Top Ten Favorite Fruits

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Yumm... Strawberries! The all time best fruit in the entire world! Strawberries can put a smile on any baby, toddler, kid, teen, or adult! Please, Please take this vote into consideration!
STRAWBERRIES ARE THE BEST! How can you guys vote on banana to be first place! ! STRAWBERRIES are #1 in the UNIVERSE!

They are so good. I wish I could buy as much as I want. Yum. I can eat them all the time. I can even give you a list of strawberry stuff! Strawberry shortcake, Strawberry muffin, Strawberry icecream, Strawberry Strawberry, Strawberry chocolate dip, and many more!
Bananas are good, but they're just too darn mushy. Watermelon is awesome. Mangos are too sweet. Let's list strawberry things: Strawberry shortcake, strawberry muffin, strawberry smoothie, strawberry ice cream, strawberry dipped in chocolate, strawberry candy, etc.
Strawberries are red (the best color ever) and they're sweet without being too sweet. Strawberries! Starwberries! Strawberries! Strawberries! Strawberries! Strawberries! Strawberries! Strawberries!


[Newest]I love love that

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I really think that mangos are the best fruit because there not to sour not to sweet it's just right. Once I start to eat, I can't stop! " ah mangos"
Mangos Are Amazing! Mangos are bewildering and when I start eating them all my senses are wiped out except taste. I Love Mangoz
Screw bananas and watermelons. Yes, they are both good fruits, but no fruit can beat the deliciousness of a good mango, and that's a fact. All other fruits are jealous because they are inferior to the greatest fruit of all time. Anyone who thinks differently is wrong.
[Newest]Yes I'm eating a mango right now. Mangos are life
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seriously love the stuff:)
smells so good, tastes awesome and its so JUICY!
i always buy watermelon flavored lipgloss and popsicle
Wo! Go Watermelons! They're not to sweet or watery their just right. They should have their seasons year long. I wish I had one right now. Go watermelons!
Nothing like watermelons at a cookout. Actually there is nothing like watermelons in general. That amazing taste has not been duplicated yet (although there have been some tasty tries) and watermelon remains the most refreshing fruit ever.
[Newest]Can't get enough of this stuff, I'm like addicted to it, WATERMELON FOR LIFE!

Lovely succulent bubbles of juice - particularly good on an airplane at altitude where the explode in the mouth with increased vigor!
Esthetically beautiful, their sweet taste is like nectar. Excellent in salads or with blue-cheese on toasted bread. Of course, their ultimate secret is only revealed when fermented.
Delicious to eat and fantastic to drink (when made into wine)!
[Newest]This should be number 1. These are so juicy! Green or Red, still awesome!

Bananas =P~ the bigger the better ;)


I eat bananas every day. They give us vitamins all the time we eat them. You are healthier every time you eat them and even stronger. So I eat bananas mostly I eat about 5 every day and I feel very healthy when I eat them I like them most when they have brown dots on them because they are so juicy and the black bits inside they are the healthest. The black bits inside are there when the black dots come. Rate please. Thank You
They're just the best! Nice as flavoured milkshake, with or flavoured ice-cream, flavoured yogurt, covered in chocolate, with cream or with your cereal etc.. Also good to take out with you for a snack!
[Newest]Bananas are so good I love em!

I love the yummy taste of apples. The juiciest fruit ever. My best is the green
Apples are the best fruit ever. Apples are crunchy, juicy and sweet. Apples are a delicious down to earth fruit that will complement any meal. I grew up on an apple orchard and I remember the crisp flaky apple crumble my nana used to make. The flaky pastry was delicious but the seasoned apples were by far the star of the dish.
Who doesn't like biting into a juicy apple


[Newest]They r the most amazing fruit in the world

Oranges are my favorite fruit, esp. Mandarin Oranges. Tangelos are great too!


I like citrus and tropical fruits in general. But I remember eating oranges the most. I like sweeter things too, but I could never stand berries for some odd reason.
I am alergic to these now but the sweet sweet memories of them... ahhhh


[Newest]Oranges are by far number one. They have the perfect texture, right amount of sweetness and juicy ness.

People just don't appreciate the greatness of the pineapple, its so sad.
I am addicted to pineapples oncece I start I can't stop!
Best fruit... sweet with a very subtle tangyness.


[Newest]Best fruit ever surprised it's so low

Peach smoothies from sonic. Heaven on earth. And the actual peaches are so sweet and tangy! I love them!


The year that peaches will be truely appreciated as the greatest fruit is soon to come. They are sweet and tangy with delicious juice, beautiful colour and fantastic scent.
Peaches are my favorite! I like White peaches though. They're really soft and sweet. Peaches are everything that I want in a fruit!
[Newest]Love love love peaches they should be top top top top you get it now this comment is worth 10 quadrillion points I love peaches!

Throw some whipped cream on them and you're in for an amazing adventure!
you can eat a million and still want a million more


They just taste so good! I pick them from a bush myself, just rinse ^^ enjoy! Once you've had one you just can't stop yourself!
[Newest]Yum! They are so good!

The Contenders

Cherry everywhere, coca cola, candy, cake, ice cream
I love cherries! The taste is good, and the appearance is cute. If cherries had eyes and were alive and could be kept as pets, I would own a cherry farm.
Cherries are so good I love them they are so good but I always try to tie it in a knot but it just fail at it =C by the way no fruit can be better because if there is I wont listen because cherrys are betta
[Newest]Cherries should be Number 1 and Grapes should be Number 2!

It is an epic fruit. I mean kiwi is in like everything: Juice, Candy, and Mexican fruit bars! They are awesome!
Kiwi is awesome! why isn't this in the top ten it is way better than apples, and grapes and definitely better than peaches. I bet no one has tried it cause it OWNS!


I can not believe that it is number 10 I mean seriously its so tangy
[Newest]Kiwi everything! I am so serious right now it's not even funny. I would change my name to Kiwi if I could, I shall be naming my first daughter Kiwi!

Why does it seem that nobody loves blueberries so greatly as I do? There are some really, really, REALLY good blueberries on some farms that you can pick yourself. If you don't like blueberries, you just haven't had top quality ones. Don't satisfy yourself for artificially flavored lollipops! Taste nature wrapped up in a bundle!
WOW. How is this now higher? I'm really surprised, they are really tiny so you just want to pop a lot of them in your mouth and they are just TOO GOOD!
How come blueberries are 14th? They're so underrated and I THINK (my opinion) strawberries are overrated. And raspberries are underrated too.
[Newest]Blueberries + Ordinary Muffins = Blueberry Muffins.

Hard to decide among the fruits. Pears are delicious.


love the sweet but sour taste on your tongue!
We need more love for pears! How can anyone not like them? They're like softer, sweeter apples? And they smell amazing! GO PEARS!
[Newest]Pears are legit. Period

Totally agree, but pomegranate rocks for more reasons than the fact that it is juicy
Yes, pomegranate stains your clothes, but that's only because people are so excited to eat it that the spill it on there shirt.
Oh, yes, sorry I'm having orgasmic feelings over this pomegranite


[Newest]Me like this! No me love!

This is the best fruit in the world and should be marked number one because I don't know why it isn't but that should be fixed because it does the most cleaning to your body then any other fruit in the world
Lemons the best fruit ever I love sour things and lemons can be put on a cake and a lot of other things. It is really good for you too so you should get some.
Lemons rock... Think lemon meringue pie! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! What do you call a cat that drinks lemonade? Answer: a sourpuss!
[Newest]NO when life gives you lemons step :1 eat it whole step 2:add ingredients step 3:make lemon pie and then give to a cat and call it sourpuss then you eat 2 more lemons whole!

Plums are the best fruit ever. When they are ripe they're soft. They're also sour and sweet at the same time. They are so god!
Sweet, with a variety of nice colors.
I am 61 and plums have been my favorite my whole life! Especially black plums that are real red inside and super sweet!
[Newest]Plums are the best fruits of all times! It should be in the top ten (taking away the strawberries)

Good, fresh blackberries are hard to find, but they are superior to every other fruit out there. They are excellent in a pie or just as-is. If you touch a blackberry and it leaves a lot of black residue on your fingers, you have a good one. Marionberries are traditionally considered the best type of blackberry.
Love blackberries! They're good in everything and even better by themselves. But you out then in some oatmeal with some nothing better
Blackberries are delish love them and the color black best berries in the WORLD
[Newest]Blackberries are hard to find.


Don't people know the taste of honeydew that's the first thing I get at the dessert table
I like honeydew, it's so sweet.

coconut the bom oh yeah these coconut beats everything put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up
It's a fruit?! AWESOME! I love coconut! So good. I like Almond Joy, too. Ah! I have to rip the headphones out of my headphone jack soon or I'll go nuts! I'm listening to Binaural beats for 15 minutes! It's killing me!
Best fruit I've ever tasted in my life! Its amazing with nutty, sweet, oaky flavor and it's so delicious!
[Newest]I love it should be at least top 15

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