Top 10 Favorite K-pop OTP (Male Idols)


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61Siwon + Kyuhyun = WonKyu (Super Junior)

Their relationship is just perfect, I mean, just look how Siwon acts around Kyuhyun. If Kyuhyun was a girl, they would be alredy married

62Taemin + Kai = Taekai

They can't keep their hands off of each other.

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63Vernon + Seungkwan = VerkwanV2 Comments
64Jin + Jungkook = Jinkook (BTS)
65Kris + Lay = KrisLay (EXO)

Krislay ahh its symbolise why opposite attract damn they really match with personality. And kris always take care of yixing he just so sweet

66G-dragon + Taeyang = GDYB (big bang)

They have been friends for so long~~ their relationship is so PERFECT

They have been in yg together since they were 13! Gd even picked taeyang as a friend he would have at his death bed~~ their relationship is GOALS man

67Mark + Jinyoung = MarkjinV1 Comment
68Kyuhyun + Ryeowook = Kyuwook
69Tao + Suho = TaoHo (EXO)

It's a mommy and son kind of ship.

70Onew + Lee Joon = Joonew
71Heechul + Hangeng = HanchulV2 Comments
72Kangin + Leeteuk = KangteukV1 Comment
73Siwon and Kibum = Sibum (Super Junior)

Drama Couple of Super Junior

74Kiseop + AJ = 2seop (U-Kiss)
75Siwon + Heechul = SiChul / Simba x Cinderella

Can't skip this couple~ I know they attracted by each other.. Another perfect couple.. Ine like a prince and the other like a princess.. PERFECT!

76Sehun + Donghae = Sehae

Sehae is perfect! I love their friendship!

77Tao + Baekhyun = TaoBaek
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