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1Florida GatorsThe Florida Gators are the intercollegiate sports teams that represent the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida.

GO GATORS! I think I like them because I've always liked alligators...

The 2008 Florida football team killed more americans than ebola

Amazing how far this program has come since they hired Spurrier. Before that they rarely challenged for SEC championship, and can't recall when ever in the hunt for NC.

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2Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Largest fanbase from all over the world. New York Yankees of college football.

They pull fans from all across the country, with reason. It's a bloody shame.

Really notre dame they aren't doing any good

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3Ohio State Buckeyes

I live in Michigan, born and raised in Michigan, my brother's a Michigan fan, and I'm an Ohio State fan. Ohio state will always be better! - Turkeyasylum

I was born in the Ohio state university - Ajkloth

2014 CFP champs. Winning since Virginia Tech. Has Braxton Miller, JT Barrett, and Cardale Jones. Michael Bennett and Joey Bosa dominated the D-Line. Devin Smith excellent deep threat.

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4Oregon Ducks

These guys are good, but I still like the Beavers better than them.

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5LSU Tigers
6Washington State Cougars

Go Cougs! These guys should be at the top... They deserve to, even though the Gators are good! They are awesome!

Cougars at number 3. Are you kidding me? They have all of five alumni..

Wow... Just wow. I had now idea their was so many WSU backing out there.

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7Alabama Crimson Tide

The only reason why people like this crap team is because they were good and won the national championship every year, beating teams like Ohio State and USC 239586932845693702795467 to 0. - DarkenedBrutality

Fight for Alabama 2009 was like a shotgun blowing up Texas Longhorns in to ash and drank the other teams blood

Roll Tide Roll, Alabama has one of the most stored football history, some of the best players of all time, played for The Bear. Roll Tide Roll #TakeDownSparty #Roadto16

Love Alabama roll tide

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8Oregon State Beavers

I think I like these guys because one of their main colors (orange) is my favorite color!

9Pittsburgh Panthers
10West Virginia Mountaineers

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11Mississippi State Bulldogs

State, LSU, Ole Miss, and Gators are my top 4 in that order! Mayby going to a MS game tonight! Still have to get tickets though! - Alpha101

12Penn State Nittany Lions
13Clemson Tigers

As an outsider, what a great program and storied history.

14Bowling Green Falcons
15Michigan Wolverines

Glory days are once again just 'round the corner (if the community/fan base will just let the coach do his thing; doesn't appear to be an issue this time around).

Very Unrelated but will step up some day

16Boise State BroncosThe Boise State Broncos are the official athletic program of Boise State University. The Broncos compete in a wide variety of sports as members of the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision Mountain West Conference.

I like these guys because they have orange.

I am one of many fans of the GREATEST NCAA team in the WORLD. THE Boise State Broncos #ChargeOn

And Boise state lost to Utah State University, The Aggies! The Aggies Kicked you're butts!
Boise state Broncos Sucks!

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17Auburn TigersV3 Comments
18Florida State Seminoles
19Ole Miss RebelsV2 Comments
20Wisconsin Badgers

They have produced Montee Ball, John Clay, and Melvin Gordon. And that's just the runningbacks of the past few years.

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