Top 10 Fastest Roller Coasters In the World

This is totally true!

The Top 10 Fastest Roller Coasters
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The Top TenXW

1Formula Rossa

Park: Ferrari World
Speed: 149 mph

I'm just excited fury 325 will be on this list soon.

I Hail To The Roller Coasters in USA - maddox

2Kingda Ka

I chickened-out of this, it's also the tallest roller coaster in the world, and now we're not going back to that park for another 5 years :/

3Top Thrill Dragster

I love this ride. I really want to ride Kingda ka now

This ride is amazing. I want to ride Kingda ka now!

4Steel Dragon 2000
5Ring Racer

It is not 134 MPH. They changed the speed for some reason. Now it is only 99 MPH. It is still pretty fast thought

Only operated for 4 days


Park: Fuji q Highland
Speed: 107 mph

7Superman Escape from Krypton
8Tower of Terror

Park:Canada's Wonderland

Speed:them 97 mph Me 92.7 Mph

Park: Canada's Wonderland, Canada, Onartio, Toronto

10Millennium Force

This is my favourite ride on earth!

The Contenders

11Intimidator 305
12Furius Baco

Park:Port'Aventra Spain

Speed:them 87 mph me 92 mph