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21Riot Shotgun

Best shotgun in the game. - thisismyonlyvoice

Good weapon for any encounters.

22Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle

Better than the anti-material rifle

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23Tri-Beam Laser Rifle

After mods from gun runners DLC it is very good. Good damage (+DT with max charged), good speed (DPS), low weight, good ammo capacity. Very good from medium to low range.

24Q-35 Matter Modulator
25Tesla Beaton prototype

This gun is great even with the small price

26Rolling Pin
27Dinner Bell

With the right shotgun perks this weapon is unstoppable

28Pew Pew
29This Machine
30Tesla Cannon
31Plasma Defender
32Knock Knock

Nothing more badass than a giant axe to purify wasteland with. Great for wasteland themed characters too.

33Laser RCW

With the required skills this is an excellent weapon which has amazing accuracy and range. Really high rate of fire that lets you take down enemies quickly. The mod for it that replenishes a shot after every 4 shots are used is really good.

35Light Machine Gun

Very good gun from medium to point blank. Very good DPS, big ammo capacity. And very fast reload, if you ever need it. My personal favorite against cazadores and nightstalkers.

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36Elijah's Advanced LAER
37Gatling LaserV1 Comment
38Debug Megapistol

Sorry but this is for pc players only the Debug megapistol is a 9mm pistol that does heavy damage Although you can't actually get it in the game (without console commands) it does 9999 damage and can 1-shot anything and has a ammo capability of 1120 rounds and uses 9mm round as ammo and can be reloaded 87 times before breaking and can be repaired with other 9mm pistols.


Just Out of this world Missile Launcher, it goes ham

40Laser Rifle
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