Favorite Figure Skater of All Time

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281Elizaveta Ukolova
282Sonia Lafuente
283Federica Testa
284Lukas Csolley
285Aliona Savchenko
286Robin Szolkowy
287Bruno Massot
288Elvis Stojko

2 time Olympic silver, 3 time world champion, 7 time Canadian champion, 3 world records

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289Justus Strid
290Viktoria Helgesson
291Roman KostomarovV2 Comments
292Scott Hamilton

Love him he is the best. An amazing skater and overall entertainer.

Not only a great skater but also one of the most entertaining of all time.

Simply awesome in his time! Set a new standard.

293Eliska Brezinova

I just love her spiral

294Evan Lysacek

Classy, elegant, strong... and extremely handsome. I was in love with him and his skating 11 years ago, and my feelings have never changed (actually, I started watching figure skating because of him)

For some odd reason I feel like Evan is forgotten about. He most definitely earned the gold metal in Vancouver! We love Evan and I sure hope I can meet him in person!

How can you NOT vote for this guy he's gorgeous talented and tall ugh he's so awesome he trains at my rink he is an AMAZING skater I love him! I love you evan!

He's the one and only on the ice!

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295Agnes Zawadzki

Third best US lady for a couple of years before barely finishing top ten at Nationals just before Sochi and taking a break from the sport shortly afterward. I'd love to see her make a comeback in the next season or so...

296Sarah HughesV1 Comment
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