Top 10 Favorite K-pop OTP (Male Idols)


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41Jeonghan + S.Coups = Jeongcheol

Sometimes when I watch their videos I always feel like jeonghan is secretly killing Scoups cause he hugs too much the other boys... They're too cute to handle

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42Suho + Lay = Sulay
43Nichkhun + Wooyoung = KhunwooV1 Comment
44Yesung + Ryeowook = YewookV4 Comments
45Eli + Kevin = Elvin (U-KISS)V1 Comment
46Suho + Kris = Krisho
47Xiumin + Chen = XIUCHENV1 Comment
48Dara + Gdragon = Daragon

Seriously, I'm very sure they dated before and now thy are back together!

I will forever ship this two both

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49Joshua + Jeonghan= Jihan
50Chanyeol + Kyungsoo = Chansoo

Chansoo is just perfect. I always fall for how Chanyeol and D.O.'s voices match when they sing, and their moments on stage are just too cute.

Mean kyungsoo and submissive chanyeol, nothing beats this ship

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51Mark + Jackson = MarksonV2 Comments
52Kai + Sehun = Sekai (EXO)

Sekai is overflowing with sexual tension damn stop them from dancing I can't

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53Wonwoo + Junhui = Wonhui

The one and only real pairing. I mean, thei're both hot, have beautiful vocals and are pretty underratet.

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54Kiseop + Kevin = Vinseop
55Kyuhyun + Sungmin = KyuMin (Super Junior)
56Tao + Sehun = TaoHun

There's so much proof that this paring is totally canon. Love these two together!

57Yesung + Kyuhyun = Yekyu/Kyusung (Super Junior)V1 Comment
58Mino + Taehyun = NamSong

All winner ships are cute but namsong are just perfect together

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59Baekho + Ren = Baekren
60Hansol + B Joo = Hanjoo (Topp Dogg)

I just want more videos of these 2, is that so much to ask for?

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