Top Ten Favorite Characters from Rise of the Guardians

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1Jack Frost

He is awesome! He has cool ice powers and he controls winter too. That's COOL! ; )

Cute, sexy, hot. Who wouldn't love Jack Frost. AMAZING HOT! I mean...yeah he is pretty cool. Why isn't he up the top? He should be

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Lol, North is awesome. Santa is a badass, who would've thought?

North is friendly with his friends. He is great but I'm not a fan of him. The most funny moment of North in the movie is when he was at wrong place ^_^

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3Pitch Black/Boogie Man

He may be the bad guy but he is really good in this movie am I right?!

In my opinion, he is just misunderstood.

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4Sandman/Keeper of dreams

Cute! And he gives us dreams, so I love him.

He is the keeper of dreams so you gotta like him. He makes my dreams he makes your dreams,basically awesome.

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5Easter Bunny

His accent is amazing. I love Australian accents! I don't know why. And also,his awesome boomerangs that he through,I really want them.

He is my third favorite character in this movie ♥ He looks really cute when he changed into small bunny ^_^ He is great and brave even though he always fight with Jack Frost

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6Pitch's Nightmares

There scary,but there cool. I mean,everybody has nightmares once in a while...and it's all thanks to Pitch!

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SO GORGEOUS! ! He is so adorable, Courageous, and full of spirit.

He is cute now isn't he. And he is courageous, he never gives up andhe sorta protects the gaguardians in the movie.

He is the third cute character I've ever seen after Jack Frost and Olaf ♥ He never give up and he does not afraid to Pitch Black! And he believe in all the guardians ^_^

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8Tooth Fairy/Keeper of Memories and Teeth

She is great too! She is my second favorite character in this movie ♥ She is kind and great. Her face is pretty too

She is funny,and she likes teeth too. She is sweet,and a sweet tooth.

She is sweet and hyper like me. She just needs to stay away from my Jack Frost ;-)

9Jack's Sister

She is nice I guess,I still can't believe that Jack saved her even though they are still brothers and sister

She is so cute, but then she IS related to Jack.

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1. Jack Frost
2. North/Santa
3. Pitch's Nightmares
1. North/Santa
2. Easter Bunny
3. Pitch Black/Boogie Man
1. Pitch Black/Boogie Man
2. North/Santa
3. Jack Frost



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