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Comprised of Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas during their most successful times, the controversial R&B group TLC has scored numerous Grammys, won multiple music video awards, and was the first all girl band to have an album certified diamond. this list is a collection of their best songs. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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No Scrubs
No Scrubs is an awesome song and Left Eye is an amazing rapper.. I just love the song very much.. Miss you Lisa
I'm addicted to this song I sing it everyday, I never get tired of it. BEST SONG EVER! And Left Eye's rap GREAT. Lisa Lopes rip.
[Newest]The best tlc song ever

This song has a great message about not getting ahead of yourself.
This song makes me think of a special someone
For sure their best song. No Scrubs is good but this is the best. I love the rap at the end and it is a very deep song.
[Newest]Classic. Transcends time and style.

Great bassline! While Left Eye Lopez was alive, too.
R.I.P. (Remain in peace, honey)
I never really thought much of this group, then I saw this video one night and was hypnotized by their sexy faces and moves... The song mesmerized me and it totally "creeps" up on you... Now I am hooked on TLC

i love this song it sends a really good message!i love tlc they r some strong women
"Empowering, uplifting... And heartbreaking. Just a lovely message, blasting the superficial culture and urging you to be yourself.
I love this song so much it a good song it make you wont to listen to it more in more it a good song lol
[Newest]This song is beautiful it gives you such a amazing message that say "Don't let anyone CHANGE who you're your pretty just the way God made YOU".

5Red Light Special
Oh thats for sure, its so sexy n makes you wanna make love again, and again...


:) like this song
I love your songs.

6Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
This song is the best I love lisa's part in it and I just love the beat the vocals and the whole idea of this song. definitely deserve an award
Yo! If I need it in the morning or the middle of the night! I ain't 2 proud 2 beg nah!

7Baby Baby Baby
I just adore this song. It cheer's me up when I'm sad.R.I. P LEFT EYE TLC FOREVER.
1 of my favorites for TLC
This song just uplifts me. I just can't stop saying baby when I hear it. One of my absolute favorits!

8What About Your Friends
It's a classic! Makes you think about who's been there since day one! Are your "friends" with you because of what you have? Or are they with you because you actually mean something to them.
Why is this number 10 ya'll trippin i love this song cause it helps me choose my friends wisley
I love this song best song of all time RIP left eye
[Newest]Best song ever, your TRUE friends come out eventually... Song hits it right on!

9Diggin' On You
Love, Love, Love this song!
I like this song matter fact I love this song
My favorite song, not just tlc song but favorite SONG.

10I Miss You So Much
Love! Love this song, this is the first song I ever loved

The Contenders

11Kick Your Game
I just love everything about it from the beat to the lyrics. How creative was lefteye's rap. After all these years I just now know she was talking about andre.
I love this song so much R.I.p lisa

12Girl Talk
girl talk is tha real song TLC just rips it and it makes me miss left-eye so much i love you left-eye TLC forever
Good songg! Left eye has so much talent and so does the others involved in the song.

Love that song and it's true women can and do become
Unbeliveable lyrics
Greate flow
Rock style beat
All in all grate song

14I'm Good At Being Bad
I love this song so much. I'm only 14 ( probably one of the youngest TLC fans) but I just adore this group so much. I also love Left Eye's part in this song.R.I. P Left Eye, TLC4EVA!

15Hat 2 Da Back

I just love TLC. Their song's send very good message's.R.I. P LEFT EYE TLC FOREVER. WE LOVE YOU.

17Silly Ho

18Meant to Be
This is the best of the best music of TLC.

19This Is How It Works
This is literally my favorite song by them!
Great TLC song way too low, sounds like it should've been on crazysexycool.

20I Bet

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