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Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. There is something magical about this time of year that I can't explain. Even though I spend a lot of time with my family, Christmas just makes it feel extra special. I love giving gifts to my family, it's always better to give them receive.
Another aspect I enjoy during Christmas is all the lights and decorations. I love to decorate the tree with my family, it's a special time. I also enjoy all the Christmas specials and movies, especially "Home Alone" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Disneyland is also a great place to spend the holidays, with all the decorations and events.
Christmas is just a warm time of the year, it makes me feel better about myself, and the world. I like to give back to those who are less fortunate, not just on Christmas, but throughout the year as well.
Most poeple would agree that Christmas or Thanksgiving are their
Favorite holoiday because of the Food and the presents. But Holidays are not
About food and presents, they are about family togetherness and being happy
For what you have. I would agree that Christmas is my favorite holiday because
Christmas is the one time of year where the whole family is together and happy.

On the other hand, Some could argue that Thanksgiving is their
Favorite holiday because of the sweet scent of thanksgiving dinner wafting
Through the house until finally, the food is done and served.
Christmas is the best, baby jesus was born on this wonderful day, and remember baby jesus died and was tortured just 4 us and our sins, we get to eat christmas cookies and drink hot coco santa clause comes and gets you some presents and stuffs your stocking, you get to watch christmas movies an sing fun christmas songs but it is not about the presents it is about baby jesus and his birthday.
[Newest]Christmas is a time where I see al my family and get to see people that live out of state. Plus, I usually see people get saved by God and have a good Christmas. Also, I like the cookies and presents­čśť

who doesn't like free candy


Best for me its my bday so I get lots of candy triple my candy hurray for me so much candy pulse who doesn't like free candy on the best holiday ever Halloween rocks can't wait for this years Halloween turning 10
The day after my birthday - double candy n' stuff!
[Newest]Nothing can't beat Halloween.

YAY one year older! Nice prezzies lovely family, nice celebration, got it memorized?
birthday should be at the top because it is the day you were given life. and because if you werent born you couldn't have holidays and that is really bad because you could not be with family and god.
It's a day unique to everyone!


[Newest]Not even a holiday

I really like Thanksgiving because it is a day of rejoicing and thanking God for all His mercies and gifts. It is so special to get together with family over a well set table with a thankful heart.
Because it is bOSS
Eating and watching football is a deluxe tradition, plus, Christmas is on its way come this holiday!

This is my favorite. Spring is my season when everything comes back to life after the winter. It is a time when my family gets together and has a great time without the worries of gift giving.
I always love going to church on Easter Sunday and listening to all the pretty music. I also always loved getting candy and toys in my Easter basket.
Easter is my favorite, because it makes Christmas meaningful. Without Easter, Christmas becomes far less significant.
[Newest]Easter should be #2

6New Year's Day
It's the day where we all have a fresh new year, with new problems (in a good way), new adventures and a fresh start. Yet you still celebrate with the same loving family and friends
It's my mother's birthday!
You can officially say "yesterday was last year! )
[Newest]New Years is for adults

7Independence Day
4th of July... my favorite! Look into the sky, with the one you love and a bottle of wine... Perfect! On a boat with music helps too.. laugh out loud
Look at all the fireworks, I like it

8Valentine's Day
We do love, make love, kiss, hug, give gifts to our beloved special friends, wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses


Awesome day to celebrate love in the world even if your single like me.
Forget kissing and chocolate when you can... SWEET RAVE PARTY


9New Year's Eve
I like New Years Eve because it's a new fresh start to the year and that's when the ball drops in New York
You stay up until midnight and watch the ball drop. I like it

10Christmas Eve
I get most of my presents on Christmas Eve, so this is my equivalent to Christmas Day! Plus, the ambiance of Christmas is WONDERFUL.
All of he Christmas hype is strongest on this day for me!


So much excitement, I like it

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11St. Patrick's Day
The time to pinch people, I like it

12Mother's Day
So underrated, it is a very peaceful holiday that isn't made into such a big deal with commercials and holiday specials


A time to care for relatives.
Are mom is the best

What that's not in USA

8 DAYS OF PRESENTS! not just 1 morning


Hanukkah rocks. You spend time with your family and get presents.

15Opposite Day
Who doesn't like oppsite day? You can call people ugly which they're pretty.
My family gets so confused and it's so funny. Opposite day is epic
I love going to school and then being opposite!
[Newest]It's not even a holiday it's a game

16Hug a Short Person Day
This is a holiday? I'll have to look it up.

17April Fool's Day
I planked everybody. I love this day. But you can prank anyone any day.
Who wouldn't like to see people get pranked and have a sense of humor
People trick each other to make a joke

18Memorial Day
To me it's the best.

19Canada Day
This day is my birthday! YAY

20Father's Day
A time to care for relatives.
Are dad is the best

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