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Most of us here have watched at least one series of We Got Married whether it be YongSeo, KhunToria, JoKwon & Gain, TeukSo, or Taeyeon & Jung Hyung Don. Which couple is your favorite? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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YongSeo, The Goguma Couple (Yonghwa & Seohyun)
They show us the real feeling of love.. Not for variety at all.. As other couple always want skinship, but goguma couple show us what is the respect to each other.. They develop their feeling slowly and it creates the sweetest love story in the world! Love you yongseo<3 <3 <3!
I love how they interact with each other. The best WGM of all. Throughout the show, both were always honest with how they felt. Respect for each other was always there. Seohyun has showed how a lady should act while dating and Yonghwa did show us how a man should should treat a lady when dating. I can really see a bond or a relationship when I watch the two of them. The other couples in WGM has the feel of watching a variety show. I also like the feel of innocence in their relationship. A very natural couple. I would love to watch them remarried if given the change by WGM! Kekeke.
Love Jung yong hwa so much... Very natural couple!
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2KhunToria, The Samgyeopsal Couple (Nichkhun & Victoria)
Nichkhun really is a gentleman, he always take a good care of Victoria (ex: 1. He put a bag on the bench at Namsan Tower so when Vic sat down she wouldn't be in pain 2. When Vic's left side of her shirt loosen, he put it up and fixed her clothes not only her clothes but her bangs too 3. He made some events of Victoria and many more). Nichkhun also mention that his ideal woman is Victoria Song. At episode 1, you can see that he's excited when he answered that his other favorite band was f (x) and he's looking forward to be in wgm with Victoria.

Victoria is a good wife, she cooks well, and she takes care of Nichkhun until things that Nichkhun dislikes and likes. (ex: 1. At their first trip, she waked up early in the morning and prepared food for him, she also considered every food that she made is his favorite. He likes mocha frappucino so before she went to meet him at the train station, she bought him a coffee first 2. She made a 9 dishes for his birthday and she bought Vanilla ice-cream which is his favorite 3. She piggy-bag him because she lost to him in a game and many more).

Nichkhun always hoped that she will cry in front of him by threw some events dedicated to Victoria such as 1. He sang "More Than Words" by Westlife in the Yacht at Busan but because Victoria is a Chinese and she can't speak English so she didn't cry 2. He made a Christmas present which was he sang "I'm in love" he really did it that day she's touched but she can't expressed her feeling well especially when Nichkhun said "it's okay to cry" (which is now become popular quote among khuntorians) because she's a strong kind of woman, she can't cry but she said she is really touched no one ever done this to her, she really liked it 3. Slowly but sure at last he did it! He made her cry in their last episode which is their farewell, Nichkhun made a video, he recorded himself while he was expressing his thought of her and showed their house also their babies (the plants that they've planted themselves with love and the caterpillar doll from Nichkhun to Victoria "Ireumi").

Last but not least he said that she didn't cry in the yacht but I found this statement of his when he was in Strong Heart, Nichkhun: "mentioned about the ep18 busan yacht, saw victoria cried (after this episode)”. Would it be that Victoria cried? After the show? Why of course she would because I would be dying and cry tears of blood if somebody did that for me, Nichkhun pay the yacht himself I don't know the exact amount but as far as I can remember from reading many articles it is about 3 millions (? ) I don't know, and if I wrong please just forget it. Kekeke
They fit very nicely! I wished that after the show they still remain good friend or maybe in the future they might be couples? Keke
They are the cutest couple ever! Nickhun really takes good care of vic umma! Khuntoria forever!
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3JoKwon & Gain, The Adam Couple
Love how natural they are, I think they are meant to be together. Everything about them are full of coincidence, the fact that they both are each other type of person they like, fact that Jokwon really like B.E. G and their song 'Abracadabra' before they're married, the fact that they're already close before the show, it's just feeling like fate.
They both are just real! They are even becoming close in real life, until now :) They're too funny. Careless but loveable<3<3<3 Even K-netizens admit them as thereal one while the other are just based on script :p kekekeke~ love WGM
I love how they care each other. The one who have suffering when they married, but give me a big laugh, so enjoyable time. Their marriage is beg-2am marriage too, it's truly a family. Then, they get their 'real' wedding, I love it.
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4JoonMi, 4D Couple (Jung Joon Young & Jung Yoo Mi)
This couple is officially my favorite couple on WGM. If you get bored on seeing a lovey dovey couple, I recommend you to watch them. they bring such a lot of laugh. they're just so natural, a romantic scene is such a rare thing to find if you watch this couple. you won't be able to see a husband like Junyoung on another couple. he has a unique personality which drives his wife crazy :D he just does everything he wants without worrying about his image as an entertainer.
Hands down, my favorite! <3 They are an unorthodox couple who bicker on air instead of trying to be all typically lovey dovey which we've all seen happened to most previous couples. Really fun and entertaining to watch! I think Yoo Mi is beautiful and Joon Young is mesmerizing since he's a rockstar. Always awaiting and getting excited over what's to come up next. :D

Joon Young should somehow tone down on his boyish concept though and (maybe for 1 episode? ) lead a romantic married life which Yoo Mi craves for in a husband.
Hilarious! If you look for a romantic lovey-dovey couple, then this is not the right couple. But the interaction between them feels real. Their approaching is slower than other couples. Their character is different, but I think they complement each other very well.
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5Hwangbo + Hyun Joong, The Ssangchu Couple, The Awkward Couple
This couple is probably the most sincere couple I've seen. It took time for them to get closer, like more than 100 days. But once they are closer, they are just so sweet and hilarious. Hyun Joong's witty 4D character and Hwangbo's carefree spirit is a plus!
For me they are the best couple, the original. Some of those following couples are just copycat. I love watching them! I miss their competitiveness. I just hope they invite them again to be a couple.
Their competitiveness was such a joke but made them closer, plus adding humor to WGW. They broke up eventually as they both gave an almost real goodbye speech, and really sad because it was obvious REAL feelings developed through this show.
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6TeukSo, The Dimples Couple (Leeteuk & Kang Sora)
I really love and miss this couple so much... It made me cry when they had to be parted already... It was too short.. I really want them to be together in the future.. They seem like real couple.. This is the first time I cry badly because of the separation... This is really my 1st time... I love them n hope the time they went to tarot is gonna come true after leeteuk is back from army... No matter what happens I vote teukso couple.. I miss them badly and want them again...
SARANGHAEYO TEUK~SO! I can feel it, you know? The love that happen between them. Everyone would agree that they are a couple that shows the most chemistry. They are definitely made for each other and fate brought them together. You can also tell that the couple would still be together after the show has ended as he gave her a kiss ON THE LIPS! WOW! This couple really felt so real like they had true feelings for each other. I BELIEVE THEY'LL GET MARRIED IN REAL LIFE. Anyway, they are most probably having a secret relationship right now
Wah! This the first time I look this show... This show touch my feel.. Were the hardwork this couple give me inspiration about what meaning of love... So... So... Lovely this movie... I hope that is reality show... I so hope its REALITY!... I so sad when this relitionship is broke... I hope they back to continue the story love in next season... Gomawo..
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7Taemin and Naeun, the Innocent Couple (Taeun)
They are just too cute and innocent <3 You can never find this kind of relationship wherein you must really think hard first on what you're going to do. Plus, you can see it in their eyes - the way they look at each other - that they've grown feelings already even just a little bit.
This is my fave couple, after Adam Couple of course
Their both so cute and adorable. And their also so innocent. Especially since Taemin is always trying to get closer to Naeun. And Naeun is always shying away from him. You can definitely tell that the both of them are falling for each other! Taemin <3 Naeun!
They are seriously cute together!
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8Taecyeon & Gui Gui
Taecgui by far are my favorite couple. They totally have that opposite attaction thing going on. Taecyeon's English is perfect and sexy and GUI GUI is gorgeous and adorable. Gui Gui is like a little burst of sunshine. I've rewatched the series and behind the scene takes twice now and still can't get enough. The last episode is so tear jerking, I had to get a bucket to hold all of
My tears. I just want them to date in real life, or at least have another reunion show (=^ェ^=)
Taecyeon and GUI GUI are the best! They have so much chemistry and have so much fun together. I wish they could be in a real relationship together. Love love love them
I love how they always have fun each an every time they meet like they are best friends all couples should be like this too! Of course they know when to turn serious as well
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9HyungDong & Taeyeon, The Jelly And Pudding Couple

10SunHee Couple (Secret‘s Sunhwa and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee)
I love them... They really match each other... They also a good friend so that's make sense they can be a real couple...
Love it! Theri relationship it's so real! Their skinship ♥

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