bizzy Bone the fastest. Check his verse on Body Rott, also check flesh n Bone's Master Track, Having A Ball Track, his verse on Poetic Hustlaz's Intro & Insanity. The Credit goes to the Originators Bone Thugs N Harmony before any other Fast one put it down.
Bizzy Bone is hella faster! He sits next to Fu-Schnicken, they are the fastest group I've heard during my childhood days. Then Bone Thugs came along now its Bizzy.
[Newest]Eminem is not as fast as bizzy bone. Simple as that.

Listen to the song "Smoked Out" Crucified hits 20 syllables per second repeatedly all while harmonizing and making sense on point and on beat that's the new fastest rap song ever also songs That Music (hits 24 syllables per sec., 830 Mic Pass (hits 21.5 syllables per second) go to there's footage of him rapping 15.2 syllables per second effortlessly and also there's a video of him in the studio rapping 17.9 syllables per second just practicing its a video called Warm Up it's on his page! Buy. His album! Crucified "The Birth of Tragedy" Tech N9ne needs to SIGN THIS GUY!
At first I thought george watsky was the fastest then I thought twisted insane then twista then I listened to crucified and I was shocked. 24 syllables per second, ITS INSANE. TRUST ME. Know one has really heard of him so no one believes me.
Not a big fan of Crucified, but this list is based on speed, and he blows everyone else away in that category. Busta Rhymes isn't even CLOSE to being the fastest rapper. He can do like 8 syllables per second, but there are many others who can go much faster. Twista can do 10 sps, Twisted Insane can do like 14, Rebel hit around 20 on his world record rap, and Crucified can go well over 20 (he oughta go for the record).
[Newest]The best rapper on earth!

The Contenders

He is a filipino rapper, if you ever hear his songs you will truly amazed with the speed. Listen to the song "Ikapito sa walong sumpa"
You can also listen "7 curse of Shockra. " I THINK it's much faster than Busta Rhymes' "Look at me now"
Smugglaz was the fastest rapper in Philippines, he was a hiphop star in Fliptop who has a talented freestyle rap battle.
[Newest]I live in Philippines and I can understand his rapping

Ludacris is very awesome, he arrange well his words and flow as the waterfalls
He is the most entertaining rapper and I think faster than anyone else on average.
The southern fried intro is the fastest song I have ever heard.
Other fast songs include-girls gone wild, how low.
This guy should be at least number 4, listen the southern fried intro. That's the fastest rap I've ever heard from him.
[Newest]Awesome at rap. He is almost like the Missy Elliot of male rap.

Tonedeff may not be the fastest rapper of all, but he has one of my favorite in all of rap. 15 syllables a second is still pretty impressive. I think he is the 4th or 5th fastest rapper (English speaking). Only Crucified, Rebel, & Twisted Insane (who is actually only one syllable per second faster) are faster. I personally think Tonedeff is faster than Twista, but it all depends on how you measure speed. Velocity is a great song, but not a lot of people know about it. All of my friends think Eminem is the fastest rapper. I ask them if they have heard of Tonedeff, but none of them have. So sad that such a great rapper is so unknown.
Although Tonedoff doesn't rap fast often, his song "Velocity" has broken the record for fastest rap ever.
This is the fastest rapper ever his song velocity has been rated the fastest rap song ever, he is definitely faster than twista and especially busta ryhmes, busta is even that fast listen to tone.

Ceza has some really fast raps especially in the song worldwide choppers by tech n9ne. It's pretty crazy.
Fastest I've heard! Only some Russian guys are faster!
I just think ceza has got good rappin skills like holocaust or fark var I mean I've never heard something fast like him in holocaust do yo know?
[Newest]I've been listening to him since I was 6, now I'm 15 and know the words for all his raps. Very meaningful lyrics, great beat, I just love ceza to death!

Yelawolf isn't all that fast but he's the second fastest white rapper and that deserves a spot on my list. If you want to hear how fast then your 3 best choices are his verse in Worldwide Choppers, his verse in Lets Go, or Daddys Lambo.
White dog goes hard on every track that he's on! He spits like a machine gun on songs like Good to Go, Animal, Throw it Up, Ain't Going' Out Like That, Gangsta of Love, and Push Em.
This alabama boi aka catfish billy has the best rapping ability.. Eminem did not take him to shady records for nothing!
[Newest]Listen to Eminem hard feat yelawolf and wiz Khalifa and you will see he is the fastest

16Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)
Fastest in the game right now
MGK deserves to be higher than he is, this kid spits faster than most people can think. Not to mention, he is amazing. #LaceUp
I love his song invincible he thought me how to rap
[Newest]Speed in music with meaning behind it!

He one of the most real rappers I ever got to listening to. And his lyrics strong. He went hard in the paint.
Pac was and still is the best rapper. I don' think there's anyone better, maybe immortal technique could second him.
Maybe not the fastest, but the best he is, number 1
[Newest]Realest rapper ever! He's music will NEVER DIE! Always gonna be the number one realest rapper! And he's lyrics is REAL!

18Mac Lethal
Should be at the top, Period. This guy has gone over a few beats now, and his new track "your vs you're" shows not only can he rap but he is smarter then just about any other rapper out there.
Bryce apps should be number one you have nothing on him LETS GO WEST
He is fast like really fast but bryce apps is faster
[Newest]Eminem isn't the fastest...

READ THIS PEOPLE: Aeon is the most underrated rapper on this list. If your asking for the FASTEST RAPPERS then why isn't Aeon in the top 5? Mike Shinoda, Eminem, Yelawolf, Flo Rida, Cory Gunz and many of the others on this list are world class rappers but they are no where near as fast as Twista, Tech N9ne, Aeon, Busta Rhymes & Ludacris.

I was asked the other week who I think of 'World Wide Choppers' and I instantly replied 'its missing Aeon' because he's a lethal potion of Twista's flow & aura, Ludacris' bounce, Tech N9ne's darkness & his vibes are as unique as they get!

He did a 30 second video where he cut out a quick recording he did when practicing, he hit 14 syllables per second and I was absolutely astonished until the 2nd part where it was slowed down and showed the lyrics and the syllables were beyond clear, they were perfect, not almost perfect but 100% perfect.

What makes him even more unique is he's from the UK and he's killing US rappers like they aren't even there! The United Kingdom needs to stand up and salute!
This kid is at least 5th, he would absolutely destroy 99.99999% of fast rappers in his sleep as well as the fact he freestyles at much faster speeds than most of these rappers have to reside over and over! He hits like 15 syllables a second at top speed and freestyles at like 10/11, there's a reason why he's the REAL undisputed world's fastest white rapper!
MONSTER, plain and utter beast! Definitely the best white rapper and top 3 fastest on this list!
[Newest]He should definitely be on Strange Music, G-Unit or Shady Records.

20Flo Rida
Flo rida is BOSS
Cool rapper... Fast and understandable
Don't like his music, raps fastest though.

Hove created the rap game to the people, hands down best flow
Jay-z has got to be top 10
Come on man haven't you heard flamethrower

D loc is sick! Just listen to his song "Jump off" and "Kansas city"
And he is faster than busta rhymes! He should be on the top 5...
He made tech n9ne sound slow!
D-Loc is a man he sings good you shuld listen to his songs like Jump off and Kansas city he make twista sound like he should be number 26
Listen to him on the song worldwide choppers! I can understand a lot in the song but him, not at all!
[Newest]I think he is the fastest also

Guys sick in all he does Cover Up is great and The Lucifer Effect is the best song he's got.
Hopsin rules he is pretty fast and has great lyrics look up am I physco it is awesome
Hospin kills it in all of his raps! He is fast and can be understood
[Newest]Hopsin has sick lyrics! Just listen to HOPSIN ILL MIND 5 the sickest lyrics!

24Cory Gunz
Listen to Speed... You understand how he spits a Whole minutes of bars in 1 min and 49 seconds. Cory Gunz be speeding.
Son of Peter Gunz he has traits... From old school he got from his dad and being signed to young money he is the real deal.
[Newest]What happened to Cory Gunz?

25El Chojin
Because he is the one that holds the Guinness World Record...
This guy hold the world record for fastest rapper... So I have no clue why he isn't number one

Why the hell isn't Watsky on this list? How is Snoop Dogg ahead of him!? Watsky is way faster than anyone ahead of him. Not to mention more intelligent.
Look at pale kids raps fast, over 5 words per second and he was 15 at the time, and you can understand what he says unlike busta
I've heard nearly everyone on this list; only Rebel's faster and Watsky's far more coherent.
[Newest]Hen says Watsky is life, Tru

27No Clue
He goes beast mode on new west and he even is even listed on the Guinness book of world records as the fastest rapper alive.
New West has got to be the fastest song of all time! He has a really fast-paced voice!
Ya No Clue busta rhymes is good but you west I'm not like a gangsta but I'm west coast
[Newest]He beat rebels world record

28Kendrick Lamar
He deserves a higher rank for sure...
If you ever listen to "the city" by Game, his ending rap is very fast that I can't even follow it, so I think that he should be in one of the top ten.
Kendrick lamar is faster than lil wayne. Listen to rigamoris and you will see
[Newest]He's a real rapper and a role model for the others

He can actually rap fast. Don't believe me check out "coke dope crack smack" by J-Doe ft Busta Rhymes, David Banner, and T-Pain.
T-pain is wicked fast
He's a very fast rapper

30Snoop Dogg
He is not the fastest but he deserves a higher spot. Sometimes he raps fast and his freestyles are just awesome
How is he on this list... He is one of the slowest rappers in this world
Why the heck is he just 25. he is one of the definition of rap

He does not go as fast as Busta Rhymes (He can get close), but he can sustain it. He spat out a 3.5-4 minute song in a touch over 50 seconds (I know this because he did Good to Go at a concert fast, then slow). Check: Good to Go and his part off Get Buck by PRo
Canon should be higher up on this list, especially because of some of the newer stuff he is in. Check his part on "Drop It" by Viktory, that is all you need to know that he should be higher.
Check out Good to Go. You'll see. Canon goes ham like bacon.

Guys! AC1D is the fastest rapper. He is from the band "stoic bliss" and the song "Fire Like A Dragon" is totally AMAZING! Please listen to this song and then vote for him cause he deserves it!
Definitely you are the fastest rapper in the whole universe!
Fastest rapper for sure. And believe it or not, he is a bong!
[Newest]This guy deserves a better position!

Yall have no idea what lecrae can do, he can out-rap all of these rappers COMBINED! If you listen to Aliens or Don't Waste Your Life, you will see what I am talking about. And by the way a non-Christian association named him HIP HOP KING! Don't hate on him for being a Christian, at least his music has real music
VBL, yeah I know... Who is he? Just a fast rapped but almost no one knows him because he is alone, but he raps fast, check out Sleeping on Me
This dude is top for sure listen to the sone Sleeping On Me and you'll know why

34Chris Brown
He is not that good why is he even on here he doesn't seem like a rapper
I think chris brown is totally over rated
When I'm mad or something I put on some of his music to comb me down

35Big L
Big l was of the fastest rapper and one of the best flow in history listen to size em up
In most of his songs Big L is so fast... listen to Let Em Have It L and most of the album lifestylez


Big l is So fast he should be a lot higher R.I. P

36Young Blaze
Blaze well what can I say, all I can say is he can spit 344 words in one minute and I also know when Twista heard 344 words in one minute he admitted he had some competition.
Look up 344 words in one minute on youtube, and you will be AMAZED! He even says "I heard Twista heard this, and his exact words was 'I think I got some competition'"


37Dr. Dre
Dre made slim shady yo! He was awesome.. Try I NEED A DOCTOR by slim shady and skylar grey!
Godfather of rap. Dre made eminem how he is so how is he not higher on the list? This makes no since

Why isn't he on the top ten? I feel that the most famous rapper are voted for just because they are famous and not on them being fast. I'm a Technician and Eminem fan till they put dirt on my coffin but this guy must on the top 5 hands down
Fast rapper with good lyrics.

3950 Cent
In my opinion I think 50 is in th top 5 best rappers but not fastest but that guy pretty fast yuoll no if you listen to wangsta and what up gangsa he should be in top 10

Lecrae is the fastest rapper!. Don't waste your life, Represent are his fastest one and he never raps about sex, drugs etc.. Like others does.


He's not the fastest but he is way faster than some of these, just cause he's a Christian doesn't mean he can't spit.
Lecrae is faster than pitbull and drake and all of them y'all just don't like him cause he's a Christian
[Newest]Canon is faster but juaquin fabela is the fastest...

He should be higher than chris brown. Hopsin should too. This is not spam. This is a true fact
Has a lot of songs that are awesome and he is amazing
Listen to outta my mind

Lejo is the sickest ever!
Yall better listen to "Automatic Lejo". And that was 1998. He was before his time. And this 52 rank is bull!

He is the hot rapper ever
These streets is real!

44Krizz Kaliko
Should be a lot higher then 47

Almost as good as lecrae
Listen to him on one sixteen by trip lee he went even faster then busta rythmes did

He is danish but he is really really good. Of cause he isn't the best but he is very good.
Hear that song and you Will know

47The Notorious B.I.G.
He should be way up there at number 3 people I mean biggie smalls come on Juicy, Hypnotize, Ten crack commandments

48Wiz Khalifa
Wiz has got to be the top ten just listen to any of his songs or anything he's featured on he raps with insane speed and precision he is just one of the incredibly fastest rappers
Ever heard the song reefer party by Taylor gang I don't know know about you but he should be in the top ten
If you don't believe me listen to you o e n o remix by rocko
[Newest]I love his music it is so awesome

Rittz's double time should be the textbook on this discussion. Not only does he rap fast (because honestly that means squat if you sound like you have marbles in your mouth) but he MAKES SENSE! Like a lot of sense, speaking on life and relationships. Should be top 10.
Should be higher then Eminem at least top 20
Best rapper hands down

He has fast bars not many notice
Check out Yeah Ya Know, 5000 Ones, Bet I, You ain't Ready, I'm Straight, and Most of his freestyles
I think T.I. is a very fast rapper he should be number three on this list. He is a great rapper!
T.I. his raps are so easy.. If you know what I mean. He doesn't' rap very agressive.. Check out Live Your Life, Like I Do, Dead And Gone, Whatever You Like..

She actually raps faster then twista don't believe me listen to R.P.M by her
She's super fast on R.P.M.

NOT IN TOP 20?! This guy is IMMENSE! Listen to ridin feat krayzie bone, morning news and the ultimate victory(song not album. Well, while your at it, listen to the album. One of the greatest albums I ever bought. ) and you'll know what I'm talking about. Although the chamillatary man should be in the top 5, twista is the best. But this guy is close.
Dang that guy is a fast rapper I replay his music all the time
This is beast when it comes to rapping

He is hell a fast rapper and more Harder then his Brother's master p & c-murder
Even he rap fast he is fastesr than crucified, ceza, don xperto or twisted

54Bow Wow
I just love him in general!

Just because he's German... Sad
Very fast rapper listen to the song mondfinsternis
Very good doubletime
You can also see him live triple time freestyle
Kollegah raps so fast while keeping a good flow, absolutely amazing.

56Mike Shinoda
Listen to I Have Not Begun and you will come to know it all. Amazing rapper with great voice. He can sing with chorus as well. Truly amazing rapper. Outrageous personality.
I think he has got very good flow with style. His song jigga what/faint shows his control over his flow with music.

He is awesome singer. In has proved himself that he can rap faster in papercut, I have not begun. He's just brilliant
[Newest]Mike is best after Eminem

57Royce Da 5'9"
If you don't know Royce listen to Fast Lane by him and eminem and you will see why he should easily fit in the top 10!
ROYCE maybe isn't fastest as others but he is REAL RAP GENIUS! Just listen to his freestyles and Writers Block
He is a great rapper and he raps it so hard

58Kanye West
I like Kanye west's style like how he flows his speed with his lyrics. Go Kanye!
Well he kinda raps listen to eminem, drake, lil wayne and him. He raps in thAT song

This christian rapper should be on this list
Awesome rapper love this guy

60Layzie Bone
Killer fast rapper should be in top 10 at least
Amzing rapper, his flow is so soft, incredible

Eligh can spit fast with dope lyrics, he should be a LOT higher up...
He should be way higher up seriously
Eligh is pretty damn fast... Listen to Angel of Feath, then say he should not be higher.

62Don Xperto
Don Xperto is the fastest with their new songs

63Juicy J
His raps are always on point you need to check out this song darhorse

64Andy Mineo
He should be close to Lecrae
He is wicked fast, I think he should be higher up

65Dwyane Wade
The best person I know

He raps hella fast in function. He goes so fast I can't understand him in some parts of the song
Best rapper out there
He should be higher then this search up "pornographic" by tech n9ne and listen to e-40's part

Bonez is coled also

You should've seen his rap from POWER. You can't even hear what he's saying! I would say, in Korea, Zelo is number 2 right after Outsider!
He good at flex rap and he has nice flow


Jaz-o is great listen to his verse in 60 second assassin by dj kay slay and youll know why.

71XL Trigga
The best ever rapper but not so famous

A less known rapper but a quick one none the less, T-nutty is a fast rapper with great rhymes.


I've seen this dude bump "Imaginary Places" live, and I swear it was faster than studio. I was in awe. Without a doubt, speed and content considered, one of the best.
How the hell is this guy so low!? He should be top 10 with Imaginary Places. Recognize
Nobody on this list can compete with busdriver when it comes to the combination of intelligent lyrics and lightning fast delivery.
[Newest]He delivers so many words in no second.

74Ces Cru
Ces cru should be further up what is this, honestly one of the best is godemis

Karmin is the best you will know she will become a mega star like people said she is inspiring kind hearted and I hope that karmin will achieve and do better things in the future. Well her latest hit I told you so check out the middle to the end bit tell me she not the fastest rapper then who is! Check it out
Karmin it the best rapper she is cool and inspiring to others she is the fastest rapper in the whole wide world she is mega star she will progress each month her coolest hit is I told you so! cHeck it out
She is a top class act in rapping she is faster than nicki minaj I would give her 5 stars out of 5. She is AMAZING
[Newest]Karmin is well good and better than all the others

76Sagopa Kajmer
Sagopa kajmer has also few songs with fast lyrics

77Snow Tha Product
Such a cute, beautiful rapper. Pretty fast. Too.

Tedashii is on my top 5 with lecrae/KB/Andy mineo and trip Lee

Mystikal was rapping fast way before a lot on this list. He should be number 2 and Busta should be number 3. One fast rap song does not rate this 'list. I don't see how they forgot Mystikal... He showed us what he was working with!
How is Mystikal 68?! He's faster then half the people on this list! He's definitely faster then Tupac! Like what Tupac s definitely the BEST but Tupac was never a fast rapper. Besides Mystikal was rappin fast before almost all of these people since 93 >_< . -Angry comment. Mystikal deserves a better spot.

80Trae Tha Truth
He should be #3 up there look up his song REAL TALK.. Its literally harder and faster than anyones fastest song on there

81Joell Ortiz
In the song "loud Noises" by Bad meets Evil ft. Slaughterhouse he is so fast you should listen to it.
He is the 3rd fastest, it goes Eminem busta rhimes joell ortiz



He is the "king" of all rappers..
I think he is the fastest rapper among punjabis. Also he is quite much comparable at global level
Bohemia is d best instead of all rappers n diz is absolutely tru whether you agree or not..

84Liquid Assassin
Listen to his song "Jump Off" and "Beastmode" featuring Hopsin. Also, his newer songs called "Creature" and "Fire"

85Mr. Sancho
Agree a very underrated rapper who should put out more music. I think he can be successfull comercially
I'm surprised they have him on here, but forreal he fast just listen to the second verse on kronica smoke, or the third verse on califa thugs

86Young Fuol

He is damn fast. I suppose he should be in at least top 10.
Macklemore your new song you rap fast your amazing keep it up man yes your th man hope you make new song mackamore just heard can't hold us that's fast
Don't you rap faster than pitbull?

We are talking about Android in form of rapping perfection if we are talking about nas if you don't believe me hear stillmatic album you'll know why.
He's a very good rapper!
Nas is quick but his film is not that good

89Tyler, the Creator

Should be a lot higher

Tyga is the best and he is a faster rapper then snoop dogg
That's trow he is better

92Bullet Flo
He is quick rapper
He has kept a really good name for himself Bullet Flo, he flows his lyrics like bullet
Bullet flo should at least be in top 15
Should check his rapping skill
He is as good as Eminem but not better
Pretty fast rap skill he spits words pretty fast

Z Ro is the meanest rapper I think he should be in the top 10


Z ro is the realest rapper of all time n ithink he deserves to be n the top 3 his lyrics r crazy you just have to feel it


I really like the way he rap
G-Dragon is the best!
G-Dragon is the best

96Andre 3000

97R Syke
Absolutely faster than most rappers before him.


98Miss Kisa

Even though he passed away he has a very fast rap track called "now" crazy quick. I would probably say Mac Lethal is the fastest rapper I've ever heard at least and I've heard them all. Probably tech nine second, then Eyedea. He was a genius battle rapper probably one of the best to live. Crazy smart and witty on the spot.
Rip! This guy was one of the best rappers I've ever heard in a long time.
Eyedea was a lightning fast spitter (Spin Cycle, and Now) are just insane, he should be higher on this list...R.I.P.

Hell yeah his flow is insane... Seriously.. Props to you for noticing that.
Sick flow, check out Deevil Kneevil. This guy is about to go big with Strange music, prepare to hear a lot from him in the future!

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