Favourite Couples From the Harry Potter Series

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41Voldemort & Quirinus Quirrell
42Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley

Draco and Ginny are better then then draco and Hermione, or harry and ginny. I think that they were made for each other

This would be amazing. Bonding of Slytherin and Gryffindor, Draco would realize that the Weasleys aren't that bad after all, he would discover that he loves her... Come on. And they look perfect together.

Does anybody like dreaming about it all they want? Do you like non canon better than canon?

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43Albus Dumbledore & Gellert Grindelwald

I wish there was a man who was good enough to ship Dumbledore with!

44Quirrell & Voldemort
45Lord Voldemort & Nagini

Voldemort is so closed off to love, you can only ship him with his snake.

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46Cedric Diggory & Ginny Weasley

This one never crossed my mind. I kind of like it...

47Draco Malfoy & Ron Weasley
48Blaise Zabini & Draco Malfoy
49Sirius Black & Amelia Bones

I saw this ship on a fan website. I don't know if it's worth exploring.

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50Ginny Weasley & Luna Lovegood

I think they are cute together, Ginny's all firey and reckless, Luna is dreamy and calm.

Just THINK about it for a moment.

51Neville Longbottom & Hannah Abbott
52Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley

Aww, a cute couple for the second generation. Teddy, (son of Remus & Tonks), and Victorie (daughter of Bill and Fleur).

53Hermione & Vincent

Hermione is way too smart for him! They would drive each other insane!

54Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood

I think that they are really cute together. Luna seems to understand harry like nobody else and remember when Luna was the only human that Harry felt COMFORTABLE

This ship should at least be in the top 5. They would have been perfect for each other because they can connect so well. You can tell that Harry really relates to her

I Ve always thought Harry/ Luna would make good couple very cute couple.

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55Hagrid & DracoV1 Comment
56Fred & George Weasley

How is this above Harry and Luna?

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57Hagrid & Madam Maxime

This is so meant to be such a shame that they didn't get married and have a baby

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58Lord Voldemort & Bellatrix LaStrange

Although Bellatrix married someone else, she really desired Voldemort, though he had no feelings for anyone, with the possible exception for his snake Nagini.

Come on you know Bellatrix love voldemort

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59Percy & Audrey Weasley

I love it if only we didn't learn more about the relationship and the life brave sassy molly and sweet little Lucy - thebrightestwitchofherage

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