Favourite Couples From the Harry Potter Series

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41 Sirius Black & Amelia Bones

I saw this ship on a fan website. I don't know if it's worth exploring.

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42 Ginny Weasley & Luna Lovegood

I think they are cute together, Ginny's all firey and reckless, Luna is dreamy and calm.

Just THINK about it for a moment.

43 Harry and Moaning Myrtle

I get why this is on here but NO WAY

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44 Queenie Goldstein & Jacob Kolanski V 1 Comment
45 Draco & Luna

Draco and Luna would be a good pair because I heard as in science, opposites attract

46 Cedric & Harry Potter
47 Harry Potter & Neville Longbottom V 1 Comment
48 Remus Lupin & Lily Evans

Out of Snape and the Marauders I think Remus would've been the best, Snily is still my OTP though. He wasn't arrogant, conceded*cough James* *Cough* *cough Sirius*, a traitor *cough Peter*, or obsessed with the Dark Arts*Snape*.

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49 James Potter & Remus Lupin
50 Voldemort & Quirinus Quirrell V 1 Comment
51 Quirrell & Voldemort V 2 Comments
52 Lord Voldemort & Nagini

Voldemort is so closed off to love, you can only ship him with his snake.

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53 Cedric Diggory & Ginny Weasley

This one never crossed my mind. I kind of like it...

54 Draco Malfoy & Ron Weasley

They hated each other since forever. - RisingMoon

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55 Blaise Zabini & Draco Malfoy
56 Fred & George Weasley

How is this above Harry and Luna?

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57 Neville Longbottom & Hannah Abbott V 1 Comment
58 Hermione & Vincent

Hermione is way too smart for him! They would drive each other insane!

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59 James Potter & Sirius Black
60 Ronald Weasley & Pansy Parkinson
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